Need more freedom? Here are the lightest electric bikes on the market

Lightweight and electric bikes rarely go hand in hand, for years, EABs were bulky machines, complicated to transport, expensive and with limited autonomy. Slowly, this has changed. 

Turning to a "lightweight" electric bike has several advantages! For a start, you'll enjoy a riding sensation closer to that of a conventional bike, since lightness also means better handling. A lighter bike also saves battery power, since you'll be able to ride with less assistance! Finally, if you need to carry your VAE on a regular basis, to climb stairs for example, the weight quickly becomes a handicap. 

In short, a good way to get around while reducing your carbon footprint!

How much does an electric bike weigh? 

The weight of an electric bike is one of the factors that can dissuade some users from investing or using them on a daily basis. No more! 

Generally, all styles taken together, it varies between 10 and 30 kg. Most are even between 18 and 25 kg. A light electric bike weighs between 10 and 15 kg.

Why choose a lightweight electric bike?

The answer is simple: weight and range! Of course, it varies according to budget, design, specifications and type of bike(road bike, MTBcity bike, folding bike...). As a guide, here are a few examples of different types of EAB:

Type of bike




Moustache Samedi 28 Open

23 kg

Mountain bikes

Cube Stereo Hybrid 120

25 kg


Kalkhoff Agattu 3.B Advance

26 kg


Go Cycle G3

17 kg


Winora Biporter F.U.B. 2W

35 kg

The main reason why cyclists choose a lightweight bike is because of its maneuverability, portability, and the ability to ride with little or no assistance.

This is especially true when you are climbing a hill. The heavier the bike, the more effort you'll need to put into getting it up, and the same goes for the power the motor will need to provide.

We take stock of all the advantages! 

Easy to transport 

Carrying a very heavy electric bike on a regular basis can be at best a hassle - if you have to walk a long distance from time to time - and at worst a real problem - for example if you have to carry it up a flight of stairs to your apartment. For this purpose, you should opt for a bike close to 15 kg and ideally a few kilograms below that. 

If you want a bike with practical features like fenders, a rack and integrated lights, 18 kg is a more realistic goal. 

The lighter the bike, the easier things become in terms of handling and portability. It also makes a difference if you're a suburbanite who has to lift your bike on and off public transportation, load it onto a bike rack, get it over a fence, or carry it upstairs to your residence! 

Easier to move forward without assistance

E-bikes that weigh more than 20 kg can move along just fine with the assist off, but the extra weight quickly becomes a burden on the flat, so imagine going uphill. You'll constantly feel like you're towing a trailer!

When you ride a lightweight electric bike, pedaling without assistance is much less of a problem. Lightweight EABs feel like conventional bicycles and the extra weight has less impact on the overall feel of the ride. 

Increased efficiency: more autonomy and longer life 

Batteries are the lifeblood of any electric bike! On lightweight electric bikes, batteries are generally of lower capacity. There are two main reasons for this: reducing weight and integrating the battery into the frame. 

This doesn't mean that a lightweight electric bike has to have a small battery (although most lightweight EABs do). One of the lightest and sleekest versions is the Specialized Turbo Vado SL. It has a 320+ Wh battery and also has a range extender, which means you can plug in an extra battery. All this for the modest weight of 14.9 kg. For an electric bike with a pedal motor, 10 gears, a built-in head shock and a decent-sized battery, that's impressive. 

If you should run out of battery power, a lightweight electric bike will allow you to get home more peacefully. 

Accelerating on the hills 

Road cyclists using conventional bikes are obsessed with weight as a factor that can help them climb hills with less effort

To put it simply, pedaling uphill is like working against gravity, so the less weight you have to carry up the hill (all other factors like power, wind, and rider weight being equal), the faster you will be. 

It is increasingly common to see electric road bikes alongside regular road bikes on group rides. Many models are presented as two bikes in one (an EAB and a regular bike), as they are designed to be used beyond the limit of assistance as easily as possible. There is even a removable motor system used on many bikes from the German company Fazua.

