VTC électrique - Electric mountain bikes : Women & Men

The electric mountain bike (VTC) is ideal for use on both urban routes and gentle country roads.

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What is a VTC

VTC stands for Vélo Tout Chemin. This two-wheeler is the perfect blend of city bike and mountain bike. In most cases, electric VTCs are equipped with tires wheels that are thinner than those of a MTB but wider than those of a city bike, making them ideal for both urban and rural use. VTCs also often feature practical accessories, such as rear luggage racks and mudguards. 

There are electric mountain bikes for men and women. These trekking bikes are versatile and can generally be accessorized as you wish: adding a luggage rack, panniers, a GPS... The frame geometry of a VTC is sportier than that of a city bike, requiring a slight arching of the back, and its handlebars are straight. 

In short, these ebikes offer comfort and convenience. They are perfect for leisure activities, as well as for your daily commute. 

The electric mountain bike: for what types of journeys?

The electric VTC is also known as a "touring bike" or "trekking bike". It's designed to help you get around town or the countryside. It's a versatile VAE, perfect for velotafing, as well as for weekend outings and walks. It's also a good option if you're planning to attach a child seat, so you can get around the family with ease. On most models, the child seat can be installed on the rear luggage rack. 

Why choose an electric VTC?

We recommend that you opt for an electric mountain bike refurbished if you intend to use your e-bike for a variety of purposes, but don't want to ride over rough terrain. Whether you live in the country or the city, the VTC will suit your needs. It's both maneuverable for urban commuting, and comfortable for trail riding. 

On the other hand, it is heavier and more cumbersome than an electric city bike. If you buy a VTC, be sure to provide sufficient storage space, but also secure. 

What is the difference between an electric VTC and an electric MTB ?

Unlike the electric VTC, the MTB electric is designed for rough roads, steep climbs and steep descents. It is therefore more solid and agile than a VTC. Its wide wheels make it easy to ride on steep paths, and give it great grip. 

Another difference between VTC and MTB is the frame geometry. It will be heavier and more robust in the case of the MTB, because the latter is required to withstand repeated shocks. It is also more compact and offers greater maneuverability, to be effective in the most sinuous paths. VTCs are generally made of aluminum, while MTB can be made of steel, aluminum, carbon or titanium.

More nervous than the electric VTC, the MTB will be perfect for complicated, stony, muddy routes... They also have a large number of gears, a telescopic fork to dampen vibrations and a very efficient braking system. 

What is the difference between an electric VTC and an electric city bike?

Unlike the electric VTC, the city bike is designed for city use only. Its tires is not adapted to trails and its suspensions are not designed to support bumps. Its motor delivers less torque than a VTC. It is an ideal bike for the pure city dwellers, whose displacements are limited to the urban universe. It will be possible, for example, to go to the market with your EAB and to bring back your groceries in a basket to be added to the front and/or the back.  

The electric city bike offers a very good comfort, in particular thanks to its padded saddle, to the geometry of its frame, which allows an upright posture, but also by its rounded frame.   

The different types of electric mountain bikes

There are a number of different models in the electric VTC category, with features that may or may not suit your intended use. Don't hesitate to read our article comparing the best electric VTCsand buy the right VTC for your needs.

Electric VTC for women

Normally, bikes are mixed and both sexes can use the same bike without any problem. However, some manufacturers have created VTCs for women, with the aim of providing specific comfort for women's morphology. They differ mainly by the riding position offered, a smaller frame and narrower handlebars. They also have a lighter weight, as well as an open frame, easy to step over, even if you wear a skirt. Women's VTC saddles may also be more suitable for women, who tend to suffer from perineal pain on conventional saddles. In this case, it is advisable to choose a wider and shorter openwork saddle. 

Electric VTC for men

Men can use any VTC, whether it is a men's VTC or a women's VTC. However, they are more comfortable with a wide, shoulder-width handlebar and generally have no problem stepping over a conventional frame, unless they are wearing suit pants. 

The most important thing when choosing your electric VTC is not to know for which gender it is intended, but if its size is adapted to your morphology and if you feel comfortable on it. As for the seat, men appreciate a longer and narrower seat than the one recommended for women. 

Urban electric VTC

The urban electric VTC is the right choice if most of your travel is in the city, but you also enjoy occasional rides on trails, using paths that are not too rough. Less expensive than the sporty electric VTC, this type of model has thinner and less grippy tires . The front fork generally has a short travel. 

The urban VTC are most of the time equipped with several elements of comfort like mudguards, luggage racks and/or baskets, an adjustable stem...

Sporty electric VTC

The sporty electric VTC is intended for those who venture more into the countryside than the city, but who do not need a VTTAE. Less comfortable than the urban VTC, its frame geometry is sportier. Its tires are also wider and generally have crampons. To ride on trails without problems, the sporty VTC is equipped with a derailleur of higher range and allows a faster and simpler gear change. Its brakes are also more powerful than those of an urban electric VTC. On the other hand, its equipment is more limited (but can generally be added as an option): it is for example often sold without a luggage rack.

What to choose as a versatile electric bike?

