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Electric bike accessories 

For your comfort and safety, it is important to choose the right accessories for your electric bicycle. They will allow you to be visible to other road users, to protect you in case of a fall, to avoid theft of your electric bicycle or to customise it to suit your use. 

Electric bike safety: accessories to have

In terms of safety, there are several accessories that are highly recommended when riding an electric bicycle. The first is the helmet. Choose a helmet that fits you well and is comfortable. It is also important to make sure it is of good quality, as it is essential to protect your head in case of a fall. Many recent models incorporate MIPS (Multi directional Impact Protection System) technology, which is certified to effectively protect your brain in the event of an impact. Depending on the nature of your EAB rides, you can choose a helmet with more or less ventilation, a visor or even with an integrated light.

By the way, the light is a mandatory accessory for electric bicycles. According to Belgian law, bicycle lights are mandatory at night and in conditions where visibility is reduced to less than about 200 m. You will need a white or yellow light at the front (it can be fixed or flashing) and at the back a red light, fixed or flashing, visible at least 100 m (at night, in clear weather). The lights do not have to be mounted on the bicycle: the cyclist can also wear them.

Like headlights, reflectors are part of the bicycle accessories that must be installed by Belgian law, except that there are exceptions depending on the type of bicycle:

Children's bicycles and other similar devices (folding bicycles, minibikes) must only be fitted with reflectors when riding at night or in visibility of less than 200 m. 

Racing bicycles and MTB must only be equipped with reflectors (one white at the front, one red at the rear) if they have at least one mudguard. Other reflectors are compulsory if the racing bike or MTB is ridden at night or in visibility of less than 200 m.

Finally, don't forget to equip your bike with a bell, this is also a compulsory bike accessory in Belgium.

Electric bike accessories for your comfort

Whether you opt for a new or used electric bike, there are a multitude of accessories available to style and personalise your bike, as well as improve your riding comfort. If you are used to running a few errands or carrying things, you can add a luggage rack, a bike basket or panniers to your EAB. 

If you are travelling by e-bike in rainy weatherIf your e-bike doesn't have mudguards, don't hesitate to get them. You can also opt for a rain poncho, a bag or waterproof gloves. All these accessories will improve your riding conditions when the weather is not so good.

For your urban travels, you can also equip yourself with a bell, with a more or less original look. If you ride cross-country, you will also appreciate the addition of a telescopic seatpost to your MTB . Finally, it is also important to have accessories to protect your electric bike from theft such as one or more strong locks. Upway offers you various secure locks.

In short, depending on the nature of your travels, don't hesitate to invest in electric bike accessories that will make your outings even more pleasant and comfortable, while giving your two wheels a unique style. 

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