Peugeot electric bike

Peugeot has been designing electric bikes since 2009. Its models are distinguished by their quality and the very positive feedback from users.

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Peugeot electric bike

Peugeot eM02
Peugeot eM02
2021 1ft75" - 1ft90" 850mi

€1.649,00 €2.549,00 new

Peugeot eR02 Apex
Peugeot eR02 Apex
2018 1ft80" - 1ft95" 465mi

€1.799,00 3.199,00 € new

Peugeot eT01
Peugeot eT01
2020 1ft75" - 1ft90" 2189mi

€2.199,00 €3.699,00 new

Peugeot eM02
Peugeot eM02
2019 1ft85" - 2ft0" 2920mi

€2.399,00 €4.599,00 new

Our used Peugeot electric bikes

Peugeot electric bicycles are made in France. They are the result of a century of know-how and expertise. Accessible to different budgets, they are renowned for their performance and reliability. The brand offers different ranges: Junior, Trekking, Road, City and Mountain, to meet all requirements. 

Refurbished Peugeot ECVs: a safe bet

Upway reconditions Peugeot electric bikes. The brand's models are renowned for their efficiency and quality. The famous French car manufacturer also designs road bikes that are popular with professional cyclists, and puts all its experience at the service of EABs. It designs reliable, well-thought-out models. They are equipped with the latest-generation motors and batteries, notably from Bosch. With different ranges and models, Peugeot caters for all user needs and budgets. Thanks to reconditioning, Peugeot e-bikes become even more accessible to all, with prices 20 to 60% lower than new. 

To preserve all their qualities, Upway reconditions Peugeot VAEs with great care. Each bike we receive undergoes a detailed 20-point inspection. Our team repairs and replaces any mechanical parts that need replacing. Thanks to the work of our professional mechanics, we can offer you used Peugeot e-bikes in a condition as close to new as possible.

The Peugeot electric bike, for which type of cyclist?

Peugeot electric bicycles are designed for urban cyclists who want to get around town easily while protecting the environment. Peugeot electric bikes are ideal for short to long distance trips, from a few kilometers to more than a hundred kilometers!

They are suitable for cyclists of all ages and physical conditions thanks to the adjustable electric assistance. Peugeot's electric bicycles can also be of interest to sport cyclists who want to extend their outings or to beginners who want to get back into cycling gently. For experienced cyclists and hikers, the models in the eTrekking and eMountain ranges offer performance adapted to the sport of electric cycling.

What are the specificities of a Peugeot electric bike?

The Peugeot brand manufactures its electric bikes in France and their quality is tested in a control center. They are equipped with a motor and a Bosch or E-Going battery (semi-integrated or fully integrated battery) with a range of up to 120 km on a single charge. This type of motor allows a maximum speed of 25 km/h and offers different levels of pedaling assistance. 

Peugeot's electric bikes are also distinguished by their elegant design and great riding comfort. The frames are adapted to male and female morphologies. The ergonomic saddles and handles reduce fatigue. The front and rear lights ensure safe riding by day and night. Peugeot electric bikes combine technology, design and comfort.

How to choose your used Peugeot electric bike

Peugeot offers four main ranges of electric bicycles: the eCity and eLegend ranges, dedicated to electric city bikes, the eTrekking range, which includes electric mountain bikes, and the eMountain range, for electric MTB .

Electric bike Peugeot woman 

If you're looking for a Peugeot electric bikefor women, you should know that all Peugeot models are compatible. All of the city bikes in the eCity and eLegend ranges have an open frame that makes it easier to climb, no matter what you're wearing. As for the Peugeot VTC electric bikes, the eT01 CrossOver Equipped D10 and eT01 CrossOver D9 Active Plus models are mixed and have a frame adapted to the female morphology. For a Peugeot electric bike for men, it is also possible to opt for an open frame, which is recommended if you wear a suit, if you frequently get on and off your EAB or if you carry your child in a baby seat on the back.

Peugeot folding electric bike 

For a folding electric bike Peugeot offers the Peugeot eF01 and Peugeot eF02 models. These folding bikes are ideal for city dwellers who use public transportation with their two-wheeler or who need to store it in small spaces (car trunk, landing, balcony, hall closet...). The Peugeot eF01 folding electric bicycle weighs 18.6 kg. Its motorization allows you to reach a speed of 20 km/h and the autonomy of the battery is 30 km. It can be fully recharged in only 2h30.

Peugeot electric bike 45 km/h

Need to go faster? Choose a Peugeot 45 km/h electric bike! Called Speed bikesThese electric bikes are designed to go at full speed. The Peugeot eM02 S is the most powerful speedbike of the Peugeot brand. It easily reaches a speed of 45 km/h thanks to its Bosch Performance Line motor. The autonomy of the Bosch battery makes it possible to carry out 95 km. It is equipped with a Shimano 10-speed derailleur, and 27.5" wheels designed for the road. Attention however: Speed Bikes are considered as class P mopeds by the legislation. They must be registered and insurance is mandatory.

Electric bike VTC Peugeot

The electric bikes VTC Peugeot electric bicycles are designed to accompany you on long-distance rides on trails, but also to facilitate your travel in the city. They are equipped with a motor and a latest generation Bosch battery. The Peugeot ET01 Crossover electric bike is a mixed bike with a Bosch Performance Line motor and a 500 Wh battery for a range of up to 115 km. This top-of-the-range electric bike is sold with its equipment: mudguards, luggage rack, stand, front and rear lighting.

MTBPeugeot electric

You will also find in our range of used Peugeot electric bikes MTB electric. These bikes allow you to venture out on the most difficult and demanding terrains. They offer excellent riding comfort, thanks in particular to their latest generation suspensions, their frames with great resistance to shocks and their high-performance disc brakes. The MTB electric Peugeot EM03 has a sporty look and is good value for money. It is equipped with a semi-integrated battery with a capacity of 500 Wh that allows you to cover about 60 kilometers. It also has a rear hub motor that allows sporty accelerations.

Peugeot electric road bike

Road bikes are for riders who want to travel long distances, mostly on asphalt, and who are not afraid to tackle mountain passes and steep descents. The electric road bike Peugeot ER02 Ultegra PowerTube is perfect for this. It has a 500 Wh Bosch battery with a range of up to 130 km, but also a Bosch Active Line Plus motor. This electric racing bike allows you to conquer the steepest roads thanks to its carbon fork, its Shimano transmission and its tires all seasons Hutchinson. What to benefit from a comfort of driving at the top!

Maintaining your Peugeot electric bicycle

To extend its life, it is important to to maintain your electric bike properly. Peugeot electric bicycle. Thus, regular maintenance includes cleaning after any dirty ride (sand, mud, dust...), lubricating the transmission, but also inflating the tires as often as necessary.

To take care of your used Peugeot electric bike, it is also necessary to check the condition of the transmission components such as the chain, sprockets or chainring. This also applies to the cables and brake pads. 

Finally, to preserve the performance of the battery, it is necessary to disconnect it when not in use for a long time. If you store your electric bicycle outdoors or in a place exposed to cold or hot temperatures, we also recommend that you store the battery indoors. 

What to do with your used Peugeot electric bike?

You don't use your old Peugeot electric bike anymore? Upway offers to buy it back! Sell your electric bike in 5 minutes. You just have to fill in our form, specifying the model, the condition and providing pictures of it. We will then contact you to organize the collection of your used Peugeot electric bike directly at your place. 

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