Child seats

Child seats (or baby carriers) for electric bicycles are designed to carry a child between 10 months and 5 years of age with you, i.e. around 22 kg maximum. Lightweight and easy to install, they are an ideal solution for continuing to get around on your E-bike, without reducing the autonomy of your battery too much, unlike trailers. Two words to remember before buying your child seat: safety and comfort!

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Which child seat for your electric bike?

Not all child bike seats are compatible with your electric bike! If your E-bike has a horizontal bar between the seatpost and the handlebars, you will have the choice of mounting your baby carrier at the front, behind the handlebars, or at the rear, on the carrier. If it does not have a horizontal bar, then mounting your child seat on the rear carrier is your only option. 

If the battery of your e-bike is located there, this is not a problem. Child seats for electric bicycles have a special fastening system that fits the battery. Beware of child seats with a seat tube attachment, whose attachment usually comes up against the battery when it is installed on the luggage rack. 

Before buying a child seat for an electric bicycle, check that the two products are compatible and in particular that the baby seat attachments are adapted to the shape of your EAB. 

Choosing the right child seat for your bike

To choose your child seat, you need to consider the age, height and weight of the child you are carrying. An infant cannot be taken for a ride with a baby seat on your electric bike. For his or her first rides, around the age of 9 months, your child must be able to hold his or her head and master the sitting position. 

Choose a sling in which the baby can sit comfortably without being curled up. His feet should be able to rest on the supports provided and his head should not protrude from the shell. There are models of electric bicycle carriers that can be adapted to your child as he or she grows. Some can also be reclined to allow your child to fall asleep if you are on long journeys. 

For the safety aspect, child seats for electric bicycles must comply with the European standard EN 14344, which applies to baby carriers that can accommodate children weighing between 9 and 22 kg. This standard regulates, among other things, the strength of the safety belt, which must be an adjustable harness with 5 attachment points, the locking system that the child must not be able to open on its own, the level of protection offered by the shell, and the compulsory integration of footrests. Also bear in mind that helmets are compulsory for children under the age of 12, whether they are drivers or passengers. 

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