Stromer electric bike

Founded in 2009, the Swiss brand Stromer is one of the best-sellers Upway. It offers high-end speed bikes with an inimitable design.

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Stromer electric bike

Stromer ST1
Stromer ST1
2020 1ft75" - 1ft90" 7224mi

€2.749,00 €5,050.00 new

Stromer ST3
Stromer ST3
2021 1ft80" - 1ft95" 13381mi

€3.649,00 €7.630,00 new

Stromer ST2 Beltdrive
Stromer ST2 Beltdrive
2021 1ft70" - 1ft85" 7369mi

€3.749,00 €6.999,00 new

Stromer ST2 Beltdrive Sport
Stromer ST2 Beltdrive Sport
2021 1ft65" - 1ft80" 4984mi

€3.899,00 €6.928,00 new

Stromer ST1
Stromer ST1
2022 1ft75" - 1ft90" 1583mi

€3.999,00 €5.999,00 new

Stromer ST2 Belt Drive
Stromer ST2 Belt Drive
2022 1ft65" - 1ft80" 6150mi

€4.099,00 €7.353,00 new

Used electric bikes Stromer

Stromer used electric bicycles are of exceptional quality: they are powerful speed pedelecs that can reach 45 km/h, with full connectivity and outstanding riding characteristics. They are designed with Stromer's high ecological value in mind.

Refurbished Stromer ECVs: powerful speed bikes

Among Upway's best-sellers, you will find the used electric bikes Stromer. The Swiss brand has the particularity to designspeed bikes"or "speed pedelecs": fast EABs offering assistance up to 45 km/h. These long distance bikes are no longer classified as bicycles but as mopeds. Owners of speed bike must therefore respect the regulations that apply to this type of vehicle. To know: take out insurance, wear a helmet for speed bike and register the vehicle.

The high price of Stromer electric bicycles is justified by their exceptional quality: they are highly efficient, autonomous and powerful. The manufacturer has also developed the largest battery for electric bicycles with a capacity of 983 Wh. Coupled with a 500 W motor, it offers more than 100 km of autonomy at 45 km/h. It is fitted to the Stromer ST2 model.

In just a few years, Stromer has become the leading electric bicycle company in 8 different countries and is present in 11 others. More than 70,000 Stromers are in use worldwide every day. The Swiss brand is strongly committed to environmental protection. It manufactures all its electric bicycles in its 4,400 m² factory, which produces its own energy thanks to the photovoltaic panels installed on its roof.

How to choose your used Stromer electric bike

Stromer's best-known electric bike is the Stromer ST1, available from Upway at a reduced price. It's a benchmark model for speed bikes. This versatile entry-level speed pedelec is designed for everyday use. It features a neat design and powerful, reliable propulsion. It offers a range of up to 90 km, or 180 km as an option. 

The speed bike Stromer ST3, to be found at Upway, particularly seduces the regulars of the velotaf. This ultra-dynamic electric bike gives you a customizable seating position, depending on the nature of your trips, and multiple intelligent options to gain efficiency during your travels. The basic model has a range of 150 km. Equipped with a Syno Drive II motor, it develops 820 W of power and 44 Nm of torque. With such equipment, you will arrive at work without ever sweating!

The Swiss brand Stromer is currently working on its next model: the Stromer ST7, whose performances are already incredible. An electric bike to be found soon in a refurbished version at Upway. 

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