Electric bike lock

The electric bike lock is the essential element in protecting your electric bike from theft. Far from being a mere gadget, it represents the first line of defense against bike theft. Used correctly, it reduces the risk of theft by 90%.

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The importance of an electric bike lock

Your electric bike, whether it's a MTB or a city model, represents an investment. The best way to protect it is with an electric bike lock. More than a security system, it's a guarantee of peace of mind when you attach your bike to a fixed point. We recommend that you invest at least 15% of the price of your bike in your lock.

The latter offers protection not only for your bike's frame, but also for the wheels and saddle. Some electric bikes even come with an integrated anti-theft device, such as the EABs from the Belgian brand Beaufort or some ebikes from Riese & Müller. A well-used lock significantly delays thieves, making their task more difficult.

How do I use an electric bike lock? 

Even if you have the best electric bike lock, its use will be ineffective if you use it incorrectly.

First and foremost, it's essential to secure your bike to a fixed, sturdy point such as a hoop, a pole over 2 meters high, an enclosed barrier, a lamppost or a road sign.Avoid attaching it to low supports to discourage criminals from lifting your bike and riding over it. A built-in anti-theft device or a well-placed anti-theft chain can discourage thieves. discourage thieves..

Your electric bike should be secured to the frame, both wheels and the saddle. If you have several locks, don't hesitate to use them all. If you only have one or two locks, give priority to securing the front wheel to the frame. If the front wheel can be easily detached, remove it and secure it with the rear wheel, including part of the frame.

Finally, position your lock correctly on the bike. Don't let your lock rest on the ground, as blows from a sledgehammer can easily break it. A suspended lock is much harder to break. 

How can you protect your electric bike battery from theft?

The battery is one of the most important, costly and vulnerable components of your electric bike. Often the target of thieves, it's essential to provide it with optimum protection, just like your frame, wheels or saddle.

There are several solutions for this. The integrated electric bike lock is one of the most practical. Some models offer locks that also secure the bike's battery, avoiding the need to buy and carry additional equipment.

If you're not lucky enough to own an electric bike with a built-in lock, an anti-theft chain can be a good alternative. Choose a quality model, with links thick enough to resist cutting attempts. By wrapping the chain around your frame and battery, you'll make it much harder for thieves to steal your bike. Of course, don't forget to use the battery lock if the battery is removable, so that not just anyone can remove it. 

The different electric bike locks

There are different anti-theft devices with different levels of security. Anti-theft cables are the least secure equipment for your VAE: they can be cut very easily with pliers. On the other hand, they have the advantage of being easy to transport and quick to use. 

Anti-theft chains are also available. They offer a higher level of security than cables, as they are more difficult to cut, especially if you opt for a chain with thick links. You'll also find U-locks or large padlocks, which are almost impossible to cut thanks to their thick handles. 

U-locks are reputed to be the most suitable for electric bikes. We particularly recommend Kryptonite locksthe inventor of this type of lock. A reputedly solid brand, which makes the best electric bike locks.

Last but not least, a frame lock is another way of securing your electric bike. Also known as a horseshoe lock or fixed lock, it attaches permanently to the frame of your EAB and locks the rear wheel. Lightweight and designed not to interfere with pedaling, it provides solid, easy-to-use protection in the event of a sudden stop. 

The best electric bike lock: how to choose

The choice of lock for your electric bicycle should be made according to where you park your bike and for how long. If you leave your E-bike in a place with little traffic, with a high risk of theft, it is recommended that you choose an effective bike lock such as a large padlock or a U-lock. It is best to buy an SRA approved lock. These are more resistant than other models and were originally designed for motorbikes and scooters. Combined with another type of lock, such as a chain or cable, this is the most secure solution for your electric bike. 

For at-home parking, you can install a fixing anchor, either indoors or outdoors. This installation is recommended for residential use in a bike room or at home (cellar, garage...). It is permanently installed in cement, on the floor or on the wall. It can then be used with a U-lock, anti-theft chain or cable. It is also possible to use several locks at once. On the other hand, for quick stops to run a few errands or drop your child off at school, a frame lock is ideal.

When and how to replace an electric bike lock? 

An electric bike lock generally has excellent durability. But if you notice that it's damaged, rusted or difficult to use, it may be time to replace it. A poorly functioning lock could make your EAB easier to steal.

To install or change a frame lock, simply fasten it to the holes in the bike's rear stays with screws. 

Insurance: choosing an approved electric bike lock

If you take out insurance to protect yourself in the event of theft of your electric bike, you should know that most require the use of an approved anti-theft device. This certification is normally a guarantee of reliability.

There are several types of insurance-approved locks. You'll find the locks approved by your insurance company in the details of your policy. Most companies require an SRA, ART or FUB lock.

Kryptonite has also developed an insurance policy for its own locks. To subscribe (which may be subject to a fee, depending on the security level of your lock), simply register on the brand's website after purchasing your lock. You'll be compensated if your electric bike is stolen while secured with a Kryptonite lock. 

Electric bikes: anti-theft accessories 

In addition to traditional locks, there are a number of other devices that can help you secure your electric bike, whether it's a MTB or a city bike.

The saddle lock is an excellent complement to your anti-theft device. It secures your saddle against theft, an often overlooked but essential part of your riding comfort. They come in a variety of models, some fitting directly onto the seatpost, others requiring a key to unlock.

Bicycle alarms are another interesting option. It can either be integrated into your bike lock, or be a separate device that you attach to your bike. In the event of an attempted theft, the alarm goes off, drawing attention to the thief and increasing your chances of recovering your bike.

Engraving or marking your bike's frame can also help protect it. By inscribing a unique number on your bike's frame, you make it easier to identify in the event of theft and recovery by the police. What's more, a marked bike is less attractive to thieves, as it's harder to resell.

If you often travel in high-risk areas, you may want to consider using a GPS tracker. This small device, easily concealed on the bike, allows you to track its location in real time. In the event of theft, this could make it much easier to recover your bike. There are models that attach to the inside of the seatpost or handlebars, making the device almost undetectable.