An electric bike that looks like an ordinary bike 

All the bikes in this guide don't really look like electric bikes. This can have some advantages: from an aesthetic point of view, these bikes are much neater, no big battery pack dominates the frame. 

They are also less likely to be targeted by thieves.

Ideal for daily travel 

Lightweight e-bikes are perfect for riders who only want to use electric power to get up hills. Because the weight is so low (compared to other EABs), you still get a near conventional bike feel when riding without assistance. 

The best light electric bikes by category 

In this guide, we've covered options for electric road bikes, electric city bikes, MTB, hybrids and folding bikes. 

Each has specific advantages in terms of features, ease of use and performance. 

Here are some of the key criteria we considered: 

  • Value for money: even the best electric bikes can vary considerably in price. Lightweight bikes are often (much) more expensive. 
  • Engine efficiency: the power, efficiency and smoothness level of the engines. 
  • Battery efficiency: range, power and charging speed. 
  • Overall performance: What is the riding experience like? How does the bike react on climbs and descents? 

The lightest electric city bikes 

Furtivoo Neomouv 

  • Weight: 13,5 kg
  • Price : around 1900€ new and between 20 and 60% cheaper on Upway !
  • Autonomy: 30 to 60 km 
  • Speed: 1 speed 
  • Ideal for suburban and sidewalk traffic

Cock-a-doodle-doo! This French electric bike has a very pure style, with an aluminum frame and fork, for a very light weight of 13,5 kg. Its battery has a capacity of 160 Wh, it can be recharged by back-pedaling and has a range of 30 to 60 km, depending on several factors: the battery mode, the inclination, the user's weight, etc. 

It can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth using the Bitride app (available on Android and IOS). You'll be able to set the speed, power assist and many other features.  

However, it does have one major drawback. Its battery is attached to the rear wheel of the bike, which means you have to bring the EAB into your home to charge it. While this isn't complicated given its weight, it's something to consider, especially if you live in an apartment. 

Alerion E-Bike

  • Weight: 13.2 kg 
  • Price : around 2000€ new and between 20 and 60% cheaper on Upway !
  • Range: up to 80 km  
  • Speed: 1 speed 
  • Facilitates daily commuting: going to the office or having a drink

The brand offers a white, stylish and very light Made in France bike called "Toujours à l'heure". Nothing indicates that it is electric! 

The battery has a power of 360 Wh and is integrated in the frame, while the motor is located in the rear wheel hub. Its frame is made of aluminum and its fork of carbon, it can reach a maximum autonomy of 80 km.

Coboc eCycle F1

  • Weight: 10.8 kg 
  • Price : 4999€ new and between 20 and 60% cheaper on Upway !
  • Autonomy: 70 to 100 km 
  • Speed: 1 speed, adaptive 
  • For all your daily journeys 

The eCycle F1 from German manufacturer Coboc is a real feat of lightness and technology. At just 10.8 kg on the scales, it's the lightest assisted bike in our top ten (the Vello Bike+ is not yet available for sale), while offering a range of over 70 km.

At first glance, the eCycle F1 looks like a classic bike. Here, there are no visible electronics and no control screen, but a battery nicely hidden in the frame and a rear wheel motor with integrated torque sensor.

An algorithm analyzes your pedal pressure in real time to deliver the right amount of assistance in each situation. This automatic and intuitive operation allows you to have a riding sensation as close as possible to that of a bike without assistance.

Although you don't have control over the level of assistance via the traditional dashboard that equips the majority of EABs, you can nevertheless personalize your riding experience with your smartphone. The Coboc application allows you, for example, to adjust the assistance offered at startup or to choose the sensitivity of the assistance: the higher it is, the more the bike will help you pedal.

No more derailments or grease marks on your pants since the eCycle F1 is belt-driven. This bike has everything to please city dwellers looking for a light EV for their daily commute. Note, however, that its battery is not removable and that you will therefore have to charge it near a power outlet.

Windee Route

  • Weight: 14.1 kg 
  • Price : 4500€ new and between 20 and 60% cheaper on Upway !
  • Autonomy: 120 km 
  • Speed: 11 speeds 
  • Perfect for off-road and on-road riding

Adventure is yours! This electric bike is entirely made of carbon (which explains its price), equipped with the Fazua motor and has a 250 Wh battery. Its tires of 30 mm will offer you a good driving comfort and will allow you to go out of the beaten tracks. 

