Specialized electric bike

Specialized is an American bicycle brand founded in 1974 and one of the most prestigious in the world. Its bikes are high quality and innovative. 

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Specialized Used Electric Bikes

Specialized is a pioneering manufacturer of bicycles and electric bikes. The quality of its products and its innovations have allowed it to become one of the most appreciated brands. In the USA, it is the 4th largest manufacturer of high-end bikes.

Specialized refurbished bikes: innovation first!

Find at Upway the best used reconditioned Specialized electric bikes. Founded in 1974 by an American hippie, Mike Sinyard, the Californian brand has never stopped investing in research and development. Its slogan? "Innovate or die"! Here's how this bicycle entrepreneur ended up founding a veritable empire. For example, Specialized has developed patented and registered alloys such as FACT (carbon fiber). It also created the Brain inertia valve and the TSI suspension, which later gave rise to the Futureshock forks and AFR shock absorbers. But above all, Specialized is the brand that created the first MTB for the general public: the Stumpjumper.

In 2009, the American brand developed its first electric bike with the aim of giving cyclists the impression of being on a classic bike, but with the legs of a superhero. Thus was born the Turbo range, containing all Specialized EABs. It includes electric city bikes, electric mountain bikes, electric road bikes and MTB electric bikes

Choosing Your Used Specialized Electric Bike

Upway reconditions used Specialized electric bikes for you, including Specialized VTTAEs. Discover some of our most popular models:

Electric bike Specialized Turbo Levo

The Specialized Turbo Levo VAE: the most responsive full-power electric MTB ever! The Levo pushes the limits of autonomy, offering up to five hours of trail riding. 

Never run out of battery again with Smart Control! It lets you enter the duration or distance of your ride and then manages the level of assistance to finish it with the battery charge available. In the same range, you'll also find the Specialized electric fat bike with the Turbo Levo Comp Fat model, for tackling the roughest terrain.

Electric bike Specialized Turbo Vado

Buy the Specialized Turbo Vado model from our online electric bike store . An electric VTC designed to help you tackle your everyday environment. It quadruples your pedaling power and has a maximum range of 140 km.

The Turbo Vado range of EABs is equipped with a suspended seatpost, larger tires and a suspended fork with 80 mm travel: ideal for both road and trail riding. This top-of-the-range electric bike features anti-theft equipment including the Mission Control application, which deactivates the motor and activates the motion sensor alarm, and a fully integrated, removable and lockable battery.

Electric bike Specialized Turbo Como

The Specialized Como electric bike is an elegant, comfortable electric bike designed for everyday urban use. Equipped with a powerful motor and advanced battery system, it allows you to cover long distances with ease. What's more, this bike is equipped with practical features such as lights, mudguards and a luggage rack.