When you are cycling, it is very important to be visible to other cyclists, but also to be able to see ahead. Having a light for your electric bike is a mandatory piece of equipment. Discover at the bottom of the page all our advice on how to choose the right light for your electric bike and ride safely, day and night. 

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Which lighting for your electric bike?

According to Belgian law, bicycle lights are mandatory at night and in conditions where visibility is reduced to less than about 200 m. You will need a white or yellow light at the front (it can be fixed or flashing) and at the back a red light, fixed or flashing, visible at least 100 m (at night, in clear weather). The lights do not have to be mounted on the bicycle: the cyclist can also wear them.

Some lights are specially designed for electric bikes and are powered by the battery. This is a very practical system that will prevent you from running out of batteries. Depending on the model, the light may be directly integrated or available as an accessory. In this case, several solutions are possible to switch on the light of your electric bike: plug it into the electric circuit of your bike or connect it via USB. 

This type of light for electric bicycles consumes very little energy and will therefore not impact the autonomy of your EAB. Some of these lights have the advantage of adapting their power to the surrounding light conditions. 

Like headlights, reflectors are part of the bicycle accessories that must be installed by Belgian law, except that there are exceptions depending on the type of bicycle:

Children's bicycles and other similar devices (folding bicycles, minibikes) must only be fitted with reflectors when riding at night or in visibility of less than 200 m. 

Racing bicycles and MTB must only be equipped with reflectors (one white at the front, one red at the rear) if they have at least one mudguard. Other reflectors are compulsory if the racing bike or MTB is ridden at night or in visibility of less than 200 m. 

Choosing the right light for your EAB

Depending on how you use your electric bicycle, it is important to adapt your lighting. To find out how strong your light is, look at the lumens of your light, which measure the amount of light emitted. 

For example, if you are going to ride your MTB electric bike at night, make sure you have a strong light (800 to 1,000 lumens minimum) and that it is securely attached. You can also add a light to your bike helmet. 

For city traffic, an electric bicycle light of 500 lumens is sufficient. It is important not to dazzle the people you pass. But to be clearly visible, you can also add bike beam lights. There is a wide choice of these, from the most classic to the most original: flashing, multicoloured... 

You can choose a dynamo light for your electric bike: it works without batteries and is powered by the energy created when you pedal. This means that it has unlimited autonomy when you are on the move! On the other hand, it can cut out if you don't pedal for several minutes. 

Finally, to be visible on an electric bike, don't forget your reflective waistcoat!

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