Which electric bike to choose: the best Belgian brands

When we think of electric bikes in Europe, we often think of the Netherlands... But Belgium is also very much linked to the world of cycling and is the birthplace of many equally qualitative brands of electric bikes! Did you know that Belgium was the first country in the world to adopt electric bikes?

Buying a Belgian electric bike means taking an active part in the local economy. Here's a roundup of the best Belgian e-bike brands, available at low prices in refurbished versions at Upway. 

Achielle: the "Handmade In Belgium" electric bicycle

Year of creation : 1946.
Electric range : city bike and cargo bike.

The Belgian bicycle and electric bike brand Achielle is a great family adventure. It is the result of a whole family's passion for bicycles and their manufacture. The company is based in Pittem, in the Flemish Region of Belgium. It has been making its own frames since 1946, drawing on three generations of experience and know-how. This is achieved by combining traditional manual work with continuous investment in its machinery. Since 2007, Achielle has been building its own bikes in a chic, vintage style. Its electric bikes are equipped with high-quality motors, including the Steps system from Shimano. 

Achielle also integrates a maximum of European parts into its bikes by selecting them from the best brands (Brooks, Lepper, Van Schothorst, Rigida, Hebie, Steco, AXA basta, Humpert, Thun, Spanninga, Mach1...). Fully customisable, they are made to order in the manufacturer's workshops in Belgium. Achielle bikes are designed for use in the city and have an inimitable retro look. 

The company has received several awards: theHandmade In Belgiumlabel, the "Creative Company of the Year" award in 2011, the "Craftsman of the Year" award in 2012, and the "Trends Business Tour" award in 2009.Trends Business Tour"in 2014.

L'Avenir: Belgium's oldest bicycle manufacturer!

Year of creation : 1898
Electric range : city bike, folding bike, VTC

L'Avenir is the oldest bicycle manufacturer in Belgium, but also one of the oldest family businesses in the country! This brand was born near Lierre, in the province of Antwerp, in 1898. It is also a pioneer in terms of electric bikes: in 1999 it designed the "Prescoot": the first electric bike in its collection. From 2010 onwards, L'Avenir has made the design of electric bicycles the mainstay of its entire business. 

Its products are mainly designed for urban and suburban use, with electric city bikes, electric mountain bikes and electric folding bikes. They are aimed at people who use EABs as a means of getting around on a daily basis, but also at those who wish to use them for a more sporty purpose. The Belgian designer also offers a range of different positions on his bikes, to provide you with all the comfort you need to get around. The company has also chosen to work with Shimano, from whom it sources all its motorization systems. 

L'Avenir is a small company with a team of 14 people who consider themselves a real family. Its bikes are only sold in specialised shops, mainly in the north of Belgium. 

Cowboy: Belgian ECVs are very connected

Year of creation : 2017.
Electric range : city bike and VTC.

Cowboy is a young Belgian electric bicycle brand based in Brussels. It has shops in Brussels, Paris and Berlin. Its ambition is to democratise the use of electric bicycles throughout Europe, but also in the United States. It has raised several million euros to develop its ultra-modern connected electric bikes. The bikes have a very clean look. The Cowboy 4 and Cowboy 4 ST models were awarded theRed Dot Product Design Best Of The Best 2021"for their outstanding design.


The Cowboy EABs have a sober but well thought-out appearance, with brake cables fully integrated into the handlebars, handles in a material reminiscent of tires, a minimalist design for the brakes, pedals and dropouts at the rear of the frame. The manufacturer leaves no detail to chance! 

Cowboy has developed its own app, which offers easy and immediate access to a wide range of information: battery level, air quality, weather station, intuitive access to your favourite and recent destinations, fitness statistics, etc. The integrated cockpit of the Belgian Cowboy electric bikes allows you to securely attach your smartphone to the stem. Cowboy E-bikes are also equipped with a theft detection system and sensors hidden in the frame to detect falls. In the event of an accident, the application immediately contacts the people who need to be reached in case of an emergency.

Ellio : the speed bike way Belgium

Year of creation : 2017.
Electric range : speed bike

The Ellio electric bike brand is based in Belgium in Kampenhout, near Leuven, in the Flemish Region. The mission of its two creators, Tomas Keppens and Jorrit Heidbuchel, is to develop the best speed EAB on the market and thus shape tomorrow's mobility. Ellio specializes in the design of speed bikes (or speed pedelec). Unlike conventional electric bikes, which do not exceed 25 km/h, these can reach 45 km/h.

