Cowboy electric bike

Cowboy Bike is a Belgian bike brand founded in 2017 that combines mobility and connectivity for an experience based on ease and fun.

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Why choose a Cowboy electric bike?

This electric bike is innovative and based on a Cowboy mobile application. It wonderfully combines power, speed and adaptation. It is an electric city bikeIt's an electric city bike, ideal for urban trips, which offers great sensations, while providing little effort. Cowboy's models offer an intelligent dashboard, ergonomic seat, efficient suspension and excellent autonomy thanks to their 360 Wh battery.

The name of the "Cowboy" bike is symbolic: it represents the freedom to come and go, the feeling of wide open spaces, and the pleasure of riding in all simplicity. It's a great electrically-assisted bike that combines dynamism and responsiveness. Founded in 2017 by three young Belgian entrepreneurs, the Cowboy brand has wasted no time in making its mark in the world of electric bikes. It won a Red Dot Award just a few months after its launch for the bold design of its EAB. In just over 6 months, it sold 1,000 units!

Features of the Cowboy electric bike refurbished

The Cowboy electric bike is both urban and sporty. Its electric assistance and its motor adapt perfectly to your effort. When you start, all you need is a little pedal stroke to take off. The acceleration is powerful, but subtle and smooth. Thanks to its electric assistance, you will be able to easily reach 25 km/h while providing little effort. 

In addition to their reliability, the main characteristic of Cowboy electric bikes is their design. They are models with fluid and sober lines, whose lights are integrated into the frame and whose battery is discreetly installed under the saddle. They are also light EVs, which go to the essentials and are equipped with the minimum of accessories to be practical, without being unnecessarily heavy. For example, most models have no derailleur (and therefore only one gear), no suspension and only one pedal assist mode. 

These are minimalist ebikes that have a carbon belt instead of a chain and use an algorithm to replace traditional gears. To control it all, your smartphone does the job! When you buy a Cowboy ebike, you're getting an electric bike with cutting-edge technology that will give your urban commute and rides a new flavor. 

Cowboy electric bikes: an icon in mobile-connected electric bikes

The Cowboy electric bike is a racy two-wheeler. It is a connected electric bike, in tune with your movements and your journey. These intelligent two-wheelers are equipped with a connected application: the Cowboy mobile application. This application allows you to anticipate every element of your journey in real time. Thanks to it, you can also personalize your Cowboy electric bike in a few clicks.  

Cowboy mobile application features

The Cowboy mobile application provides a lot of information: shortest routes, air quality, battery level, road conditions, your performance (progress, speed, calories burned...). But that's not all: the application also serves as a dashboard by monitoring your road speed, distances traveled, duration of trips, weather forecasts ... 

Finally, the Cowboy app is all about safety: it regularly checks the condition of your electric bike and informs you in case of technical problems. It is also able to detect It is also able to detect falls, thefts, your presence and to automatically lock and unlock the bike. The Cowboy brand has thus developed a high-tech bike, in the air of time.

How to choose your Cowboy electric bike according to your needs and budget.

To choose the Cowboy electric bike model that best suits your needs and budget, you need to consider its range. The Cowboy EABs are equipped with a 360 Wh battery, allowing you to ride 40 to 80 km depending on road conditions. Enough to get you to work without any problem or to go for nice rides. 

On the engine side, the higher the torque, the easier it will be to climb hills. If you live in a hilly city, you'll want to go for 45 Nm of torque. 

Also, make sure your bike is as comfortable as possible, including saddle, suspension and riding position. Depending on your needs, you can add accessories to your Cowboy bike such as a rack, a pannieror a child seat or a kickstand.

The different ranges of Cowboy electric bikes

The Cowboy brand offers several ranges of electric bikes to meet everyone's needs. They are mainly models for urban trips and some of them have more sportive characteristics.

Model Cowboy 1

The Cowboy 1 is the brand's very first model. It is an entry-level model sold at new for less than €2,000. It's ideal for those looking for an affordable, reliable electric bike for their daily commute around town. It's very attractive, with a semi-integrated battery and front and rear LED headlights. However, this electric city bike doesn't come with the usual equipment (kickstand, mudguard, luggage rack...), as the brand offers you to buy these accessories separately, to equip your EAB according to your needs. This is a very maneuverable, responsive electric bike, with hydraulic disc brakes for secure braking.

