The fastest electric bikes on the market

Woman on her speed bike : a very fast electric bike.

There is very little chance that you will come across an electric bike doing close to 100 km/h on the roads of Belgium, and yet...

More and more brands are developing bikes for thrill-seekers, with top speeds of up to 80 km/h without requiring any effort from the rider. While one might question the term "bike" for these road monsters, they are often marketed as such to reach a wider audience.

On the other hand, it should be remembered that for an electrically-assisted bike to be legally authorized for use, it must not exceed 25 km/h. Above that speed, it falls into the category of a moped. These are known as speed bikes. Fast electric bikes that can travel at speeds of up to 45 km/h.

Adrenaline junkies, harried commuters, and high-speed bike collectors can all find something to enjoy.

How fast are electric bikes?

Yes, they can! They allow you to pick up speed much faster than pedaling a conventional bike. However, they have a maximum speed at which they stop helping you.

Electrically assisted bikes help you reach speeds of 25 km/h, while speed bikes can reach speeds of 45 km/h. You can exceed these speeds, but your legs will have to work hard.

However, there is another category of electric bikes that can happily exceed 45 km/h. These machines have little to do with "bikes" in the strict sense of the word but are still considered ebikes. Finally, there are those other bikes, those designed to break speed records and offer you strong sensations...

Here are the fastest electric bikes on the market and the speed bikes to follow if you like speed!

Delfast Top 3.0: The fastest electric bike on the market

The Delfast Top 3.0 is a machine that blurs the lines between motorcycle and electric bike. Its design is more reminiscent of a futuristic motocross bike than a bicycle, but the brand seems committed to marketing this model as a full-fledged electric bike.

With a top speed of 80 km/hour, the Top 3.0 is probably the fastest electric bike available for purchase. Other models hold even more impressive speed records, but these are usually prototypes that are not for sale.

This bike is therefore available to everyone for the modest sum of 6 199€ on the manufacturer's website. If you are interested and worried about the legal aspect, the brand indicates that the bike is delivered in a version that respects the legislation but that you have the possibility to activate the "Unlimited mode" so that the motor delivers its full power of 3000 W (!). The reality of the field is quite different because with such a design, the risk of being controlled while riding on the bike paths seems very high.

The use of this oversized machine seems to be reserved for leisure on open trails.

Now, if you want speed while still looking like a cyclist, you should look into speed bikes...

Speed bikes: powerful and fast bikes

It's hard to ignore speed bikes when talking about the fastest electric bikes.

What are the characteristics of speed bikes?

Speed bikes are a certain category of bicycles that assist the rider up to 45 km/h using a more powerful motor, usually 500 W. Because of their increased speed, they must be registered and categorized as light mopeds.

The motor assistance starts automatically when you start pedaling. There is no throttle. No matter how hard you push on the pedals, the engine runs at full speed. As with EABs, the rider can increase or decrease the level of assistance by selecting a mode on the console. Note, however, that the speed bike can continue to move forward even if the cyclist stops pedaling. Very practical!

They are often used to travel long distances and can be used on the road, on trails or on private property. However, because of the pedal assist, they cannot be used on bike paths, let alone sidewalks.

In the city, with a speed bike, you often go at the same speed, or even faster, than cars and other vehicles. In Brussels, in 2022, the average speed of urban traffic was around 25 km/h.

But make no mistake, these are not speeds to be taken lightly. So it's not surprising that the regulations are much stricter than for EABs. You can read our article on the different speeds of electric bikes to find out more.

The legislation

Speed bikes must come with mirrors, horn and lights to meet the classification. An approved moped or bicycle helmet (which must protect the temples and back of the head) must be worn. An ordinary bicycle helmet is not sufficient. Motorcycle approved protective gloves are also required.

There are highly rated moped helmets on the market that look like traditional bicycle helmets. However, it is important to have something that can withstand an impact at 45 km/h, should the worst happen.

Some specific regulations:

  • The maximum speed limit is 45 km/h
  • Insurance and registration are required
  • You need a moped license
  • Be at least 16 years old

3 speed bikes to boost your daily life 

You can find them all at Upway ! 😉

Stromer ST5

Used Stromer ST5 speed bike refurbished by Upway.





