Ahooga electric bike

The Belgian brand Ahooga designs electric bikes in hundreds of colours, designed to be as practical for everyday life as they are pretty. 

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Used electric bikes Ahooga

Ahooga electric bikes are designed and partly manufactured in Brussels. Their goal: to make cities happier, thanks to more pleasant daily journeys. The brand offers practical electric bicycles for commuting in the city or for more sporty outings. 

Refurbished Ahooga ACEs: practical and efficient

Upway reconditions used Ahooga electric bikes for you. The young and dynamic Belgian brand, born in 2015, designs hyper-light hybrid bikes that can be ridden even without electric assistance. Its models are designed to be practical: foldable, modular or even compact. Ahooga electric bicycles address the main problems encountered by users and are designed to make life easier. With an eye for aesthetics, the manufacturer offers a choice of 215 colors for its Folding VAE, with different finishes available! Enough to make you stand out in the street. 

But the brand doesn't just focus on the aesthetic aspect. Ahooga electric bicycles are also technically advanced, with ever lighter models that fit your daily routine and make it easier to get around in the city as in the countryside.

How to choose your used electric bike Ahooga

Visit Upway for Ahooga bikes to meet all your commuting needs. The Ahooga Folding model is an electric folding bike that can be easily taken on the move, enabling you to cover greater distances and/or adapt instantly to the weather. You'll need just 2 seconds to partially fold it and take it with you around town, and 10 seconds for a full fold. The brand's website features a video showing how to fold and unfold an Ahooga bike. This lightweight folding VAE weighs just 13 kg, including motor and battery (for the 24 V model). 

Thanks to its removable equipment, the Ahooga Modular Bike is 3 bikes in 1: a trendy electric city bike, an EVB perfect for transporting your groceries and a electric cargo bike ideal for travelling with your children. Once equipped, the Ahooga Modular can carry an impressive load: 50 kilos at the back and 20 kilos at the front. It is also a compact electric bike, which allows you to turn the handlebars 90° and remove the pedals, to save space when storing it.

You can also find a reconditioned version of the Ahooga Urban used electric bike at Upway. It features a 250 W Aikema motor with 60 Nm torque and a removable battery offering 55 km of range, rechargeable in just 3 hours. This lightweight 19 kg VAE is capable of taking you wherever you need to go, whether you want to use electric assistance or not. 

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