Cowboy 2 model

The Cowboy C2 is the middle model. It offers an excellent compromise between performance and price, with additional features such as a luggage rack and enhanced optical LED lighting. To design it, the brand raised 10 million euros in 2018. Its release also marked the start of the Cowboy EAB marketing outside of Belgium.

The Cowboy 2 remains an ultra-minimalist electric bike that is totally uncluttered. It is equipped with a frame and a rigid aluminium fork without suspension, without meter, without stand, without mudguard nor luggage rack of series. Its chain is replaced by a carbon belt which has the advantage of being maintenance-free and of not dirtying the bottom of your pants. This EAB offers a rather sporty riding position and focuses on reactivity rather than comfort.

Cowboy 3 model

The Cowboy 3 is a top-of-the-line model, designed for demanding cyclists looking for an electric bike that offers optimal performance, maximum comfort and advanced connectivity. Very comfortable on roads and trails, this electric VTC is equipped with tires grip This electric VTC is very comfortable on the road and on the trails, and is equipped with strong all-terrain grips, a carbon belt without chain and without maintenance before 10,000 km and hydraulic disc brakes for safe braking. The C3 electric bike weighs only 18.2 kg, including the 360 Wh battery, and can travel up to 70 km on its own. It includes a motor with a torque of 30 Nm located in the hub of the rear wheel and a custom Cowboy seat. Streamlined to the max, the Cowboy 4 has no seatpost suspension, no derailleur and only one assist mode.

Cowboy 4 model

The C4 is a high quality electric bike. All of its components are integrated into the frame, including its removable battery, which can be fully charged in just 3.5 hours. in just 3.5 hours. Thanks to AdaptivePower technology, it adapts to your riding style and automatically detects the power needed by analyzing your pedal stroke.

Sold at new for almost €3,000, it features a 360 Wh battery, a 45 Nm custom motor integrated into the rear wheel, a Gates carbon belt, fork and aluminum frame. The Cowboy 4 ST version features an open frame for easier climbing. It offers a more upright riding position than the C4 model, and is better suited to smaller riders.  

Cowboy electric bike : price 

The first models of Cowboy electric bikes were marketed at less than 2 000€ new. But, as its models evolve, the brand tends to increase the quality of its EABs and therefore its prices. Currently, the most recent models are offered at nearly 3 000€. 

To buy a cheap Cowboy electric bike, choose second-hand. Thanks to the work of our specialized mechanics, Upway refurbishes used Cowboy bikes for you. This allows you to benefit from an e-bike in a condition close to the new, sold 20 to 60% cheaper! Benefiting from state-of-the-art technology at a low price is therefore possible!

The different possible uses of the Cowboy electric bike

Cowboy electric bikes are designed for urban commuting. Thanks to their electric assistance, they are perfect for getting around town effortlessly, while avoiding traffic jams and reducing your carbon footprint. You can also easily go for a ride with your Cowboy EAB: enjoy new landscapes without getting tired thanks to its 360 Wh battery life. 

The Cowboy 3 lends itself well to multipurpose use. With the addition of a carrier and a child seat, you can easily drop your child off at school or go for a family ride. 

Tips for maintaining your Cowboy electric bike

To prolong the life of your Cowboy electric bicycle refurbished and get the most out of it, it is important to maintain it well. Check the pressure of your tires regularly. Indeed, well inflated tires ensure a better grip and a better riding comfort. The big advantage of Cowboy bikes is that their carbon belt requires little maintenance: before the first 10,000 kilometers, you don't have to do anything! Check your bike's brakes regularly to make sure they are working properly. Have worn brake pads and discs replaced if necessary.

To preserve the capacity and life of your bike's battery (it's the most expensive component), store it in a cool, dry place when not in use. Finally, perform regular diagnostics with the Cowboy mobile app. This will help you detect any technical problems before they become serious.