There are several steps you can take to protect your electric bicycle from theft. Among them is the choice of a good anti-theft device: it is recommended to invest at least 15% of the price of the bike in its anti-theft device. There is a wide choice on the market, we detail all the solutions available and explain the most suitable for your EAB.

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The different electric bike locks

The high price of an electric bike makes it a coveted object. To prevent theft, there are various locks with different levels of security. Cable locks are the least secure equipment for your EAB: they can be cut very easily with pliers. On the other hand, they have the advantage of being easy to transport and quick to use. 

There are also anti-theft chains. These are a step up in security from cables, as they are more difficult to cut, especially if you choose a chain with thick links. Finally, there are U-locks or large padlocks, which are almost impossible to cut because of their thick handle. 

U-locks are known to be the most suitable for electric bikes. We particularly recommend Kryptonite locks, the inventor of this type of lock. A very strong brand that makes the best electric bike locks. 

The effectiveness of an electric bike lock also lies in the way it is used. It is advisable to attach your E-Bike to a solid fixed point (bicycle stands, hoops, traffic signs, lampposts, etc.), attaching the frame of your E-Bike first and the wheel if possible.) If your EAB has an integrated frame lock, its rear wheel will be locked, which constitutes an additional security. 

Choosing the right bike lock

The choice of lock for your electric bicycle should be made according to where you park your bike and for how long. If you leave your E-bike in a place with little traffic, with a high risk of theft, it is recommended that you choose an effective bike lock such as a large padlock or a U-lock. It is best to buy an SRA approved lock. These are more resistant than other models and were originally designed for motorbikes and scooters. Combined with another type of lock, such as a chain or cable, this is the most secure solution for your electric bike. 

For home parking, it is possible to install a fixing anchor, to be fixed inside or outside. This installation is recommended for residential use in a bicycle room or at home (cellar, garage, etc.). It is permanently installed in cement, on the floor or on the wall. It is then used with a U-lock, an anti-theft chain or a cable.

However, if you only use your electric bike for occasional shopping in a busy area and park it for a short period of time, a cable lock may be sufficient and more convenient to use. 

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