Electric mountain bikes, although less well known than MTB electric bikes, are plentiful on the market. Thanks to their comfortable riding position, large 28-inch wheels and high number of gears, they're equally at home in town, country or forest.  

The first thing to consider when choosing your used electric VTC is the battery. For sufficient autonomy, opt for a minimum capacity of 500 Wh. If you're on a tight budget, a 400 Wh battery may suffice. When it comes to motors, the best-known manufacturers are Bosch, Yamaha, Bafang and Brose. The difference between the motors is essentially torque: the higher the torque, the more the motor guarantees lively acceleration and responsive acceleration. 

The most famous electric VTC brands

Among the best electric VTC brands, you will find Haibike, Cannondale, Peugeot or even Winora.

Haibike is a German brand that designs solid, lightweight and innovative electric bikes. The manufacturer uses quality equipment, in partnership with Yamaha and Bosch, for example. Its electric VTC are designed primarily for sporty riders.

Also from Germany, Winora is a century-old brand that designs bicycles and electric bikes for the whole family. Its EABs combine classic design with high-performance technology. Its trekking bikes are known for their dynamic motors, puncture-proof tires , hydraulic disc brakes and high-performance suspensions.

Cannondale is an American manufacturer of VAEs that integrates Bosch motors into its designs. The brand is renowned worldwide for its reliability and durability. It offers a very wide choice of models, including many VTCmodels, perfectly illustrating American know-how.

Peugeot is not only a French car brand: it is also a manufacturer of electric bikes! Accessible to different budgets, they can be adapted to all types of use and are equipped with the latest generation of motors and batteries.

How does an electric trekking bike work?

Zoom in on some of the different components of an electric mountain bike: what they're used for, and what to look out for when choosing a mountain bike that's right for you. 

The engine

Like all electric bikes, the motor of a VTC has a maximum power of 250 W, in order to comply with European legislation and standards. The motor of your trekking bike can be placed on the rear wheel, on the front wheel or in the center of the crankset. EABs with a motor located in the front wheel hub are the least expensive. They are ideal if you are mainly doing short urban trips, where you are often forced to stop (stop signs, traffic lights, traffic circles...). They will help you to restart quickly and without effort. 

Electric VTCs with motors located on the rear hub are more responsive and will suit those who like to ride dynamically. However, they are more expensive. Finally, motors located in the middle offer the most sophisticated pedaling assistance. It's smooth, progressive and jolt-free. It's best for medium to long trips, but not very useful if you're doing a lot of city riding. 

Another parameter to take into account when choosing your motor is its torque. Expressed in Nm (Newton/meter), it represents the force of the motor in its movement. It is generally between 15 and 90 Nm. The higher the torque, the easier it will be to climb hills. If you are driving in a relatively flat landscape, a high torque will not be very useful, 20 Nm should be enough. For more hilly cities, 40 to 60 Nm could be appreciated if you don't want to put too much effort in climbing. 

The battery

The greater the battery capacity of your electric VTC, the longer its range. Measured in Wh, it allows you to cover more or fewer kilometers with electric assistance. Ideally, choose a trekking bike with a minimum 400 Wh battery. If you're on a long trip, traveling in hilly terrain or living in a windy area, you'll want a 500 Wh battery or more.

On a VTC, the battery can generally be placed in several places: on the luggage rack or on the diagonal tube of the frame. It is more rarely placed at the back of the seat tube, a configuration that is more common on compact or folding electric bikes, and does not allow to fix a baby seat. 

The derailleur 

The derailleur is a key part of the electric VTC. It has a double role: to allow you to change gears and to keep the chain under tension. The most famous brands are Shimano and Nexus. 

The fork

Many VTC models on the market have a suspension fork. It brings indeed a real comfort and allows you to borrow paths a little uneven with holes or still stones. A travel of at least 60 mm is recommended.

The use of a telescopic fork is not mandatory, especially if you want to buy a light multipurpose electric bike. However, if you ride regularly on dirt roads, it is a great asset for your comfort. Some electric bikes have lockable forks, which is ideal if you ride on both pavement and trails. 


The number of gears needed on your electric VTC should be determined according to the distances you ride and the more or less hilly roads you take. If you ride in a very hilly environment, 18 or 21 gears will be appreciated. Otherwise, 6 or 7 gears should be enough. 

How do I maintain an electric mountain bike?

To maintain your electric leisure bike and extend its life, check the condition of its cables regularly. If they show signs of wear, take your ebike to a repair shop. 

You should also check the wear of the brakes: if the grooves on the brake pads are faded or damaged, they need to be changed. Before you ride, check the pressure and condition of your tires. Finally, if your bike is parked outside or not in use for a long period of time, remove the battery and control screen. 

What is the price of an electric VTC?

The price of an electric VTC is of course variable depending on its equipment, its materials, its manufacturing place, etc. You can find electric trekking bikes from 900€ for the entry-level models to more than 10 000€ for the most advanced and sophisticated ones. 

Where to buy a cheap electric VTC ?

To buy an inexpensive electric VTC, the best choice is a second-hand model or refurbished. For this, you can go through a private individual, a physical store or online.

Discover our buying guide for used electric VTC.

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