Its motor is integrated into the crankset, it has 3 modes of assistance for a fluidity of pedaling, and hydraulic brakes to ensure a braking in full safety in the descents. 

Several sizes are available: S, M and L. 

Ribble Endurance SL e-Sport

  • Weight: 12.4 kg 
  • Price : around 3500€ new and between 20 and 60% cheaper on Upway !
  • Autonomy: 75 km 
  • Speed: 11 speeds 
  • Perfect for off-road and on-road riding

This lightweight design combines a minimalist engine, ergonomic handlebars and a carbon fiber frame. Vibrations and road shock are absorbed to provide a smooth ride and limit rider fatigue. The tires Continental has puncture protection and offers more speed and control. 

The hydraulic disc brakes are powerful for consistent braking in all weather conditions. It is available in 5 sizes, from XS to XL. You can take on many challenges! 

Cannondale SuperSix EVO Neo 3

  • Weight: 12 kg
  • Price : around 4500€ new and between 20 and 60% cheaper on Upway !
  • Autonomy: up to 100 km 
  • Speed: 11 speeds 
  • For road performance enthusiasts

This road VAE weighs in at just 12 kg: a weight that would make some non-electric road bikes blush. It has been designed with performance in mind. In Cannondale's own words, the bike's design focuses on "speed, efficiency [and] maneuverability". 

Not only is it built to handle like no other, but it's also equipped with an Ebikemotion X35 rear wheel hub motor combined with a 250 Wh battery. Its carbon frame is aerodynamic as are its wheels. The shocks are absorbed, the air resistance reduced to ride with efficiency. Cannondale hit hard with this electric bike. 

Available in three sizes: S, M and L. If you are particularly short or tall, it may not fit you. 

The lightest electric MTB

Specialized Turbo Levo SL

  • Weight: 17.3 kg
  • Price : more than 5000€ new and between 20 and 60% cheaper on Upway !
  • Autonomy: 40 to 60 km 
  • Speed: 12 speeds 
  • For adventure and winding trails

The MTB electric Turbo Levo SL from Specialized combines pedaling power and agility. Perfect for pushing your limits! Designed in Switzerland, the motor delivers 240 Wh of power, the battery 320 Wh, and the electric assistance easily reaches 25 km/h. Ideal for tackling hills on bumpy terrain. 

The Mission Control application allows you to manage the battery life, record your rides or customize the power of the VAE. Very practical! 

The only downside: the high price. 

Trek E-Caliber 9.9

  • Weight: 16,35 kg 
  • Price: approx. €13,000 new (yes, you read that right!)
  • Autonomy: 3 to 5 hours 
  • Speed: 12 speeds 
  • For off-road adventures in the forest or in the mountains  

You may be wondering why an electric cross country bike is in this selection? Well, it's a surprisingly lightweight bike that has already won numerous awards. 

At only 16.35 kg (lighter than some electric road bikes on the market), this MTB electric bike features a Fazua drive system, a carbon frame, a 250 Wh battery, a rear suspension and a fullywireless SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS electronic transmission. An engineering feat! 

With its choice of four bright colors, this bike is certainly not made to remain discreet: it does not go unnoticed! But it's still very sleek, with no bulky, unsightly electronics. 

Lightrider E Ultimate by Thömus

  • Weight: 14,6 kg  
  • Price : 10000 CHf (more than 10300€) new and between 20 and 60% cheaper on Upway !
  • Autonomy: no indication
  • Speed: 12 speeds 
  • For those who do trail running or cross-country

It is difficult to find a lighter electric MTB than the one developed by the Swiss brand Thömus. Its frame is entirely in carbon but what makes it special is the configurator available on the brand's website. 

Many customizations are possible: the size of the frame, the power of the battery, the type of fork, the type of tire, the saddle, the shock absorber, the links, the brake discs, the pedals, the bottle cage,... A variety of options that comes at a (very high) price. 

