Electric bike VanDijck

VanDijck is a Dutch electric bike brand with a high-end positioning. Its EABs offer all the comfort of Dutch bikes.

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Used electric bikes VanDijck

Based in the Netherlands, VanDijck is an alternative to the famous Dutch bicycle brands such as Koga, Gazelle and Batavus. It combines versatility and performance in its EABs.

Refurbished VanDijck VAE : 

Vandijck used electric bikes can be found at Upway . This top-of-the-range Dutch brand is not yet widespread in Belgium. Yet it offers top-quality electric bikes, honoring the Netherlands' reputation in this field. Its range of EABs essentially comprises city bikes or VTCwith central or front-mounted motors, depending on the model.

The VanDijck electric bikes are equipped with a Shimano Nexus 7 or 8 speed transmission and a high torque Bafang motorization. All models also have a compact battery of at least 460 Wh. The most efficient ones can ride up to 200 km, while benefiting from the electric assistance. 

How to choose your used electric bike VanDijck

Upway reconditions used VanDijck electric bikes! Among them, discover the VanDijck Ceto model: a mid-motor city VAE, perfectly designed for urban travel. It's equipped with a chain guard and rear wheel lock. It also features a battery fully integrated into the steering tube, ranging from 655 Wh to 882 Wh depending on the model. Its adjustable disc brakes let you react quickly to any situation. Its Bafang motor develops 65 Nm of torque, ideal for hilly city riding. 

You will also find the VanDijck Freya, a VTC designed for urban travel and semi-sporty rides. Its central Bafang engine develops a torque of 80 Nm and its removable battery is integrated into the frame. Depending on the model, it offers 500 to 630 Wh of capacity, which means up to 150 km of autonomy. It has 5 levels of assistance and a suspended fork that absorbs shocks. Its universal low-profile frame offers perfect stability and easy straddling. You will benefit from a pleasant and natural driving, in particular thanks to its three sensors (pressure, rotation, speed) which calculate and dose the power delivered by the engine. 

Finally, Upway also recommends the VanDijck Ceres One Key: a top-quality electric bike with an original feature. You'll need just one key to open your frame lock and battery lock with ease. This value-for-money EAB is one of VanDijck's best-sellers. It is equipped with a front-wheel motor developing 40 Nm of torque, a 562 or 605 Wh battery and a choice of 5 electric assistance modes.