Decathlon electric bike

The French sports brand Decathlon designs electric bikes accessible to small budgets and known for their very good value for money.

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Used Decathlon electric bikes 

Visit Upway to find used Decathlon electric bikes at knock-down prices, thanks to reconditioning. With over 1,700 stores worldwide, Decathlon has expanded rapidly in recent years. It offers a wide variety of sporting goods, some of which are developed in-house. 

This is particularly true of electric bikes, for which Decathlon has created several ranges: Elops for electric city bikes, Riverside for electric mountain bikes, Rockriver for VTTAEs and Tilt for folding electric bikes. At the beginning of 2021, the first Decathlon electric cargo bike was also marketed: it is the Decathlon R500 longtail. 

The decathlon electric bike, for which type of journey?

Decathlon's VAEs have an excellent reputation: offering a very good quality-price ratio, they allow everyone to enjoy the joys of electricity to go to work, to do some shopping in town, to go for a ride with the family or to go on more sportive outings. They provide electric assistance to reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h. Beyond that, the motor cuts out.

The company's ebikes are designed for beginners or occasional users. Its most expensive models, such as the MTB electric bikes, are ideal for those who want to start a new sport without spending too much money. 

Choose the used electric bike Decathlon made for you!

You will find at Decathlon several ranges of electric bikes, intended for different types of use. The first thing to determine before buying your EAB is of course the use you want to make of it. 

Decathlon electric city bike

Your electric city bike Decathlon is designed to make your daily commute in the city easier. It allows you to get to work without breaking a sweat, run a few quick errands, or get to the other end of town effortlessly.

The Decathlon Elops 120E is an entry-level city VAE for small budgets. Designed exclusively for urban commuting, this electric bike for men or women features a rear motor with 35 Nm torque, and a battery for up to 60 km. It offers three assistance modes: economy (15 km/h max.), normal (22 km/h max.) and sport (25 km/h max.). Honorable performance for an ebike sold new at less than €1,000.

Decathlon electric VTC

If you want to alternate between vélotaf and weekend rides, the electric mountain bike Decathlon Riverside 500E electric mountain bike is ideal. Its battery has a range of up to 90 km. Its motor, located in the rear wheel hub, develops a torque of 42 Nm. It's the ideal VTC for riding in slightly hilly, rural areas, and benefiting from electric assistance from the very first pedal stroke. It's also very comfortable to ride. This Decathlon electrically-assisted bike is designed for those who mainly ride in town, with frequent stops and slow-downs (traffic lights, stop signs, traffic circles...), but also want to enjoy occasional rides in the countryside.

MTB electric Decathlon

The Decathlon Rockrider E-ST 900 is the flagship VTTAE of the brand. This electric bike with pedal motor Decathlon is an MTB electric not expensive, whose Brose motor power is 250 W for a torque of 70 Nm. Its assistance is as fluid as reactive and completes your pedaling until +320%. The autonomy of the bike is about 50 km. The Decathlon Rockrider has a fork with adjustable hydraulic suspensions of 120 mm of travel, double hydraulic disc brakes and large tires. It will be your best ally to face all types of grounds and to launch you in your first exits in MTB electric!

Used folding bike Decathlon

Find your second-hand Decathlon folding bike with the Decathlon Tilt 500E, a electric folding bike with a featherweight of 18 kg, designed to be stored in small spaces or to be easily transported public transport.. The Brushless rear-wheel motor delivers 250 W of power and 26 Nm of torque, enough for light climbing. The bike's range is around 35 km. This second-hand Decathlon folding bike is perfect for mixed journeys combining VAE and public transport (or car). It is sold at new for less than €1,000, and is available for even less in a reconditioned version: ideal for cyclists on a budget!

Decathlon electric cargo bike

In early 2021, the first electric cargo bike Decathlon longtail R500. This longtail electric bike is priced at less than €2,800 new : an aggressive price compared to its competitors. It features a rear-wheel hub motor with a maximum torque of 58 Nm, making it ideal for classic everyday use.