Charging time

Maximum speed


850W SYNO Sport motor

Battery 48V / 934Wh

180 km


45 km/h

9 828€

Why we love it: This is one of the flagship models in the Swiss Stromer range! The brand describes it as "powerful, dynamic and highly aesthetic thanks to a flawless design". It's suitable for everyday driving, on the road and in urban environments.


  • Automatic locking/unlocking via Bluetooth
  • A Sport mode
  • A high level of equipment


  • Dashboard a little too low (you lose sight of the road)

The Stromer ST5 is very efficient, very torquey, dynamic and has a long battery life. By choosing this speed bike, you can travel between 60 and 180 kilometers.

It has all the practical accessories for city driving: daytime running lights, fenders, headlights and a Supernova M99 light.

It is also hyper connected. You can locate the bike with GPS, lock and unlock it by connecting your smartphone via Bluetooth. The touch screen integrated into the frame indicates, among other things, the speed and range.

Fuell Flluid-1S

Used Fuell Flluid-1S speed bike refurbished by Upway.





Charging time

Maximum speed


Bofeili intermediate drive motor 500W

Battery 48V / 1008Wh

200 km

5 hours

45 km/h

5 495€

Why we love it: It's a bike suitable for city and country riding. Quiet and elegant, it combines performance and robustness. With a range of 200 km, it is surely one of the best on the market.


  • 2 removable and exchangeable batteries
  • Quiet carbon belt drive
  • Minimum maintenance


  • Its weight: more than 30 kg
  • Lack of maneuverability at low speeds

The Fuell Flluid-1 has a power of 500W and a torque of 100 Nm which exceeds the most powerful motors from Brose, Bosch and Shimano.

Its internally geared hub has 8 speeds and minimal maintenance. The screen is protected by a PIN code and comes with a ring lock attached to the frame.

Kalkhoff Endeavour 7.B Excite

Used Kalkhoff Endeavour 7.B Excite speed bike refurbished by Upway.





Charging time

Maximum speed


Bosch Performance Line Speed 350W motor

Battery V / 625Wh

100 km


45 km/h

5 499€

Why we love it: Your commute will become an adventure! Fast and versatile, it will appeal to commuters. Ideal for short and long distances, day and night!


  • Many facilities
  • Quality components
  • Very good handling


  • Lack of autonomy

The engine offers several assistance modes, a top speed of 45 km/h, and is managed by the Kiox intelligent console, offering personalized navigation.

The Kalkhoff Endeavour 7.B Excite is a great bike! It has a dynamic and sporty aluminum frame. There is no shortage of accessories: aluminum fenders, kickstand, Racktime rack, license plate and rear view mirror.

The tail lights act as stop lights, while the Supernova M99 Mini Pro headlights can be used in high or low beam mode.

The difference between electrically assisted bikes and speed bikes

Maximum speed and assistance 

The main difference comes down to the methods of propulsion.

Electric bikes are generally divided into two distinct categories based on their maximum speed. An EAB has a maximum speed of 25 km/h, while a speed bike can reach - and exceed - 45 km/h.

The speed bike continues to move forward even if the cyclist stops pedaling. This is not the case with an electric bike. Its intelligent motor stops and starts according to pedaling. What does that mean? The motor starts when you pedal, and stops automatically when you stop pedaling or exceed 25 km/h (as required by law). This is "pedal assist".


As we saw earlier, speed bikes can be used without the rider pedaling. Since the motor is running continuously, it tends to put a lot of pressure on the battery, which (not surprisingly) reduces its range.

On the side of the EAB, the power supplied by the motor is linked to the effort provided by the cyclist. Thus, the motor engages less the battery, saving its autonomy.

Let's take the same 500W battery! On a speed bike it will be discharged after 40-50 km, while on an electric bike it will last 60-70 km.

Very fast cyclist on his used speed bike .

Authorized routes

The speed bike is considered as a moped, which means that it is able to go beyond the maximum speed allowed for an ACV, i.e. 25 km/h. In the highway code, they are similar to "class P mopeds". They must therefore often follow the same rules as mopeds.

The speed bikes are not allowed to drive in pedestrian areas where cyclists have access.

On roads where the speed limit is greater than 50 km/h, the speed bikes must use the bike lane. But on roads with a speed limit of less than 50 km/h, they can use the bike path or the road.

