Cowboy electric bike

Cowboy Bike is a Belgian bike brand founded in 2017 by two entrepreneurs Adrien Roose and Karim Slaoui. The Cowboy electric bike is a true urban bike that combines mobility and connectivity for an experience based on ease and fun.

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Cowboy electric bike

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Your Cowboy electric bike, refurbished by Upway

An innovative electric bike refurbished that relies on a mobile app. The Cowboy bike wonderfully handles the balance between power, speed and adaptation. It's an electric city bike, ideal for commuting and sporty riding. You get a great feeling without any effort! The name of the "Cowboy" bike is symbolic: it represents the freedom to come and go, the feeling of wide open spaces, and the pleasure of riding with ease.

It is an excellent electrically assisted bike where dynamism rhymes with responsiveness.

Characteristics of the Cowboy electric bike refurbished

Cowboy is a sporty urban bike. Its electric assistance and its motor adapt perfectly to your effort. When you start up, all it takes is a little pedal stroke to take off. The acceleration is powerful but subtle and smooth. A state of the art EAB. Its tailor-made electric motor is 250 watts. This means you can enjoy electric assistance of up to 25 km/h. The Cowboy 3 is the brand's flagship model. It has a range of 70 km, a removable battery, a charging time of 210 minutes and an integrated lock. The Belgian Cowboy bike is equipped with sharp and powerful hydraulic disc brakes. This second-hand electric bike has tires that provide perfect grip on both dry and wet surfaces. A high-performance electric bike with a sleek and elegant design. Minimalist styling, simple finishes and light weight. With an aluminium frame and LED lights at the front and rear for a discreet and modern look. Some models are equipped with useful accessories: mudguards, kickstands, anti-theft devices.

Cowboy electric bikes: an icon in mobile-connected electric bikes

The Cowboy electric bike is a high-end two-wheeler. It is the connected electric bike that is in tune with your movements and your journey. A smart electric bike with an app connected to the bike. With the Cowboy app you can anticipate every element of your journey in real time. The mobile application provides you with a lot of information: shortest routes, air quality, battery level, road conditions, your performance (progress, speed, calories burned...). But that's not all, the app also acts as a dashboard by monitoring your speed, distances covered, journey times, weather forecasts, etc. Finally, the Cowboy app focuses on safety: it detects falls, theft, your presence and automatically unlocks the bike. The Cowboy brand has therefore developed a high-tech bike that is in step with the times.

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