MTB electric: the ideal selection for mountain adventures.

The electric mountain bike (MTB) allows you to do trekking, cross-country in difficult to access places such as rough roads or mountains.

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What is a MTB electric?

The electric mountain bike, also called VTTAE (Vélo Tout Terrain à Assistance Électrique), is a bike equipped with a battery and a motor, providing you with pedaling assistance. The muscles of your lower body will be put to work and the effort required will be less.

Easy to use, you just have to start pedaling and its motor triggers the sensor and sends the necessary power to allow you to move forward at the speed of your choice (with a limit of 25 km/h, speed at which the motor stops).

There are men's and women's electric all-terrain models, even usually mixed. More expensive than the traditional all-terrain products, it is however possible to find a cheap electric MTB by buying it second hand or in reconditioned version.

The MTB electric: for whom?

The MTB electric bike is aimed at two main target groups. Firstly, if you're lacking in training but still want to keep up with your group on their sporting adventures. Your VTTAE will give you the boost you need to climb steep slopes with less difficulty, and come to your assistance when you're feeling a little tired.

Hardened sportsmen can also have a lot of fun with an electric mountain bike! It allows you to ride for longer periods of time, but also to reach places where you usually don't dare to venture. If you're a thrill seeker, your VTTAE will give you more power and speed: pushing the limits and thrills guaranteed! Heavier than classic mountain bikes, electric mountain bikes also offer better stability, which will be appreciated especially on the most challenging descents.

In short, the VTTAEs make all the most extreme climbs and outings possible!

Why an electric MTB ?

When off-road EVs first came on the market, the more athletic cyclists were quite reserved about their usefulness, considering them a cheat sheet. However, in retrospect, many have revised their judgment. Electrically assisted bikes are a great way to experience a different kind of sporty ride.

The MTB electric bike is ideal for both experienced cyclists looking to boost their performance and novices who want to improve their technique and enjoy the environment

In conclusion, electrically-assisted mountain bikes are an interesting alternative for sports enthusiasts and mountain bike lovers. Thanks to electric assistance, performance is increased tenfold and the sensations are more intense, whether for experienced cyclists or beginners. It also allows you to discover unexplored playgrounds and focus more on the surrounding nature. With this type of bike, everyone can live a unique and enriching sporting experience.

What is the purpose of the MTB ?

Traditional MTB enthusiasts do not see the electric version as a replacement for their two-wheeler. And they are right! The utility of a VTTAE is rather to offer you new sensations during your outings, even the most extreme. This type of bike is notably heavier and offers longer braking than your classic bike: these characteristics push you to improve your technique, notably to better apprehend the curves.

Electric bike assist is a real advantage for cyclists looking to reduce physical effort on difficult climbs. With this technology, climbing becomes more fun and enjoyable, while allowing you to conserve energy for multiple descents. Where fatigue would have made the experience difficult, electric assist allows you to explore new horizons without sacrificing the joy of the ride.

What is the difference between an electric MTB and a VTTAE?

Many people think that electric mountain bikes and VTTAEs are identical. In reality, this is a abus misnomer, as there is a difference between the two. The main difference lies in the type of motors used.

Thus, a VTTAE is a power-assisted mountain bike equipped with an electric propulsion whose nominal power cannot exceed 250 Watts and whose maximum speed is limited to 25 km/h. When you stop pedaling or when you reach this speed, the motor must be switched off. The motor is only activated when you pedal.

An electric MTB has a motor that moves the bike in all circumstances. It was designed to allow you to move forward without having to pedal.

Which electric MTB to choose?

Our selection of 10 best electric MTB 2023 is designed to meet all your needs, whether you're an enduro rider, mountain biker or sand walker.

VTTAE or Speed bike ?

The VTTAE has an electrical system that can deliver up to 250 Watts of power, in compliance with European regulations limiting the speed of electric mountain bikes to 25 km/h, as for all types of electric bikes.

However, this limit can still be exceeded by another type of electric bicycle, which actually belongs in the moped category: electric Speed bikes (or speed pedelec). These can reach speeds of up to 45 km/h, and are therefore subject to separate legislation. Considered as motor vehicles, they must be registered and have a "carte grise". They must be insured and cannot be driven without a helmet and gloves. They may not be used on cycle paths.

Speedbikes are recommended for those who have mastered high-speed sports riding and are looking for a thrill. In particular, they make it easy to get through traffic.

All-terrain electric bike "all suspension" or "semi-rigid" ?

A MTB electric all suspension bike has a shock absorber and a fork. This represents the vast majority of all-terrain bikes on the market today. These models are comfortable and have a very good grip on most terrains. They are therefore suitable for most of your sports outings.

The disadvantage of the MTB all-suspension boats lies in their cost, which is higher than that of semi-rigid boats. But the driving sensations they offer (close to a traditional all-terrain vehicle) as well as their versatility on all types of terrain are largely justified by this price difference.

The semi-rigid (or hardtail) electric bike has only the front fork for suspension. Its advantages are that it's light, responsive and doesn't consume its electric range as quickly. This type of VTTAE is ideal if you ride mainly on trails or technical paths. It will be less enjoyable on rougher trails. If you still want comfort, choose a 27.5-inch tires .

The different categories of MTB electric

For the most demanding users, there are several categories of MTB in the electric range, whose characteristics allow you to take full advantage of your different types of outings.

VTTAE Enduro

The VTTAE enduro is aimed at experienced cyclists who love strong sensations and adrenaline rush! Enduro is a downhill sport, in a mountainous environment and requires an adapted electric bike, offering an excellent comfort, thanks to good suspensions among others.

