Wearing a helmet is not currently mandatory for electric bikes, but it is strongly recommended. There is now a wide choice of helmets for electric bikes, whether you are looking for an ultra secure model or a stylish helmet. Our explanations to make your choice.

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The different types of electric bicycle helmets

Your EAB can reach a speed of 25 km/h. At this speed, a fall can cause serious damage. Therefore, even if wearing a helmet is not compulsory, we recommend that you buy a good quality electric bicycle helmet. 

You will find all types of helmets on the market: from the most secure to the most original. You should also know that technically there is no significant difference between a men's and a women's bicycle helmet, apart from the design. 

Bike helmets with visors can be particularly useful when when riding in the rain or for comfort in sunny weather. There are also folding helmets for electric bicycles, which are handy to put in a bag without taking up too much space. Finally, you can find illuminated bicycle helmets: very useful for visibility.

On some models, you will see a small yellow sticker with the inscription "MIPS". This acronym stands for Multi directional Impact Protection System and indicates that this equipment is equipped with a multidirectional impact protection system. In short: it protects your head as much as possible in the event of a fall. A technology that is currently in vogue and whose merits appeal to many cyclists.

Choosing the right helmet for your EV

Choosing the right helmet for your electric bicycle means buying a helmet that fits you perfectly, to ensure optimum safety. A helmet that protects you is a helmet that fits on your head without slipping back and forth. It is important to try on your helmet before you buy it, or to measure your head if you want to buy it online. 

It is also important that your helmet is light and comfortable and does not get in your way. It is best to choose a helmet with a foam head support and a knob to adjust the strap to your size. A helmet with a lot of ventilation will prevent your scalp from sweating too much. However, in case of rain, it will not be waterproof and should be coupled with a helmet cover. 

If you ride an electric MTB or electric road bike, choose a suitable bike helmet. For example, MTB helmets usually have a visor and cover more of the head.

Finally, you should know that the price of a helmet does not in any way prejudge its safety level. 

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