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Veloci electric bike

Veloci, a Belgian bicycle brand, produces quality electric bicycles with a clean, timeless Belgian design. 

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Used electric bikes Veloci

Veloci electric bikes are traditionally styled and equipped with quality features. They are designed for people in urban areas and will allow you to cover a distance of 120 kilometres with ease.

Refurbished Veloci bikes: quality and simplicity

Veloci electric bikes are designed and assembled by the brand's parent company: Bizbike, experts in electric bikes and bicycle mobility. Upway reconditions Veloci EABs. These are equipped with a central motor, a battery with a maximum range of 120 kilometers and all the technical features needed for safe, comfortable use. 

Veloci offers electric city bikes for men and women, but also a folding model, ideal for easy storage or to take with you on public transport. The brand's models are compact, yet powerful and safe.

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