The lightest hybrid electric bikes

Specialized Turbo Vado SL 4.0 

  • Weight: 14.9 kg  
  • Price : around 3300€ new and between 20 and 60% cheaper on Upway !
  • Range: 130 km 
  • Speed: 10 speeds 
  • To enjoy a bike ride without worrying about autonomy

This electric bike has a flexible Specialized SL 1.1 motor developed in collaboration with the German company Mahle (which also makes the x35 system). 

The SL on the Turbo Vado SL stands for "super light", and the bike is sold as a lightweight alternative to the brand's line of Turbo Vado bikes, which are equipped with high-capacity batteries and typically exceed 23 kg. 

Weighing only 14.9 kg, the Vado SL is easy to ride. When you factor in its 320 Wh battery and 1.96 kg motor, you get the perfect combination of electric assistance. 

It is surely the best hybrid electric bike in its class. 

Orbea Gain M20 

  • Weight: 12.2 kg  
  • Price : around 4500€ new and between 20 and 60% cheaper on Upway !
  • Autonomy: no indication
  • Speed: 11 speeds 
  • For people living in the suburbs

This Orbea electric bike is a road bike with flat handlebars, but given that many hybrids come close to mixed-geometry road bikes, you could say it's simply a very stylish, lightweight hybrid. 

It is made of a carbon frame that offers speed and lightness. With its 11 speeds, the steepest slopes will be a breeze. It is also possible to customize it to suit your taste. 

Its flat handlebars will make a big difference in terms of riding position and comfort. This is a perfect bike for commuters and more experienced cyclists. 

LeMond Bikes Prologue

  • Weight: 11.8 kg  
  • Price : around 5200€ new and between 20 and 60% cheaper on Upway !
  • Autonomy: 30 km 
  • Speed: 11 speeds 
  • Perfect for road cyclists 

This is a great bike for road cyclists! It's all carbon fiber which makes the frame incredibly light, the beautiful matte paint job and the fancy custom designed fenders make it unique.

It is equipped with reliable components: a Mahle one-button transmission system, a Shimano GRX gearing system, a 250 Wh battery, tires Panaracer for gravel. It's versatile and easy to repair. You can finally ride without fear!


  • Weight: 13 kg  
  • Price : around 2400€ new and between 20 and 60% cheaper on Upway !
  • Range: 65 km 
  • Speed: 7 speeds
  • Ideal for commuters 

The Belgian Ahooga electric bike is one of the lightest folding bikes on the market. It weighs just 13 kg, battery included. When folded, it measures just 85 cm long, 47 cm high and 30 cm thick. Perfect for public transport or for stowing in the trunk of a car!

It even won the "German Design Award 2018". Its special feature? Its degree of customization! Uncommon in the cycling world, it comes in 215 colors. 

Its tires Schwalbe ensures comfort, lightness and puncture protection. 

This model has 3 ranges: the Analog bike without electric assistance, the Active with a 24V motor and the Power with a 36V. They weigh respectively 11 kg, 13 kg and 15 kg. 

Brompton C Line Explore

  • Weight: 12.1 kg  
  • Price : around 2200€ new and between 20 and 60% cheaper on Upway !
  • Autonomy: no indication
  • Speed: 6 speeds
  • Ideal for commuters' daily journeys

Its iconic folding mechanism makes it a great option for suburbanites. Folding is easy and intuitive, and once folded, the wheels make it very easy to move. It's convenient for getting on and off the bike and means you can carry and charge it anywhere. 

This EAB retains its classic design with a removable battery that sits in a box on the front of the bike. The frame is made of reinforced steel, built to last, and the pedal assist can be set to automatically kick in when you need it, or adjusted manually. 

Hummingbird Gen 2.0

  • Weight: 10.4 kg
  • Price : around 5400€ new and between 20 and 60% cheaper on Upway !
  • Autonomy: 40 to 50 km 
  • Speed: 1 speed
  • Ideal for commuters 

When it comes to lightness, the Hummingbird Gen 2.0 (which translates as Hummingbird) is the winner. With its unique, simple and elegant design, it's a city dweller's dream. Easy to fold (only 5 seconds), powerful and durable, it will be your best ally to go to the office. 

