Upway buys back your electric bikes

Are you a cycling professional, do you have a shop or a leasing company for electric bikes? Write us an email: benjamin@upway.shop

Recovery programme

Upway gives a second life to your bikes and helps you set up your trade-in programme.

Bicycle estimate

Upway has created a pricing tool and an inspection guide for you to quickly determine how much you want to buy the bike for.

Deposit of the bike

After receiving his estimate, your customer drops off his electric bike to be taken back in your shop. This is an opportunity for him to buy a new bike!

Upway buys the bike

We buy back the electric bike and collect it within 72 hours. No loss of time, no cash outflow and no bike to store for you!

Residual value for your assets

Do you rent bicycles to individuals or professionals? Do you want to get the maximum residual value from them in order to offer the best possible quality products to your customers? Upway can help you give a second life to your bikes at the end of the contract.

VAE in stock or at the end of a contract? Interested in a trade-in programme?

We take care of the management of returns, repairs and the marketing of used electric bikes.

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