Used Moustache electric bike

Founded in 2011 in the Vosges, the French brand develops high-end electrically assisted bicycles, combining design, comfort and reliability.

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The handlebars of a Moustache bike are shaped like a moustache, the brand's signature emblem. Upway offers a wide choice of used Moustache electric bikes for a variety of uses: city, leisure(VTC) or sport (MTB). Thanks to electric assistance, you can cover kilometers with less effort. Discover a complete range to accompany you on all your journeys. 

Moustache Bikes electric bicycles: characteristics

Recognizable by its famous handlebars, the Moustache Bikes brand is a reference in the field of electric bikes. It also stands out from the competition by the names given to its ebikes: all correspond to a day of the week. The number that comes after corresponds to the size of the wheels of the bikes, then to the family of finish of the EAB. Thus, the higher the final number, the more high-end the bike is. 

These used electric bicycles have agreat range thanks to their durable battery, their Bosch electric assistance and their urban style. This brand of bike is aimed at both sportsmen and amateur cyclists, depending on the model chosen. Its use is diversified and adapts to both daily commuting (home, work, shopping ...) and to walks in the forest or hiking in the mountains. In total, you will find at Moustache more than 70 different models of VAE. 

A second-hand electric bike made in France

The Moustache Bikes brand is a reference in the field of French electric bikes. Moustache is above all the project of two bike lovers: Emmanuel Antonot and Gregory Sand. If the story began in 2011 with two in the Vosges, it has led to the creation of more than 180 direct jobs. The company has remained in the Vosges where its production lines are located.

What technologies are present on Moustache electric bikes?

The Moustache brand only designs electric bikes with a Bosch motorization. Indeed, the German manufacturer designs products often described as the most efficient on the market in terms of motorization for EAB. We also find on these ebikes the famous Shimano transmissions.

Moustache Bikes and the Bosch Smart System

You will find on some used Moustache electric bikes the Bosch Smart System: the connected ecosystem that links your ebike and your smartphone. It allows you to lock your ebike (quick and easy anti-theft protection), plan a route, track your activity, get the latest system updates, etc. 

The different Bosch motors of the Moustache VAEs

Depending on the model of your used Moustache electric bike, you will find one of the different Bosch motors: the Active Line, the Active Line Plus, the Performance Line, the Performance Line Cx, the Cargo Line or the Performance Line Speed. 

The Bosch Performance Line and Performance Line Cx motors are the most present in Moustache EABs. They can be found on several models of multipurpose electric bikes, urban, all-terrain, gravel, fatbike or tandem.

The Moustache EVs and their Bosch meters

Bosch designs various meters for electric bikes, which Moustache integrates into its models. These on-board computers allow you to know (depending on the model): your speed, the number of kilometers traveled, the level of autonomy of the battery or to control the lights of your used electric bike Moustache. The most basic speedometer is the Bosch Purion, the most high-end is the Bosch Nyon. 

Which battery in Moustache Bikes?

Autonomy is a crucial factor for an electric bike. Moustache uses Bosch Powerpack, Bosch Powertube and Bosch Dualbattery for its EABs, which allows two batteries to be coupled together to considerably increase the range of compatible Moustache bikes. 

The batteries of Moustache electric bikes are all integrated into the frame. They are close to the center of gravity, to allow a good weight distribution and an excellent stability.

How do you know which Moustache electric bike model is best suited to your needs?

There are over 70 models of Moustache electric bikes! They come in different sizes and colors. Here are the four main ranges of use. 

Moustache electric city bikes

As their name suggests, the Moustache electric city bikes are intended for city travel only. These are the Lundi 27 models. They are equipped with a rear rack, exclusive Moustache tubular mudguards, a soft seat, large wheels, tires anti-puncture and an open frame with low overhang. It also has a Bosch Powertube 400 or 500 Wh battery depending on the model and a Bosch Performance Line or Bosch Active Line Plus motor. 

The Moustache electric VTC

The Moustaches electric VTC, or multipurpose VAE, are ideal if you alternate between city and country rides. These are the Samedi models. Equipped with wheels size 27 or 28 inches, their tires adapt to the paths and they all have a rear luggage rack. As for the engine, the manufacturer has opted for the Bosch Active Line Plus, Performance Line or Performance Line Cx. 

