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Electric city bike

The city bike is designed for comfort above all else. It's your ideal companion for road trips.

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What is an electric city bike?

An electric city bike is specially designed for city use. This type of bike is designed for frequent use. Thanks to its raised handlebars, it offers an excellent riding comfort and allows a comfortable and upright posture of the cyclist, with a good visibility and a reduced pressure on the back and the wrists. 

Electric city bikes are equipped with safety features such as front and rear lights, bell and fenders to protect you from road splashes. They are dynamic bikes, developed to be agile and maneuverable. If your electric city bike doesn't already have one, you can easily add a basketa pannier or attach a a child seat. It's the perfect everyday bike!

The electric city bike, for whom and for what type of terrain?

The electric city bike is for city dwellers who want to travel longer distances without getting tired. It also makes it easier to get around the city while reducing the ecological impactIt also puts an end to the problems of traffic jams and parking that are often part of daily life with the use of the car.

City bikes are ideal for cyclists looking for a comfortable ride. Most of them offer an upright posture thanks to the raised handlebars. Their trapezoidal geometry or wave frame (also called "gooseneck") are perfect for frequent use when riding in the city.  

These ebikes are designed for one type of terrain: the road. Their thin tires are unsuitable to ride on paths. They can be used on flat or slightly hilly terrain, with medium power engines.

What are the regulations related to electric city bikes?

Electric bicycles must meet the same regulatory regulatory requirements as those of traditional bicycles, as well as to a series of rules defined by the NF EN 15194 standard.

Like a conventional bicycle, your city bike must be equipped with an efficient braking system, front and rear lighting, as well as reflectors on the wheels and pedals. A helmet is mandatory for children under 12 years of age and cyclists must follow the same traffic rules as other vehicles. For example, they must ride on the right side of the road, in the direction of traffic. E-bikes can be ridden on bike lanes, where available.

Electric city bikes must have a linked electric assist, which starts when you pedal and stops when pedaling stops. This assistance must be switched off automatically once the maximum speed of 25 km/h has been reached. In Belgium, the motor power must not exceed 250 W. It is not necessary to register your electric bicycle and its insurance is not compulsory. Helmets are optional for those over 12 years old, but are strongly recommended.

What questions should I ask before buying an electric city bike?

If you're looking to buy an electric city bike, take stock of your needs and the most popular e-bikes on the market, so you can choose the model that's right for you. Here are some questions to ask yourself. 

How to choose the right urban electric bike?

If you want to use your bike on your daily commute, and the route is urban, a bit long and maybe hilly, then the electric city bike is the best choice for you.

But if you have to make long daily journeys on roads and tracks to get to work, the electric VTCalso known as a mountain bike, is the one for you.

If you combine different means of transportation for your commute to work, you need a space-saving, lightweight, manageable and easily adjustable two-wheeler, the electric folding bike

Please note: it is not necessarily appropriate to give in to the temptation of the multi-purpose bike. While a folding bike is comfortable and practical for commuting, it may not be as pleasant to ride. Likewise, an urban bike with a carrier or baby carrier will not always have the disc brakes, pedals or mudguards needed to ride on small roads.

Which brand of electric bike to choose?

It's hard to answer right away. It will depend on your budget and some other criteria such as the options you want in terms of equipment. It will also depend on whether you want a bike made in Europe or elsewhere in the world.

At Upway your favorite brand of electric city bike will be accessible in terms of price, since our bikes are reconditioned and therefore sold for 20 to 60% less! They also come with a 12-month warranty. You'll be able to find a men's or women's city bike, or a cheap city bike that's an electrically-assisted bike. You're doing your bit for the planet, and treating yourself at the same time!

Electric city bike for women or electric city bike for men?

Bikes are generally unisex. However, because of the morphological differences between men and women, some brands offer electric city bikes for women or electric city bikes for men. What makes them different? Mainly the shape of their saddle, wider and shorter than that of a man's electric bike, but also the size of their frame, handlebars and wheels. Women are in most cases smaller than men, with narrower shoulders and shorter arms and legs. Today, almost all bikes come in different sizes to fit all body types.

Generally speaking, EABs with a low frame, also known as a "wave frame" or "gooseneck", are called "women's electric city bikes". This type of open frame is indeed easier to straddle if you wear a dress or skirt. But it can also be present on a men's electric city bike and is practical when wearing a suit for example. It is also a recommended frame shape if you plan to attach a child seat to the carrier to make it easier to climb. 

