All about the invention of the first electric bicycle

The history of the electric bicycle goes back more than a century. Indeed, as early as the end of the 19th century, the first attempts to electrify bicycles began to be made.

How to detect faults on your electric bike?

Is your electric bike not working anymore? Does it have a malfunction? The battery loses autonomy, seems damaged or its charger is defective?

The fastest electric bikes on the market

There is very little chance that you will come across an electric bike doing close to 100 km/h on the roads of Belgium, and yet... 

Electrifying your bike: a good idea?

You can't afford to invest in an electric bike? No problem! Thanks to the "electric bike" kits, you can electrify your two wheels. Yes, it's possible!

Can you ride an electric bike without pedaling?

Fatigue? A difficult hill start? You want to ride your electric bike without having to pedal? A dream that can be possible!

How much does an electric bike cost? Purchase, maintenance, accessories...

An electric bike is actually affordable! Of course, this depends on several factors. But most importantly, on the riding experience you want.

Electric bike or electric scooter in everyday life?

It's time for micromobility! Faster, easier and more ecological to get around, electric bikes and scooters have a lot of advantages. Being stuck in traffic jams will become a distant memory!

What is the life span of an electric bike ? Battery, motor, brakes...

You may be thinking of buying an electric bike and wondering how long it will last. life expectancy of this EAB ? How long will the motor last? How long will the battery last ? What about the brakes?

Electric bike: Bosch or Yamaha motor, which one to choose?

Choosing the right electric bike is not always easy! But with so many motors available, the process has become even more complicated. Among the market leaders, we find Bosch and Yamaha.

Can electric bikes be recharged while riding?

Well yes, it is possible but still not very widespread because of the lack of efficiency of the technology! Let's take stock of your options.

Where to buy an electric bike?

On the internet? At a bike shop, a bike manufacturer? In a sports store? Second hand, refurbished ? We take stock of the situation !

The best light electric bikes on the market in 2022

Is the weight of electric bikes a deal breaker for you? Check out our list of the best lightweight e-bikes on the market, by category!