Top 5 speebikes

The speedbike, also known as speed pedelec or speedelec, is still relatively unknown in France.

Top 5 best electric road bikes

The best electric road bikes are, unsurprisingly, marketed by the most prestigious brands: Trek, Lapierre, Cannondale, Giant, BMC, Cube...

The 10 best electric cargo bikes

The electric cargo bike is a very popular solution for transporting children to school, shopping or parcels.

Electric bike with long range

The autonomy of an electric bike is often one of the first criteria of choice when buying a VAE.

Converting your bike to electric: the guide

When you've got a bike in good condition, converting it to an electric bike may seem an interesting solution. From an economic point of view, it saves you having to buy a new one new.

Is it necessary to remove the battery on an electric bike?

The battery is an essential part of your shiny bike, the battery must be used in the right conditions to prolong its life...

Debrider un Vélo Électrique : Complete Guide

The concept of "debriding" consists in modifying the bike's electrical system to increase its maximum speed. 

Top 10 best electric VTCs

To help you find your way around, we've selected 10 all-terrain electric-assist bikes that are champions in their class!

The 10 best MTB electrics

Electric MTB (or VTTAE, electrically-assisted mountain bikes) are ideal for leisurely rides or intensive sports outings on steep terrain.

Electric bike weight: what's the right weight for you?

If you're thinking of buying an electrically-assisted bicycle (EAB), it's crucial to consider an often overlooked factor: weight.

What is bikepacking and how do I get started?

Discover thee bikepacking a form of cycling adventure that combines cycling and bivouacking.

Electric bike carrier: how to transport your VAE in the car?

Carrying your electric bike, or VAE, in your car can seem like a challenge. But with the the right bike carrierthis trip becomes child's play.