Cheap electric bike: our selection at less than €1000

Upway offers a wide range of reconditioned electric bikes at new for less than €1,000.

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Cheap electric bike: our selection at less than €1000

Raleigh Wave Dove
Raleigh Wave Dove
2015 1ft65" - 1ft80" 1484mi

€749,00 €1.999,00 new

Nakamura e-Cliff
Nakamura e-Cliff
2021 1ft70" - 1ft85" 4332mi

€799,00 €999,00 new

Neomouv Plimoa
Neomouv Plimoa
2020 1ft55" - 1ft80" 4170mi

€899,00 €1.449,00 new

Lapierre Overvolt Trekking
Lapierre Overvolt Trekking
2016 1ft75" - 1ft90" 13627mi

€899,00 €2.599,00 new

Cortina Ecomo
Cortina Ecomo
2018 1ft75" - 1ft90" 2843mi

€949,00 €1.799,00 new

Nakamura E-Fit 150
Nakamura E-Fit 150
2020 1ft80" - 1ft95" 8422mi

€949,00 €1.499,00 new

Giant E+2 Bonus
Giant E+2 Bonus
2016 1ft60" - 1ft75" 262mi

€949,00 €1.999,00 new

Giant E+2 Bonus
Giant E+2 Bonus
2016 1ft70" - 1ft85" 4487mi

€949,00 €2.399,00 new

Bergamont E-Line C N330
Bergamont E-Line C N330
2016 1ft65" - 1ft80" 4286mi

€949,00 €2.580,00 new

Decathlon Elops 920E
Decathlon Elops 920E
2021 1ft65" - 1ft80" 6509mi

€999,00 €1.500,00 new

Kalkhoff Jubilee Move
Kalkhoff Jubilee Move
2018 1ft65" - 1ft80" 2634mi

€999,00 €1.799,00 new

Giant Explore E+ 2 STA
Giant Explore E+ 2 STA
2017 1ft65" - 1ft80" 1417mi

€999,00 €1.999,00 new

Neomouv Plimoa
Neomouv Plimoa
2020 1ft55" - 1ft80" 1066mi

€999,00 €1.399,00 new

E-bikes for under €1,000: what to consider before making your choice?

There are excellent cheap electric bikes, available for less than 1 000 €. In order to offer you the best EAB at a low price, Upway places great importance on the quality of its reconditioned bikes. No bad surprises: each model goes through a reconditioning process to guarantee a perfect working condition.

The reconditioning starts with the inspection of the general condition of the bike (frame, wheels, chain, electric motor...). Each component is checked: it must be in good condition and function properly.

After the inspection, our technicians give the bike a thorough cleaning to restore its appearance new. They will also repair or replace any faulty parts, to guarantee the safety and performance of your low-cost electric bike.

Finally, the refurbished bike undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets Upway's quality standards. These tests include testing the electric motor, checking the brakes and checking the lighting.

By following this reconditioning process, we ensure that the cheap electric bikes offered at Upway offer good value for money and meet users' expectations in terms of riding comfort, performance and safety.

The different types of cheap electric bikes available at Upway

Upway's selection of cheap reconditioned electric bikes comes in several types, to meet all user profiles. You will find folding electric bikes electric bikes. These models are perfect for city trips and public transportation. public transportation. Thanks to their compact size and quick folding, folding electric bikes fit easily into small spaces (car trunk, landing, bus, subway, under a desk...).

Upway also reconditions electric bikes for men as well as women's electric bikes for women electric bikes. The main differences between these models are in the geometry of the frame and the shape of the saddle. Women's bikes generally have a lower frame, easy to ride, and a wider, shorter seat. There are also some aesthetic differences to suit both genders.

Also available are MTB electric accessible as well as electric VTC at low prices. If you are looking for a cheap electric electric bike, our offers will allow you to find the rare pearl without breaking the bank.our offers will allow you to find the rare pearl without ruining you.

How to choose your cheap electric bike ?

To choose your cheap electric bike refurbishedIt is important to take into account the use you intend to make of it.

Choose a folding electric bike, easy to store, if you want to use it to get to work or run errands. Choose a mountain bike for country roads. Finally, the MTB electric bike is an excellent option for getting around on sand, mud and snow. All these choices are available in our selection of used electric bikes under €1,000.

Regarding the battery, to get the best the best possible autonomy, choose an energy choose an energy in watts per hour adapted to the length of your trips. For example, a 400 Wh battery allows you to ride for about 60 km (depending on your use, the type of motor, etc.). Nowadays, most batteries can be removed to be recharged more easily. At Upway, we recondition or replace the battery of all our used electric bikes when its life is too low for prolonged use.

Many EAB users forget to check the braking system of their electric bike. However, the brakes must be powerful enough to slow you down or stop you efficiently. Ergonomic and progressive, disc brakes are currently the most widespread in the world because of their reliability. 

The last thing to consider is which type of electric assist you'll require. There are two types: effort sensor (the motor activates when you pedal) or rotation sensor (it adapts the power of the motor to the force you exert on the pedals). You'll find both types of assistance on our best electric bikes under €1,000, although the rotation sensor is the most common because of its low cost.

The best cheap electric bike : our selection

Among our range ofelo with electric assistance not expensivesome models stand out for their technical features and their quality/price ratio.

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Electric Folding Bike is a folding electric bike ideal for urban commuting and public transportation. It is equipped with a 250W electric motor, allowing assistance up to 25km/h, and a 36V battery offering a range of 45km. Its quick and easy folding system, its aluminum frame and its light weight of 14.5 kg make it a practical and efficient cheap folding electric bike.

The NCM C5 is a versatile electric bike with many interesting technical features. It is equipped with a Bafang Max Drive electric motor with a torque of 50 Nm and a 468Wh battery that provides an excellent range of up to 100 km. The NCM C5 has 24 speeds thanks to its Shimano Acera transmission, offering great adaptability to different terrains. Its Tektro HD-M275 hydraulic disc brakes ensure optimal safety during braking.

Finally, the Riverside 500 E is a cheap electric VTC from Decathlon. It is suitable for daily trips and rides in the city or in the countryside. It is equipped with an electric motor with a torque of 42 Nm and a 418 Wh battery offering a range of 40 to 70 km, depending on the level of assistance used. Its 28-inch wheels, comfortable seat and suspended fork guarantee a pleasant and safe ride.

How can I get a cheap electric bike thanks to the subsidies?

To buy a cheap electric bike, it is possible to benefit from premiums for the purchase. Indeed, some regional and local authorities set up financial aids to encourage the purchase of electrically assisted bicycles. These subsidies can considerably reduce the purchase cost of your cheap electric bike refurbished and make it even more accessible. The models reconditioned by Upway are eligible for subsidies !

To take advantage of this assistance, ask your local or regional authorities about the eligibility requirements and the steps to follow. Some grants are means-tested, while others are available to everyone. Don't hesitate to compare the different offers and find out how you can benefit from a cheap electric bike thanks to these subsidies.

Your used electric bike for less than 1 000 € on Upway

At Upway, we believe that electric bikes should be accessible to everyone, without sacrificing quality and performance. That's why we offer a wide selection of cheap reconditioned electric bikes, with models adapted to each user profile. 

Buying a second-hand electric bike not only gives it a new lease of life, but also enables you to benefit from a price 20% to 60% lower than that of new ! All structural components of your bike are guaranteed for one year: frame, battery, motor and electronics. 

Don't wait any longer to choose the bike that suits your needs from our selection of cheap electric bikes under €1,000. Take advantage of our expertise in reconditioning to make a smart and economical purchase, which contributes to the preservation of the environment and the promotion of sustainable mobility.

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