Ellio imagines electric bikes that will seduce car drivers and make them abandon their cars. Its 100% Belgian-made EABs are equipped with an energy recovery system during braking, a continuously variable transmission (CVT), tires anti-puncture and two 20-inch drive wheels (two motors)! These Belgian speed bike offer the possibility to choose the type of seating you prefer: the sporty configuration offers straight handlebars and a low stem, offering a lean and sporty position. The comfortable configuration features curved handlebars and a high stem, allowing a more upright and comfortable position for your daily commute.

Ellio is a forerunner in the bicycle industry. The transmissions of its speed pedelec are so innovative that its VAEs have no gears. This makes for a very natural ride: gear changes are imperceptible and power is constant, without you having to think about anything. 

Granville: Dutch quality ebikes in Belgium

Year of creation : 1928
Electric range Electric bikes: city bikes and mountain bikes.

It is impossible to talk about Belgian bikes without mentioning Granville ! This brand located in Belgium, a few kilometres from Brussels, is one of the leaders in the electric bike market. Founded in 1928 with the manufacture of traditional bicycles, it offers Dutch quality EABs with impeccable finishes and intended for use in the city. They are renowned for their robustness, reliability and power.

To equip its electric bikes, Granville has partnered with well-known brands such as Bosch, the reference in terms of technology and development of motors for electric bicycles, or Promovec, a Danish company whose motors combine performance, modernity and quality. 

Granville offers electric city bikes as well as mountain bikes with three ranges to choose from: E-Urban, E-Summerside and E-Excellence. In addition to their notable quality, what sets them apart from their competitors is their elegant and retro design. These Belgian ECVs have a unique style that makes them instantly recognisable and has become a real trademark. They also have practical accessories such as a luggage rack and mudguards. 

Oxford: the sustainable Belgian electric bike 

Year of creation : 1925.
Electric range : city bike, folding bike, cargo bike, speed bike.

Its name does not indicate it, but Oxford is one of the oldest Belgian bicycle brands! Founded in 1925, it has evolved perfectly with the times and now designs several models of electric bikes. The company's credo is to manufacture very robust and durable bikes, designed to withstand all conditions... "even the bad weather and Belgian roads"! Oxford assembles its bikes in Sint-Niklaas, in the Flemish region, and chooses parts that are at the cutting edge of the latest technological developments.

The Belgian brand has been offering electric bikes since 2007. Over the years, its range has expanded. Today it includes city bikes, cargo bikes, folding bikes and, since 2018, speed bikes. The majority of Oxford's EABs are equipped with a central motor from Bafang, Bosch or Shimano. The manufacturer is also committed to the environment by designing its bikes with an environmentally friendly approach: it uses no toxic solvents in the paint of its bikes and uses solar panels to meet its energy needs. 

So Oxford is clearly a Belgian electric bike brand that is in tune with the times... even though it is about to become a century old!

Ridley: innovation at the heart of Belgian ECVs

Year of creation : 1997.
Electric range Electric range: road bike.

The Belgian bicycle brand Ridley originates from Balen, a town near Antwerp in Flanders. It was founded in 1997 by a cycling enthusiast: Joachim Aerts. From the very beginning, the manufacturer has invested heavily in innovation. They have developed a number of innovations, including a revolutionary fork that uses the turbulence of steep roads to increase riding speed. It has also created the F-Brake, which is fully integrated into the fork, giving a 2% aerodynamic advantage and reducing the overall weight of the bike. 

Ridley has entered the electric bike market with the Kanzo-E: an e-gravel bike that offers an exceptional and stable riding experience on all terrains. The brand describes it as the ideal e-bike for getting around anywhere, including weaving through traffic and taking long trips. Available in a range of sizes, it is suitable for both men and women. To make this possible, Ridley has introduced theRidley Configurator"The Ridley Configurator makes a postural study and offers you the possibility to build a bike that is completely adapted to your body type. The Belgian electric bicycle brand Ridley has remained at the forefront of technology over the years by constantly developing new innovations for each of its new models.

Ahooga: light and practical Belgian ebikes for the city

Year of creation : 2015.
Electric range : city bike, folding bike, speed bike.

Ahooga is a Belgian brand of electric bikes. It was created in 2015 by three friends who wanted to make cities happier by converting people to the use of practical and stylish electric bikes. The onomatopoeia "Ahooga" symbolises excitement! The company's head office is located in Ixelles, and its electric bikes are built by Belgian engineers and partly assembled in its Brussels workshop.

Ahooga designs ultra-light hybrid electric bikes: they can be ridden with or without electric assistance. Its folding model is the lightest electric bike: the 24V model weighs only 13 kg, including motor and battery! All the manufacturer's models are designed to be practical: you will find compact and foldable electric bikes in their range. Ahooga also offers you the possibility of distinguishing yourself and giving a real personality to your EAB by opting for one of the 215 colours available!

