Refurbished by Upway

At Upway, every used bike undergoes inspection and reconditioning by a professional mechanic, so that we can offer you high-quality bikes in as close to new condition as possible.


Mechanical and electronic inspection

Each bike received is subjected to a detailed analysis of 20 inspection points by our mechanics.

This step allows us to verify that there is no structural damage on the frame, the safety points, the motor or the battery. It also allows us to make an inventory of the repairs and replacements of parts to be made in order to give a new life to each bike.

Discover our 20 inspection points

Our electronic inspection checks the working condition of the parts, before a thorough diagnosis:

1. Engine and assistance
2. Battery
3. Charger
4. Display screen
5. Lights

Our mechanical inspection includes a systematic check for cracks and play for structural parts, as well as a wear check for consumable parts:

6. Frame

7. Front and rear wheels

8. Fork

9. Stem

10. Hanger

11. Handles

12. Brakes

13. Speeds

14. Saddle post

15. Saddle

16. Pedalboard

17. Cranks

18. Pedals

19. Chain

20. tires

We also check light equipment such as bells, mudguards, luggage racks, baskets, kickstands and integrated locks.


Mechanical repairs

Once the bike is ready for refurbished, our team carries out repairs and replaces any mechanical parts that need replacing, so that we can offer you bikes that are as close to new condition as possible:

- Replacement of wearing parts that are not in equivalent condition to new (e.g. tires, brake pads, cables and sheaths, chain, stand).
- Bleeding the hydraulic brakes
- Possible change of bearing
- Crankset or steering threads if required
- Spoke tension adjustment
- Lubrication of parts

Electronic repairs

The diagnosis of the motor, battery and electronics of the bike allows us to determine any necessary replacements, reconditioning or repairs of parts.

Motor and electric assistance
- Full engine diagnostics via specialised software
- Repair or replacement of the torque sensor or pedal sensor (where necessary)

- Diagnostics via specialised software (number of charge cycles, cell life)
- Charger and connector test
- Reconditioning or replacement (when the state of life is too low for prolonged use with more than 80% of the initial autonomy)

General electronics
- Checking, repairing or replacing cables and electronic parts
- Software updates

Settings and output inspection

Before being released for sale, each bike undergoes a derailleur and brake adjustment, as well as a thorough cleaning of the bike and a final exit inspection.

Warranty and return

Your peace of mind is assured, even after your purchase!
All structural parts of your bike are guaranteed for one year: frame, battery, motor and electronics.
And if you change your mind within 14 days of receiving your bike, you can return it.

Ready to make your choice?

Upway offers you the widest selection of electric bikes reconditioned by professional mechanics.

You give a bike a new lease on life, at a price up to 60% lower than new, and guaranteed for 1 year!