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Gazelle electric bike

Discover the Gazelle electric bike: a traditional Dutch bike that combines comfort, style and performance, and offers an unparalleled riding experience.

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Gazelle (or Royal Dutch Gazelle by its full name) is a Dutch brand that has been designing lightweight, technically sophisticated and comfortable electric bicycles for over 125 years. The brand is the market leader for bicycles in the Netherlands. All Gazelle electric bikes are manufactured locally, in the brand's huge factory. Gazelle electric bikes offer a new way of cycling: upright and comfortable, with no strain on the back.

Gazelle reconditioned bikes: comfort and reliability

Upway reconditions Gazelle electric bicycles, the most popular brand in the Netherlands... a country where the bicycle is the most popular mode of transport for daily commuting. The brand blends intelligent design and technical innovation in its EABs, to satisfy even the most demanding customers. It is committed to producing top-quality electric bicycles. Several models have won awards. For example, the Chamonix C5 HMS electric city bike won the "iF Design Award 2021" and the Ultimate C8+ HMB Belt model was awarded "Best Tested 2021".

How to choose the right Gazelle electric bike?

Gazelle has created a wide range of electric bikes for men, as well as electric bikes for women, to be found second-hand at Upway. For urban commuting, the brand offers several models of electric city bikes, ranging from very affordable prices to higher budgets.

To choose the best used Gazelle electric bike for your needs and budget, consider the size of the frame. It must indeed suit your morphology. The brand also offers several frame geometries: low frames, trapezoidal frames and diamond frames.

To choose your Gazelle electric bike, you should also consider choosing a model with the battery autonomy you need for the trips you plan to make and a motor with sufficient torque. The more you ride in a hilly city, the higher the torque and the longer the range.

What is the difference between a woman and a man electric bike?

The main difference between a women's Gazelle electric bike and a men's Gazelle electric bike lies in the frame design and riding position. Women's Gazelle electric bikes generally have a lower frame and a more upright riding position, making them more comfortable and easier to straddle, even if you're wearing a skirt. Gazelle electric bikes for men, on the other hand, have a taller frame and a more reclined riding position, offering a sportier, more dynamic riding experience.

Gazelle's most popular electric bikes

If you are lost among the choice of Gazelle electric bicycles, here are the most popular ranges of the Dutch brand at the moment.

Gazelle electric bike Chamonix

Gazelle Chamonix electric bikes are multi-purpose bikes designed to accompany you on your daily commute, on your way to work, but also on your rides along country lanes. The electric versions feature a powerful Shimano central motor and a battery integrated into the downtube, with a capacity of up to 630 Wh, depending on your choice.

Their tool-free adjustable stem adapts to your riding position and body type. Their wide tires , saddle and fork are designed to absorb road roughness with ease. They are also equipped with hydraulic disc brakes. The Gazelle Chamonix electric bike starts at €3,299.

Gazelle Miss Grace C7 HMB electric bike

The Gazelle Miss Grace electric bike is as feminine as it is robust. Underneath its traditional Dutch bike look lies an electric assist perfect for city women! This Gazelle electric bike for women is equipped with a Bosch Active Line central motor with 40 Nm torque and a removable battery integrated into the luggage rack.

Its real plus? Its sturdy front and rear racks, mudguards, double kickstand for perfect stability when stationary (even when loaded) and its pretty pale green color. Available in 5 different sizes, it's the perfect ally for your daily commute.

Gazelle Ultimate C8+ HMB Belt electric bike

The Gazelle Ultimate C8+ HMB Belt VAE is an e-bike halfway between an electric city bike and an electric mountain bike. It features the latest Bosch Active Line Plus 3.0 central motor (50 Nm), powerful hydraulic disc brakes and 4 assistance levels. It also features a "Walk Assist" function, so you can move the bike forward while walking alongside it. This refurbished electric bike by Upway has a long range (up to 150 km), thanks to its removable 500 Wh battery integrated into the frame. With its many features, this bike combines all the advantages of a true top-of-the-range electric city bike, all for a contained weight of 24.8 kg!

Finally, two other models stand out for their popularity and unique features.

  1. Gazelle Orange : Known for its versatility, this electric bike model, such as the Gazelle Orange C7+, is ideal for everyday use. The Orange features a comfortable seating position, a powerful Bosch motor and is available in various versions, including low-height models.
  2. Gazelle Grenoble: This model combines comfort and luxury. It features an innovative frame design, integrated lighting and a Bosch motor for powerful support. The Gazelle Grenoble electric bike also features a unique gear shifting system that automatically selects the right gear.