For this activity, choose an all-terrain Enduro bike, i.e. a fully suspended model with a propulsion element placed in the center of the frame, which must be both light and resistant, ideally in carbon. The electric All Terrain Enduro bikes are recognizable by their 160 mm travel: this rearward inclination allows to compensate the slope when you ride downhill.

The Cube electric bikes offer VTTAE Enduro models, as do the brands :

  1. Haibike
  2. Mondraker

    VTTAE Cross Country

    VTTAE Cross Country (or XC) is a sport focused on speed and competition. It takes place mainly on technical terrain, where the effort required is considerable (steep climbs, steep descents, etc.). The goal: to go as fast as possible! To achieve this, choose a MTB electric Cross Country semi-rigid.

    If you have the budget, look for a carbon frame which will be lighter than an aluminum frame. The front fork of these MTB has a travel of 80 to 100 millimeters. This offers a more or less plunging riding position: it's up to you to determine the right one according to your practice (leisure or competition). As for the wheels, the 29 inches diameter will offer you more speed and inertia. It is also advisable to choose a VTTAE XC with a single plate transmission, which allows a very fluid gear shift.

    The following brands offer VTTAEs of the type Cross Country :

    1. Trek
    2. Orbea
    3. Lapierre

          All Terrain All Mountain bike

          The VTTAE All Mountain (or AM) is the right discipline for thrills! It's practiced in the great outdoors, on trails with relief and obstacles. Its enthusiasts love uneven terrain, and are capable of jumps that give them a great adrenalin rush. An All Mountain electric bike is fully suspended. Its rear suspension is essential for absorbing bumps and providing excellent traction on the toughest climbs. Fork travel ranges from 140 mm to 160 mm. Ideally, you should choose a VTTAE AM with a partially lockable shock absorber, so you can play with it on climbs.

          In the VTTAE All Mountain category, the Moustache electric bikes electric bikes remain a safe bet. You can also turn to the following brands:

          1. Specialized
          2. R. Raymon

              VTTAE Trail

              The VTTAE Trail is ideal for those who like to ride on less mountainous terrain or in forests. It's an all-suspension electric bike designed for long-distance pleasure rides. This is the most popular VTTAE category. These models have a travel of 120 mm to 160 mm at the front, and 150 mm at the rear. The MTB trail bikes have been designed for efficient climbing, while offering a balanced riding position, and therefore comfort. The MTB electric trail bikes feature 27.5" or 29" rims, a telescopic seatpost, and wide handlebars for comfortable maneuvering.

              You'll find high-performance Trail ATVs from the following brands:

              1. Scott
              2. Rocky Mountain
              3. KTM

                  Electric fatbikes

                  As their name suggests, electric fatbikes are big tires bikes that are at home on all types of terrain, even snowy, muddy or sandy. They arrived in Europe in the 2010s, and are easily recognizable by their XXL wheels measuring up to 4 inches and offering unrivalled grip. Most have fixed forks and steel frames. Electric fatbikes are often referred to as the bikes of the future. Extremely rugged, they can go anywhere, are easy to ride, easy to maintain and offer unique sensations.

                  How does an electric MTB work?

                  The particularity of an electric bicycle lies in the fact that it includes, among other things, a motor and a battery. Zoom on the main elements and the functioning of an electric MTB .

                  Which motor for an electrically assisted MTB (VTTAE)?

                  In most MTB electric bikes, the motor is located at the bottom bracket. In fact, to guarantee optimum weight distribution and a low center of gravity, the pedal motor offers the best ratio of efficiency to reliability. The 250-watt motor common to all VTTAEs offers torque ranging from 40 to over 90 nm for the most powerful bikes. In other words, the higher the torque, the faster the acceleration on a responsive bike.

                  The battery, a key element for the autonomy of the MTB electric

                  It is increasingly integrated into the frame, but can also be placed on the down tube. Power is expressed in Watts per hour (voltage in Volts multiplied by capacity in Ampere-hours). Batteries from MTB range from 250 to 600 Wh (watts/hour), bearing in mind that the higher the battery power, the greater the range.

                  An on-board computer for a pleasant and optimized driving

                  Whether it displays just the essentials, i.e. speed, distance travelled, battery level, or whether it is so sophisticated as to integrate a GPS, a Bluetooth connection or a USB socket, it is essential for optimal use of your MTB.

                  The constitution

                  All configurations of the classic MTB of MTB are possible; semi-rigid, full suspension with 27.5 or 29 inch wheels. The material of the frame and fork will be different, aluminum in most cases, chosen for its robustness and integration of the battery.

                  The weight of a VTTAE

                  With all these additional equipments, the VTTAE weighs more than a classic MTB . You will have to count between 5 and 8 kg more. Thus, an electric MTB weighs on average between 15 and 28 kg. An element to be taken into account at the time of the purchase.

                  How much does an electric mountain bike (MTB) cost?

                  The price of an MTB electric bike is higher than that of a MTB classic or an ordinary electric bike. The latter can thus oscillate between 2 500€ and more than 15 000€. This price difference is justified by the quality of its equipment, its robustness, its durability... The carbon frames, lighter, are for example an element that can make the final price vary significantly.

                  How to find a cheap electric MTB ?

                  If you have a budget less than €1,000 to buy an electric bikethere are a few tricks you can use to find an inexpensive electric mountain bike. You can look for a second-hand VTTAE or an electric mountain bike refurbished. This is what Upway has to offer, with a wide selection of the best MTB electric bikes for sale at low prices.

                  This makes it possible to buy an inexpensive all-terrain electric bike in a condition close to new. By reconditioning, you can find VTTAEs 20 to 60% cheaper than new.

                  If you want to buy a second-hand VTTAE, be careful about the terms and conditions of purchase, especially if you're selling to a private individual.