Cube electric bike

Cube is a German brand that offers high quality classic bikes and electric bikes that are renowned worldwide.

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 Founded in the early 90s, German brand Cube has become one of Europe's leading bicycle manufacturers. Its models are distributed in over 35 countries. Based in Waldershof, the brand designs, tests and fully assembles all its bikes in its ultra-modern factory, where its own wheels are also manufactured.

Used electric bikes from Cube combine endurance and comfort, while meeting the demands of the most demanding cyclists. The secret of their sturdiness lies not only in their excellent build quality, but also in Cube's collaboration with Bosch, the German giant in the automotive and power tool industries. In fact, all the brand's electric bikes are equipped with Bosch motors. At Cube, you'll find over a hundred different models, ranging from comfortable, easy-riding bikes to MTB electric enduro bikes.

The importance of a good engine

Powered by a Bosch motor, Cube electric bikes are built to last. To achieve this, they undergo a whole battery of tests in the Cube laboratories. The braking system, for example, is designed to offer great stability and resistance to wear. Brakes are tested in both wet and dry conditions to guarantee perfect use.

The directional tube of the MTB is also tested intensively, as it is a particularly vulnerable area on a MTB. It must therefore pass a long series of tests without showing any degradation before production can begin. Thanks to all this, the Cube VTTAEs are among the best on the market.

Choose the right used Cube electric bike for your needs!

As you can see, choosing the right Cube electric bike is all about knowing your needs. Each category of electric bike also offers different models for different uses.

Cube Kathmandu

The Cube Kathmandu is one of the most popular electric bikes in the Upway range, and for good reason. This e-bike is equipped with a reliable and powerful Bosch motor, which guarantees a smooth and balanced riding experience. The Kathmandu has a sturdy frame and is designed for city riding and rougher terrain, making it the ideal choice for adventurous cyclists. With its integrated luggage rack and lights, the Kathmandu is also ideal for commuting or running errands.

Cube Nuride and Cube Touring

The Cube Nuride Hybrid range includes electric VTCs that combine the robustness of a MTB with the practical comfort of a trekking bike. They feature wide mudguards, a stable kickstand and high-performance lighting, and can be complemented by an optional luggage rack. These are highly versatile VAEs, with an athletic look and clearly sporting ambitions!

Finally, the Cube Touring Hybrid electric VTC boasts an elegant frame, a 3rd-generation Bosch motor and a comfortable riding position. They are designed for those who ride more often in town than in the country. Their hydraulic disc brakes guarantee safe braking, whatever the weather.

Looking for a used Cube electric bike? Find it at Upway !

Upway offers a wide range of electric bicycles. In our range, you'll find a variety of Cube brand VAE models, designed to meet the demands of the most rigorous cyclists. The price of a Cube electric bike is generally high. This is a brand positioned in the high-end segment. A price justified by the recognized quality of these e-bikes. However, the price of a Cube electric bike can become more affordable if you opt for a second-hand model or refurbished.

There's also a wide range of accessories for Cube electric bikes, enabling you to personalize your bike. The German brand offers secure locks, panniers, luggage racks and lighting systems. You can also add a little fun to your EAB by decorating it with stickers, adding mirrors or changing its bell. These Cube electric bike accessories can be found both used and new.