Wave frame, diamond or trapezoid geometry?

Most electric city bikes come with 3 different frame shapes: the Wave frame (also called "gooseneck", it is a low and open frame that facilitates straddling), the Diamond frame (it has a horizontal top tube, which requires you to lift your leg high to sit on the saddle) and finally the Trapezoid geometry (an in-between of the two previous shapes, which is often found on mixed bikes) 

To make your choice, you have to determine in which outfit you intend to use your electric city bike. If you're a skirt rider or a pro suit, a Wave frame is recommended. It's also a frame shape suitable for frequent stops and adding a child seat on the rear rack. 

Finally, know that the best electric city bike for you will be the one you feel comfortable on! Be careful to make the right choice if there are several sizes on the model you want and don't forget to adjust the level of the seat (it should be level with your hips when you are standing).

How does the motor of my electric city bike work?

Electric bicycle motors do not all have the same shape depending on whether they are a pedal motor or a hub motor. However, they all have an electronic and a mechanical part in their composition. The electronic part is the bike's intelligence, the part that takes into account the data and sends them to the various sensors on the bike: 

- Speed sensor

- Torque sensor

- Cadence sensor

- Control screen

Note: not all motors have the same sensors depending on whether they are high-end or entry-level bikes. An electric bike has a 250W motor, with a maximum speed of 25 km/h. 

Everything you need to know about how an electric bike works.

Which motor position is best for an electric city bike?

Most city bikes have a central motor (bottom bracket) or a rear wheel motor (hub). The first one is more expensive, but allows a better weight distribution on your city bike. It offers a natural driving sensation, proportioned according to the strength of your pedaling. A central motor is recommended if your stops on the route are infrequent (few traffic lights, stop signs, etc.).

The rear wheel motor provides a thrusting sensation as soon as you start. It is ideal if you make a lot of short stops, because of road signs for example. This type of motor will give you a real boost right from the start, even if you are on a hill. 

Which brand of electric assist for my bike?

Electric city bikes Bosch or Yamaha are the most reputable when it comes to the quality of the electric assistance. They are reliable, powerful and efficient engines. But they are also expensive. For occasional or recreational use of your city bike, it is possible to opt for a less expensive and equally sufficient motorization such as those of Decathlon or Nakamura.

The torque developed by the engine is less important for city driving when it is relatively flat. The power of the torque makes it possible to go up hills more or less easily. On the other hand, if you ride in an environment with a lot of hills and descents, choose a higher torque (minimum 40 Nm).

What is the battery autonomy for an electric city bike?

The autonomy of your electric bicycle depends on several factors (the state of the battery, the weather of the day, the riding style, the weight of the cyclist, etc.). Choose an EAB with an autonomy adapted to your daily trips. The longer the trips and the more you intend to use the electric assistance in your travels, the more you will have to choose a bike with a high capacity battery. The recharging time can also count, especially if you want to recharge your battery on your lunch break or during an appointment.

Useful accessories for an electric city bike

In addition to the mandatory accessories (front and rear lights, reflectors on the wheels and pedals and bell), it may be useful to purchase your In addition to the mandatory accessories (front and rear lights, reflectors on the wheels and pedals and bell), it may be useful to buy your bike with additional accessories to improve your riding comfort. The helmet, even if it is not compulsory for people over 12 years old, remains a must to protect your head in case of fall.

For use in the city, the use ofan anti-theft device is also strongly recommended to protect your ebike from theft. There are different kinds of locks, depending on the duration of your stops and the level of reliability you expect.

Finally, when you buy your electric city bike, don't hesitate to add baskets or panniers to it, especially if you plan to carry some things with you or stop to do some shopping. 

What price for an electric city bike?

The electric city bike is the most affordable of the various types of electrically assisted bicycles. Brands such as Decathlon offer first prices at less than 1 000€.. They are very well suited to occasional users of the VAE and present a good quality-price ratio. On the other hand, top-of-the-range models can quickly be sold for several thousand euros, as is the case with the brands Riese & Müller or even Tern.

Upway offers you a wide selection of inexpensive electric city bikes, thanks to reconditioning. After meticulous work by our specialized mechanics, we sell our used EABs in near new condition, but at low prices! Our models are also eligible for government subsidies.