But the main attraction of this bike is its weight. At 10.4 kg, it is one of the lightest folding electric bikes in the world. Its carbon fiber frame does not compromise on strength. The rear hub motor also contributes to the ride quality and handling. 

The Bitride app even allows you to turn on the engine remotely and track your movements. And that's not all: it also comes with an electronic locking system. 

All these technical feats come at a price, the "Colibri" is not cheap! On the other hand, it ticks all the boxes if you are looking for a complete bike, practical, capable of covering distances and hills quickly, and easy to transport and store.  

It does have its limitations though: it has only one gear, and has a small 158 Wh battery.

An ultra-light VAE: the Vello Bike+ 

  • Weight: 9,9 kg
  • Price: -
  • Autonomy: almost unlimited 
  • Speed: 1 speed
  • Ideal for commuters 

This is the new bike that is being born in the Viennese workshops of the Austrian brand Vello. If the brand has not yet communicated the final name of the machine, we know that it is associated with the "Bike +" range, already available, and that it will weigh 3 kg less than the current version!

It is foldable (in 8 seconds), entirely made of patented titanium and above all it weighs less than 10 kg. A real feat! 

It has the KERS technology (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) which allows it to have an almost infinite autonomy, according to the brand. The battery recharges automatically during a descent or braking. 

This ultra-lightweight electric bike also features a rear hub motor, electronic locking, geolocation system and several other features.

If you want to follow the development of this bike, we invite you to follow this link (content only in English).

How to choose a light VAE ? 

Some manufacturers, controversially, do not publish the weight of their bikes in the list of specifications, as they claim that this should not be a decisive factor. 

Here are the main components that can impact the weight of your EV! 

The framework 

You have to pay attention to the materials used to make sure you have a light enough electric bike. Carbon should be preferred, it is robust and infinitely lighter than other materials. 

Unfortunately, the rarity of carbon makes it a very high-end material. Carbon fiber bikes are often unaffordable for most users looking to take advantage of electric assist for their daily commute. 

To stay affordable, manufacturers prefer aluminum, which has a good price-weight ratio. It is a fairly light material (although not equal to carbon), affordable and of good quality. 

The battery

Conventional bikes are lighter than electric bikes because of the battery. This is one of the main reasons for the high weight of an EAB. 

In general, lightweight electric bikes do not come with long-range batteries because they are heavier. If you use your bike for short distances on a daily basis, then this is an acceptable compromise to save precious grams.

Standard batteries with a capacity of 400 or 500 Wh weigh between 2.5 and 3 kg. In comparison, in our selection, you will find electric bikes equipped with lower capacity batteries such as the E-Bike Alerion with its 360 Wh battery or the Prologue LeMond Bikes with its 250 Wh battery.

The engine 

Just like the battery, the motor increases the weight of the bike considerably, these two elements together significantly influence the total weight of the bike. However, there are several power ratings: 250 W, 350 W or 100 W. Not surprisingly, the higher the power of the motor, the heavier it is, about 2.5 to 4 kg

The wheels

This is one of the elements that is regularly neglected. However, the wheels increase the weight of an electric bike, just like the motor and the frame. They consist of air, spokes and a rim. Depending on its size, a wheel can weigh between 1 and 2 kg. In total, the two wheels will weigh 2 to 4 kg. 

Logically, the bigger (and more off-road) the wheels, the heavier they will be. 

Is there a downside to having a lightweight electric bike?

Optimizing one feature means that other features are left out. Is there a trade-off for lightness? 

It all depends on how you look at it. If you're expecting an electric bike with a big battery and huge torque, you'll be hard pressed to find it, or you'll have to pay a high price. As long as you expect a smaller battery and less assistance, there's no real downside to going light. Although this is becoming more and more popular. 

It also depends on your needs. Freighters, for example, are particularly difficult to lighten because of the need for suspensions, large tires studs and extremely strong frames that can withstand off-road impacts. 

Price is the main trade-off when choosing a lightweight bike.