This Decathlon electric cargo bike is powered by a 672 Wh battery allowing to achieve 70 km in Normal mode. Its assistance offers the choice between 3 modes: Eco, Normal and Power. It is also possible to activate the Walk mode to allow you to easily push your bike while walking beside it (up to 6 km/h). This longtail can carry 2 children and 1 adult or 170 kg of cargo (excluding the weight of the bike). Regarding the choice of the color, there is for the moment only the light blue grey reference, a nice pastel shade.

Electric bike for women Decathlon

Although cycling is a mixed mode of transportation, there are electric bikes for women from Decathlon. Indeed, women have a different posture and morphology than men. Women's EABs have a different frame shape, are available in smaller sizes, have a wider and shorter seat... Visually, a Decathlon women's electric bike stands out because of its open frame, easy to straddle. Among these models, you will find the MTB electric Decathlon Rockrider E-ST 900.

The Decathlon electric bike: its main characteristics

Among the characteristics of Decathlon electric bikes, you will find a very good quality-price ratio, but also the fact that they are designed in France. The French company employs more than 1,500 people in BTWIN Village, in Flanders, to design all its bikes.

Depending on the price range, Decathlon's electrically assisted bicycles have a pedal motor (central motor) or one located in the rear hub, hydraulic disc brakes, Vbrake, pads or mechanical discs. They can run at a maximum speed of 25 km/h, in accordance with the regulations in force. Depending on the model, the choice of color is more or less extensive. The autonomy of the electric bike Decathlon also varies according to the batteries: from 35 km for the Decathlon Tilt 500E folding bike to 120 km for the Riverside 540E electric VTC.

Electric bike Decathlon pedal motor or rear motor ?

To determine the ideal motor position for your future electric bike, you need to know what you use and what you expect from the electric assistance. 

A pedal motor is the most sophisticated: it delivers electric assistance based on the pressure you apply to the pedals. The harder you push, the more the motor will understand that you need help and the more power it will provide. The strong point of a Decathlon electric bike with a pedal motor (or central motor) is its fluidity, which allows a natural and smooth ride. These bikes are suitable for long distances, nature rides, or in rural areas... This position of the motor is recommended for leisure or sport use.

A rear motor (or hub motor) is located in the wheel. When it is positioned at the rear of the bike, as in Decathlon, it gives the sensation of being pushed. It is a less expensive option and incompatible with integrated gear systems. On the other hand, it is a choice to be privileged if your stops are frequent, in particular in the case of a driving in city. A rear hub motor will allow you to restart quickly, giving you the necessary boost from the first pedal stroke. No more being overtaken after a red light or a stop sign!

Find your used Decathlon electric bike

Buy your reconditioned used Decathlon electric bike at Upway. Our specialized mechanics carefully examine all the used bikes we select. They examine 20 checkpoints and change any parts that need replacing. Their aim: to offer you a low-cost electric bike in as close to new condition as possible. Upway reconditions a wide range of used Decathlon electric bikes, for every purpose.

Taking care of your Decathlon electric bicycle after purchase

It is important tomaintain your electric bike Decathlon electric bike. To do this, check the pressure of the tires as often as possible and be vigilant about the wear of the transmission elements (chain, sprockets, chainring), the cables and your brake pads. Also make sure that the various components of your bike are properly tightened.

If it is stored outside, or in a place subject to cold or heat, protect your EAB properly (for example with a cover) and remove its battery. Indeed, to preserve the autonomy of the battery, it is advised to keep it in a sheltered place and to disconnect it when it is not used for a long period.

What to do with your old Decathlon electric bike?

If you have an old Decathlon electric bike and would like to get rid of it, you should know thatUpway buys back your VAE ! You can sell your electric bike in just 5 minutes and have it collected from your home free of charge. All you have to do is fill in our online questionnaire, describing your Decathlon electric bike and adding clear photos. We'll then draw up a quick quote and offer to collect your ebike directly from your home.