Electric bike accessories

Looking for accessories for your electric bike? Discover our selection of references and our advice on how to secure your bike, improve riding comfort, customize or maintain your EAB.

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Essential accessories for electric bikes

Electric bike accessories increase your comfort, safety and even the efficiency of your journeys. They can transform a simple electric city bike into a high-performance bicycle. For example, well-chosen tires tires can improve handling and puncture resistance, while an alarm system can make your bike safer. What's more, accessories such as a protective cover or repair kit can make it easier to maintain your electric bike.

Essential e-bike accessories for the ultimate cycling experience

To optimize your cycling experience, certain electric bike accessories are essential. For example, the rider's shoes, with their grip and comfort, have a direct impact on your ability to pedal efficiently, especially if you ride a road bike. Similarly, a helmet is an essential accessory for electric bikes, to protect you in the event of a fall. Finally, a smartphone holder can be very useful for keeping track of your routes and performance.

Which brand for your VAE accessories?

Depending on the accessory you're looking for, we advise you to use the same brand as your electric bike (for luggage racks, mudguards, etc.). Some brands offer a wide range of top-quality references, designed to fit their EABs. Examples include Giant electric bike accessories and Moustache electric bike accessories. 

Electric bike safety: the equipment you need

In terms of safety, there are several accessories that are highly recommended when riding an electric bike. The first of these is helmet. Make sure you choose a helmet that's comfortable and fits properly. It's also important to make sure it's of the right quality, as it plays a vital role in protecting your head in the event of a fall. Many recent models feature MIPS (Multi directional Impact Protection System) technology, certified to effectively protect your brain in the event of an impact. Depending on the nature of your EAB trips, you can opt for a helmet with more or less ventilation, a visor or even an integrated light. For the more stylish, we recommend helmets from the Italian brand Kask. These lightweight helmets combine style, comfort and safety.

By the way, the light is a mandatory accessory for electric bikes. According to the Highway Code, when riding at night or in poor visibility (fog, tunnel, rain, etc.), you must have full bicycle lighting. This includes a front headlight (white or yellow), a red rear headlight and reflective strips on the pedals and wheels. The aim: to be clearly visible, especially to motorists. You should also know that since July 30, 2008, it has been compulsory to wear a yellow vest when cycling at night, outside built-up areas. So don't forget to slip it into your handlebar bag, for example.

Finally, to complete the picture, other accessories can increase your safety and that of other road users. Bike mirrors, for example, allow you to keep an eye on traffic behind you without having to turn your head, increasing your visibility and safety. To improve your visibility when riding at night or in bad weather, consider reflective armbands and LED vests. 

What accessories are needed to protect your electric bike from theft?

No matter what type of bike you have, none is safe from theft. To protect it, certain accessories are essential. The first is, of course, the anti-theft device. Depending on the length of time you've parked your bike, choose a model that's more or less solid and difficult to break. The American brand Kryptonite is the benchmark for U-shaped locks, chains and cables.

An alarm system can also be considered, and is highly effective in deterring potential thieves. In addition, you can add a GPS tracker to your VAE if it is not already equipped with one. This discreet accessory is a great help in the event of theft, as it enables you to locate your bike. 

Electric bike accessories: how to equip your bike with children? 

To ride an electric bike with your child, you'll need a little equipment. This includes, of course, a child seat (also known as a baby carrier). This is usually attached to your luggage rack, but can also be placed at the front, between the saddle and handlebars, on the stem. Your child seat must, of course, be fitted with a safety belt. If you have several children, you can also opt for a bicycle trailer. To do this, you'll need a rear-wheel motor and sufficient torque to pull the trailer. Finally, don't forget to equip your children with a helmet, which is compulsory.

Among Moustache electric bike accessories, you'll find several references dedicated to transporting children, such as child seats or footrests to fit your Moustache Lundi 20 model.

Electric bike accessories for your comfort

Whether you opt for a second-hand or new electric bike, there are a multitude of accessories available to style and personalize your bike, as well as enhance your riding comfort. If your electric city bike is useful for running a few errands or transporting your belongings, you can add a front or rear luggage rack, a bicycle basket or panniers. From German brand Ortliebbrand, durable and waterproof, are renowned for their high quality. You'll also find several references of panniers in different sizes among Giant electric bike accessories.

If you ride your electric bike in rainy weatherdon't hesitate to equip your e-bike with mudguards if it doesn't have any. You can also opt for a rain poncho, a bag or waterproof gloves. These are just some of the rain accessories that will improve your riding conditions in inclement weather.

Which electric bike accessories are right for which type of rider?

The type of electric bike you own and the type of cyclist you are influence the accessories you should consider. For example, if you're an urban cyclist with an electric city bike that you use to get to work, a basket or pannier to carry your belongings can be very useful. You could also opt for a bell with a more or less original look.

On the other hand, if you're the type of rider who likes long, sporty rides, you'll need specific cycling shoes. And don't forget to have a repair kit on hand to deal with the unexpected along the way. If you're a cross-country rider, you'll also appreciate adding a telescopic seatpost to your MTB electric bike.

The accessories you need for a VTTAE outing

When it comes to electric bike accessories, it's important not to forget outings on MTB electrically assisted bikes (VTTAE). The unpredictable nature of VTTAE journeys requires adequate equipment to anticipate potential problems and ensure your comfort throughout the ride.

So take a compact multi-tool with you, to deal with any mechanical problems. In the event of a puncture, an anti-puncture spray can be useful for your tires. Don't forget to bring spare parts and, for longer outings, an extra battery. 

Accessories for long-distance electric bikes

For those who use their electric bikes on long journeys, the emphasis must be on comfort and efficiency. An ergonomic saddle can make a huge difference to comfort, reducing the aches and discomforts common on long journeys. Similarly, bottle cages are essential for staying hydrated on the road. To monitor your performance and keep track of your itinerary, speed and distance meters, as well as bike-specific GPS units, are real must-have accessories for the long-distance cyclist. Among Moustache's electric bike accessories, you'll find GPS units designed to withstand the elements and offer precise navigation.

Accessories to enhance the performance of your electric bike 

If you're a do-it-yourselfer, you can enhance the performance of your electric bike by installing certain dedicated accessories. For example, you can consider improved braking systems for greater responsiveness and safety on the road. Optimized drivetrain components, such as derailleurs and cranksets, can also help improve your bike's efficiency and speed. Finally, if you're looking to extend the range of your electric bike, battery upgrades such as higher-capacity batteries or fast-charging systems can make a significant difference. 

Electric bike maintenance accessories 

Maintaining your electric bike is essential to ensure its longevity and optimum performance. Accessories such as a repair kit, air pump and protective cover can play a crucial role in maintaining your bike. For example, a repair kit allows you to manage minor repairs on the road, while a protective cover can protect your bike from the elements when you're not using it.