Electric bikes over 2000€: Our high-performance premium selection.

Discover our selection of high-end reconditioned electric bikes: benefit from the most modern equipment and the highest level of performance.

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Criteria for choosing an electrically assisted bicycle (EAB) costing over €2,000

Our top-of-the-range used e-bikes are available from €2,000 and offer great performance. Most of them are equipped with an excellent central motor with brands like Bosch, Shimano or Yamaha, and allow you to pedal naturally.

They also have more advanced electronics, giving you more finesse in the electric assistance. In this price range, you also get a better quality transmission, with better responsiveness during gear changes.

If you buy an electric bike for more than €2,000, you will also benefit from a battery with an excellent capacity. While the cheapest EABs are limited to around 400 Wh, our top-of-the-range EABs have 600 Wh or more.

Finally, even on rough trails, this type of electric bike refurbished promises great comfort, thanks to its quality suspensions. The very good braking system of these MTB electric bikes allows you to ride down the steepest terrain with confidence.

At Upway, our experts diagnose the motor, battery and electronics of all reconditioned VAEs. This enables us to determine any replacements or reconditioning that may be required. We also repair and replace any mechanical parts that need replacing.

Your second-hand electric bike for over €2,000 on Upway

Each pre-owned bike undergoes inspection and reconditioning by a professional mechanic, to offer you products that are close to their original condition new. Each bike's specifications include a description of its general condition, mileage and battery origin.

We deliver your electric bike to your door, anywhere in Belgium, within 72 hours. All structural parts of your bike are guaranteed for 1 year: frame, battery, motor and electronics.

Our electric-assist bikes priced at over €2,000 are mainly all-terrain electric bikes (VTC) and electric MTB electric. Their higher price is explained by the fact that they are much more powerful and robust than city bikes. The aim: to be able to cope with steep terrain while offering excellent comfort and pleasant pedaling.

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