Minerva electric bike

Created in 1963, Minerva is a Belgian brand of bicycles and electric bikes. Today, it represents the quality of cycling made in Belgium.

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Used Minerva electric bikes

The Belgian brand Minerva designs a wide range of electric bicycles for urban or sport use. Its EABs are equipped with a powerful central motor and are suitable for cyclists of all ages. 

Refurbished Minerva VAEs : superior Belgian quality

Find at Upway Minerva used electric bicycles. The Belgian company was born in West Flanders over half a century ago, driven by the passion of its founder: Daniël Carpentier. Taken over by his descendants, the brand suffered in 2013 from a major fire that paralyzed its business. The event has not marred its growth: it has since become Minerva BT SA, and distributes Minerva, Scoppio, Pure Passion, Pure Comfort and Columbus bikes. 

Minerva electric bicycles are mainly designed for city or off-road use. The brand also offers folding electric bikes, designed for those who need to take their two-wheeler on public transport, or store it in confined spaces (car trunk, balcony, small apartment, etc.). Last but not least, Minerva also offers a number of electric MTB models for sports enthusiasts. 

How to choose your Minerva used electric bike

Choose your used Minerva electric bike from our Upway selection of reconditioned EABs. In particular, we offer you the Minerva E-Folding bike. This folding city bike features a Bafang motor developing 40 Nm of torque and a 250 Wh battery offering up to 60 km of autonomy.

A superior version is the Minerva E-Folding + bike, with a range of up to 80 km. This very compact electric bike also features a Shimano Tourney 7-speed transmission system and a 6 km/h starting aid. 

The Minerva Voyager is the ideal VAE for town and country. This model is one of Minerva's best-sellers. It features a removable, high-capacity battery located under the luggage rack. It allows you to cover more than 100 km in complete autonomy. This all-terrain electric bike is also powered by a central motor, with a torque of 45 Nm. Available in men's and women's versions, with more or less open frames. 

Minerva also manufactures a number of VTTAE models, including the Minerva Alu R48 mountain bike. With its comfortable geometry, this model features a 250 W rear motor and a 374 Wh Samsung battery. Sold at new for less than €2,000, this is a budget MTB electric bike.