The Belgian brand also manufactures a fully modular model, which easily evolves from an electric city bike to a cargo bike, practical for moving around with your children or transporting small goods. Finally, Ahooga also designs a speed bike with which you can reach 45 km/h without breaking a sweat. There is bound to be an Ahooga EAB that will meet your urban mobility needs!

Belgocycle: Belgian electric bikes for all budgets

Year of creation : 2014
Electric range : city bike, VTC, folding bike, speed bike.

Belgocycle offers a range of high quality, comfortable electric bikes with a Belgian design. The brand's EABs are designed in Belgium, in collaboration with Bizbike (experts in electric bikes and bicycle mobility). They are assembled in Cruyshautem, East Flanders. All Belgocycle ebikes are equipped with a 36 V, 13 Ah or 486Wh smart battery, for a range of 50 to 100 km. They are designed for mainly urban use.

The Belgian brand focuses on three ranges of electric bicycles: the Belgocycle Fun, an entry-level model with an excellent price-quality ratio, the Belgocycle Traveller, a VTC dedicated to riding comfort and the Belgocycle Max, the brand's top-of-the-range electric bicycle. The latter is equipped with a forged frame, without any visible welds. All these models have a more or less powerful Bafang motor, but also a more or less sophisticated Shimano transmission system. Belgocycle can therefore adapt to different budgets, to allow everyone to ride an electric bike. They are also adjustable in terms of saddle and handlebars: they can be used by all cyclists measuring between 1m60 and 1m95. 

The manufacturer is also designing a folding VAE, easy to transport in your car or on public transport. Last but not least, in 2022 the company will be launching its first speed pedelec model, to make your daily commute easier.

Veloci: Belgium's best-selling ECV

Year of creation : 2014
Electric range : city bike, folding bike.

Electric bikes Veloci electric bikes are said to be the best-selling electric bikes in Belgium! Veloci presents them as "the quintessence of elegant and timeless Belgian design". The manufacturer is based in Kruisem, East Flanders and produces top-of-the-range e-bikes. It invests in quality, both for electronic and non-electrical components. For example, all Belgian Veloci e-bikes are equipped with a Bafang motor, a brand renowned for its quality.

To maintain this high standard, Veloci offers only a limited range of city bikes and folding bikes, available in one colour. The company also makes the deliberate choice not to incorporate the latest innovations into its EABs, but only technologies that have been proven in every detail, ensuring that its products are extremely durable. 

Veloci electric bicycles are equipped with a central motor and a battery that can travel up to 120 kilometres depending on the model. They are very compact, but above all, efficient and fuel-efficient. Veloci's aim is to make every journey as comfortable and safe as possible. Thanks to their open frame, these bikes are suitable for both men and women, regardless of what you wear. 

Venilu : The most efficient Belgian ebikes on the market

Year of creation : 2017.
Electric range : VTC, folding bike.

Venilu is a Belgian electric bicycle brand created in 2017 with the ambition of simplifying urban mobility in an environmentally friendly way. Based in Nivelles, in the province of Walloon Brabant, the manufacturer designs and assembles its ebikes in Belgium. It offers three different ranges of ebikes: the Citana range, which brings together ultra-comfortable all-terrain electric bikes designed for long rides as well as city commutes; the Urbana range, which includes one of the lightest folding electric bikes on the market; and the Vida range, featuring compact folding EABs with an innovative design.

Venilu ebikes are also very well equipped and perfectly designed for all your daily trips. They are equipped with an anti-theft saddle, a luggage rack and folding pedals for easy storage. These Belgian electric bicycles will be your best allies in all your urban or rural trips!

Minerva: Belgian cycling experience at the service of electric bikes

Year of creation : 1963.
Electric range : city bike, folding bike, MTB

The Minerva bicycle brand, now based in Ypres in West Flanders, was born in 1963. In that year, Daniël Carpentier, a young Belgian cyclist with a passion for cycling, opened his own bicycle shop. Over the decades, the company grew into Minerva BT NV. Today, the company exports its bicycles to fifteen countries, including Minerva bicycles. This brand alone represents pure Belgian quality. With its 80 years of experience, the manufacturer offers a wide range of bikes with a very attractive price-quality ratio. Minerva also has renowned partners such as Michelin, Shimano, AXA, Selle Royal and Herrmans.

Minerva offers a wide range of electric bicycles, mainly for urban use. Its range also includes folding E-bikes, to accompany you everywhere, including on public transport. Finally, there are also a few VTTAE models, including the Minerva Alu R48 E-Mountainbike, designed for sportsmen. These Belgian electric bikes have a retro or more classic look, to suit everyone's taste.