The insurance

The speed bike is considered a moped. This means that you need to take out a family insurance policy for third party damage and/or a private accident insurance policy, which will cover your own disability after an accident. Please note that some family insurances exclude fast bikes, so be sure to check with your insurer to see if third party damage is included.

You can also take out other types of insurance, such as breakage and theft.

As a result, fast electric bikes must be registered as a motorcycle, while EABs do not require registration.

Safety equipment

The safety equipment varies (slightly) between a speed bike and an EAB. Wearing an approved helmet is mandatory for all drivers of speed bike. For EABs, it is mandatory for children under the age of 12. However, it is strongly recommended for teenagers and adults.

Other mandatory accessories: lighting, horn, braking system and visual signaling.

Why buy a fast VAE ?

Whether you want to get from point A to point B quickly, or you want to minimize your effort when traveling, there are many reasons why you might want to consider a fast electric bike.

Knowing if it's worth buying 

  • You like to ride fast One of the most obvious reasons to choose a fast electric bike is that you love speed. With a top speed of 45 km/h, you can easily get around town. It's a green alternative to scooters and 50cc bikes.
  • Better handling A side effect of fast electric bikes is that they tend to be heavier. This is due to the power of the motor and battery. On the bright side, they offer better handling. That's a real plus if you like to ride on rougher roads.
  • You are a commuter If your home is at least 10 km from your workplace, you don't want to waste time. A fast bike can save you a few minutes on your commute. Anything is good for you!

Why a speed bike may not be for you? 

  • Administrative constraints: as we mentioned before, you need at least: a moped license, a registration, an insurance and an approved helmet.
  • Power: you may not be comfortable with an electric bike that is too powerful. In the same vein, you may be a beginner EAB rider. Or maybe you're worried about having a bike you can't control at high speeds. Whatever the reason, it's best for you to choose an EAB.
  • Frequency of use: You don't use your electric bike regularly? You don't need the fastest electric bike. Especially since you have to spend a certain amount of money to acquire these machines.
  • Price: as a general rule, speedbikes are much more expensive to buy than EABs, and you will also have to add mandatory equipment and monthly insurance.

How does the power of the motor influence the speed? 

It's no surprise that the speed of an electric bike depends on the motor. All things being equal, a more powerful motor will deliver higher speeds.

However, the relationship between electrical power and speed is not linear. This is partly due to friction, wind resistance and grip.

Below is a summary of the performance of electric bicycle motors of different power ratings on flat terrain:

  • A 250W motor reaches a maximum speed of 25 km/h;
  • A 350W motor reaches a maximum speed of 35 km/h;
  • A 500W motor reaches a maximum speed of 40 km/h;
  • A 750W motor reaches a maximum speed of 45 km/h;
  • A 1000W motor reaches a maximum speed of 55 km/h.

Cyclist out on his speed bike refurbished .

What to look for in a fast electric bike 

If you are buying a speed bikeIf you're buying a bike, you shouldn't just look for the best performing models. There are many other factors that should influence your decision, including how you intend to use the bike and your budget.

The criteria are as follows:

  • Price/performance ratio: the price of electric bikes varies considerably. Fast EABs, with their more powerful motors, are often at the top of the range. You should generally expect to pay more than 5,000€.
  • Engine efficiency: compare the power, efficiency and smoothness of the engines.
  • Battery efficiency: batteries should be compared in terms of efficiency, power and charging speed.
  • Overall performance: How do the bikes perform on climbs and descents? How well do they handle? How is the suspension? What is their weight capacity?
  • Reputation: How does the brand compare to its competitors? Is it known for producing sturdy, high-performance bikes? Does it offer a good warranty? 

FAQ of the fastest electric bikes 

What is the fastest electric bike in the world?

It's hard to give a precise answer! You can find the CAB Recon, an electric bike that can reach a top speed of 100 km/h in a few seconds.

The Delfast Top 3.0 has nothing to be ashamed of. It has a top speed of 80 km/h. This is the result of the use of a 3,000W electric motor, powered by a high capacity battery.

These speed bikes blur the lines between electric bikes and real electric bikes.

Which helmet for a speed bike

You should choose ECE2205 approved helmets. For example: the Cratoni Vigor or the Kali Java. These helmets are suitable for driving motorcycles and mopeds.

How to register a speed bike

It's so easy! Simply fill in a form to request a registration certificate.