Upway : Your partner in the trade-in of VAE

Increase your sales of new electric bikes by offering a competitive trade-in offer without having to manage the estimation, logistics and resale of the electric bike.

How does it work?

Bicycle estimate

We have created an estimation tool that allows you to know in 3 clicks how much Upway is committed to buy back more than 180 brands of used bikes.

Deposit of the bike

Your customer drops off his EAB, you confirm the buy-back price and help him choose his new electric bike thanks to the discount he received after selling his bike.

Upway buys the bike

You choose yourself the day of passage of the carrier. No loss of time or stock, the carrier can come within 48 hours and you are paid within 5 days.

Are you interested in our trade-in program?

Contact Gregory by email so that he can help you set it up.

Why make a recovery?

  • Boost your sales of new bikes by buying used bikes from your future customers at a competitive price without having to manage the estimation, resale and logistics of these bikes yourself
  • Retain your existing customers to allow them to change their EAB more regularly
  • 14% of sales of new bicycles realized thanks to the trade-in for our partner stores

More than 300 stores in Europe trust us for their trade-in