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How to choose an electrically assisted bicycle for less than €2,000?

To choose your reconditioned electric bike for less than 2000€, you need to make sure to select a model with a battery life that is adapted to your use. Here at Upway, we make sure to indicate the battery life both kilometers travelled for each EAB model, as well as charging time of the battery. Because the battery is one of the key elements of your electric bike, we recondition or replace the battery of all our used electric bikes when it is no longer in a condition for continued use.

Our EABs for less than €2,000 are equipped with motors with a power of 250 W. The pedal motors are the ones that offer the best assistance and good reliability. Although they are more expensive than the average, you will still find them among our selection of cheap electric bikes.

Among our mid-range reconditioned electric bikes, you will find two types of electric assistance: effort sensor (the motor starts when you pedal) or rotation sensor (the motor adapts to the force you exert on the pedals). A more expensive load cell system will be more comfortable. 

The braking system of our used bikes is very important for your EAB and is checked by a professional. It must be able to offer sufficient power to slow you down or stop you effectively, even if you are travelling at the maximum permitted speed of 25 km/h. With a budget of €1,000 to €2,000, you can benefit from an electric bike with disc brakes, which are particularly effective and reliable.

Your reconditioned electric bike for less than €2,000 on Upway

Our second-hand bikes are delivered anywhere in Belgium within a week. They are systematically checked by a professional mechanic. All structural parts of our electric bikes are guaranteed for one year: frame, battery, motor and electronics. If you change your mind within 14 days of receiving your bike, you can return it. 

Looking for a cheap electric bike? Opt for our reconditioned models and save up to 60%! Our selection of electric bikes between 1,000 and 2,000 euros includes both city bikescity bikes road bikes, but also electric mountain bikes. To choose your EAB, determine the use you will have of it. Your budget allows you to access a wide range of second-hand electric bikes.


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