The MTB electric Moustache (VTTAE)

Moustache Bikes designs various VTTAE: electric mountain bikes that will allow you to venture anywhere and increase the pleasure of your sports outings tenfold. They are ideal for those who do trail riding, mountain biking or riding on rough roads. These are the Samedi models. These MTB have a Bosch Performance Line or Performance Line Cx motor, with a high torque of 65 Nm or 85 Nm, to allow you to climb any hill, without difficulty. 

Moustache electric gravel

An electric gravel bike is designed to be able to go where the thinnerelectric road bike cannot. They are just as practical to use for long road rides as they are on trails and white roads. At Moustache Bikes, these are the Dimanche 29 models. They are equipped with a high-end aluminum frame with a low center of gravity, a Bosch Performance Line motor with 65 Nm of ultra-quiet torque and capable of delivering three times your power and a 500 Wh Powerpack battery. They also feature a single wheel drive and 29-inch wheels.

Moustache electric bike : price 

The price of a Moustache electric bike ranges from 2 299€ for the Saturday 28 model, an electric VTC, to more than 9 000€ for the Saturday 29 Game 11 model, another high-end MTB ideal for trail riding for example. If you don't have the budget and want to buy a cheap Moustache electric bike, opting for a second-hand model can be a good solution.

Tips for successfully purchasing a used Moustache electric bike

Buying a second-hand EAB... Best Value or guaranteed scam? Here's our advice on buying your Moustache electric bike second-hand.

Why buy a used Moustache bike rather than new ?

The main obstacle to buying a Moustache ebike new is often the price. These top-of-the-range electric bikes are not affordable for everyone. Opting for the second-hand market allows you to buy the model of your dreams, at a much lower price than the new version. Choosing to buy second-hand is also an environmentally-friendly attitude: it gives another life to an object that is still fully functional. 

What to check on a used Moustache EAB ?

Before paying for your used Moustache electric bicycle, it is important to check all the parts. Check its general appearance: dirt, sticky grips or deflated tires indicate poor maintenance. In more detail, check the bike's frame, its chain, its tires.

At the level of the electric assistance, the motor and the battery are to be analyzed. Unfortunately, only a visual check will be possible, because a complete control of these parts requires professional equipment. Above all, before you decide, ask to try the EAB to check its global functioning, whether it is a MTB electric Moustache second hand or any other model. 

Another detail: check the size of the bike, which must correspond to your morphology. The disadvantage of second-hand bikes is that there are few choices available at this level.

Where to buy a used Moustache electric bike?

The first solution to buy your used Moustache electric bike is to turn to the private market, with sites like Le Bon Coin, Facebook Marketplace or Troc Vélo. It is possible to make good deals, but unfortunately, if you are not a real connoisseur, it is also easy to be fooled. The main concern of buyers is often the lack of warranty in case of problems. For this type of purchase, avoid delivery, and go in person.

Another way to find your second-hand Moustache ebike is to turn to a professional. This is the case, for example, withUpway, which not only resells used ebikes, but also reconditions each model. We bring used Moustache electric bikes back to life by thoroughly inspecting them and changing any parts that need replacing. This means you can buy a cheap electric bike, refurbished at new and backed by a one-year warranty. Our in-stock products are then delivered straight to your door.

The advantages of buying a VAE from Upway

Buying your used Moustache electric bike from Upway has many advantages. First of all, before arriving in your hands, your Moustache electric bike will have been refurbished by one of our specialized mechanics. The mechanics will go through 20 checkpoints and change any parts that need replacing. We sell reconditioned ebikes in near new condition, at prices 20-60% lower than new, and we have a wide selection of e-bikes eligible for subsidies. Payment is made securely online. You can also opt to pay in 2, 3, 4 or 10 instalments, at no extra cost.

Your Moustache electric bike is under warranty for 12 months: no bad surprises! We provide free delivery of your E-bike anywhere in France and it arrives 95% assembled. You will only need one minute to reassemble the pedals, using the tools we provide.