Electric road bike

An electric road bike offers you great sporty rides while accompanying your climbs and extending the distances covered.

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Why choose an electric road bike?

Electric road bikes, also known as electric racing bikes, have recently arrived in the range of EAB manufacturers. These models help you to cross the highest alpine passes without difficulty, but also to move on various roads, both in the city and in the countryside. They are ideal for riding long distances on flat roads or with hills, while looking for speed. 

The electric road bike allows you to practice cycling occasionally or more intensively. It is above all a bicycle intended for those who wish to use their two wheels for sporting purposes, for the pleasure of riding. Road bike manufacturers offer a range of bikes depending on the type of cycling activity and the type of sport and competition.

The electric road bike, an ideal racing ally

If you are used to watching the Tour de France or other cycling competitions, then you know what a road bike looks like! The electric version of a road bike is very similar to the classic road bike. However, it allows everyone to travel long distances and enjoy the pleasure of riding, even if you have little endurance. 

An electric motor for a road bike provides two types of assistance. The first one is active up to 25 km/h: it allows the cyclist to be helped while pedaling and thus to reduce his efforts. The assistance stops automatically once the 25 km/h is reached. There are also electric road bikes that can reach 45 km/h: they are called speed bikes They are called s, but they have specific regulations. The ideal type of route for an electric road bike is mainly on asphalt, because its tires fine are not designed to venture on stony paths.

Please note that electric road bikes are not allowed in competition. However, they may be allowed during tours and cyclosportives.

What are the specifics of a good electric road bike?

A good electric road bike must meet several technical characteristics. First of all, it is a bike with a light frame, whose total weight is generally about fifteen kilos. Thus, an electric road bike motor must be as light as possible. This ebike must also have good aerodynamics, in order to have little wind resistance and to allow the cyclist to quickly reach a top speed and to maintain it. 

Historic road bikes usually don't have suspension. However, in recent years, manufacturers have been trying to incorporate suspension into some models. The purpose of a suspension is to provide more comfort and better control on rough terrain. That's why many road bikes don't have suspension: it's not necessarily necessary for these two-wheelers, which tend to ride on asphalt. 

The road bike is also a rigid bike that also has a narrow seat, thin wheels and thin tires that generate low friction with the ground. Designed to ride fast and tackle the steepest climbs, it has several gears and is very recognizable thanks to its typical curved handlebars. This allows the rider to adopt several riding positions, including the horizontal position, which offers maximum aerodynamics.

What are the different types of electric road bikes?

Road bike manufacturers offer different models, depending on the type of practice of the cyclist and his profile. There are 6 main categories of electric road bikes: cyclosport bikes, cyclo-cross bikes, multipurpose bikes, aerodynamic bikes, gravel bikes and touring bikes. Since electric road bikes are not allowed to compete, there are no specific models for this purpose. 

Electric sport bike

The electric sport bike visually resembles a racing bike, except that it has a less plunging frame. It is the ideal road bike for long distances with speed, while being comfortable. It's the perfect kind of bike for high mountain rides, hill climbs and long descents. 

Electric cyclo-cross bike

The electric cyclo-cross bike is a road bike that is very similar to a gravel bike. However, it will be more at ease than the latter on muddy grounds. Cyclo-cross is a sport that is particularly popular in the winter in Belgium, the Netherlands and France. It requires a responsive bike with a smaller frame than a gravel bike. 

Multipurpose electric road bike

A versatile electric road bike is primarily based on comfort, which allows you to ride fast and long, while being stable. The main objective: the pleasure of riding! This type of bike is rigid and appeals to hikers.

Aerodynamic electric road bike 

The aerodynamic electric road bike has a wide, slim frame to give the rider high speed. These are lightweight frame models that usually have all the wiring integrated and are aerodynamically designed to reach top speed quickly. 

Electric gravel bike

The electric gravel bikes are designed for a practice oscillating between the road and the MTB, favourable with the adventure. Their electrification allows to free oneself from physical constraints and these models meet a great success. An electric gravel bike has a long wheelbase, allowing a relaxed and more comfortable position, ideal for long trips. 

Electric road bike for touring 

Cycle touring is the most common form of cycling among road bike enthusiasts. A good touring road bike should be comfortable. Its objective is not to allow you to break records, but rather to enjoy the effort and the landscapes. The electric assistance makes this practice accessible to all and offers you a smooth ride among the most beautiful places!

Women's electric road bike

If the bikes are generally mixed, there are however electric bikes for womendesigned specifically for the female body type. This is the case of the Lapierre e-Sensium 2.2 Femme. This electric road bike has a geometry adapted to women cyclists, with flat handlebars, and comes in three different sizes. Its aluminum frame offers a very comfortable ride and it has several gears (9 in total). This bike is equipped with an EbikeMotion X35 electric assistance placed in the hub of the rear wheel. Its motor provides a flexible assistance, allowing a soft driving. Its 250 Wh battery is fully integrated into its lightweight frame, with a limited extra weight of 3.5 kg. In total, the Lapierre e-Sensium 2.2 electric road bike for women weighs 14.5 kg.

High-end electric road bike

If you're looking for the best electric road bike, you're bound to find what you're looking for among the high-end electric road bikes. Sold at over 6,000€ and with prices sometimes approaching 12,000€, these EABs are aimed at cycling enthusiasts, who practice assiduously. 

Among them, you will find the electric road bike Wilier Triestina Cento10 hybrid: an aerodynamically perfect bike with fully integrated equipment and exceptional lightness. Its lightweight carbon frame weighs only 1,340 g! It looks just like a traditional racing bike. Yet in the hub of its rear wheel is a Mahle Ebike Motion motor with 40 Nm of torque. It also has a 250 Wh battery that can be supplemented with an additional 210 Wh battery. It offers a choice of a large number of gears. Behind its handlebars, nothing stops you!

Where to find a cheap electric road bike?

Because of its advanced technical features, the price of an electric road bike generally ranges from €2,500 to over €8,000. However, there are some good deals to be had when it comes to buying an inexpensive electric road bike. Upway reconditions the best used electric road bikes for you. Thanks to the meticulous work of our specialized mechanics, you'll enjoy an e-bike in near new condition, for 20% to 60% less! Another plus: Upway offers you a one-year warranty on the battery, motor and electronics.

It is also possible to benefit from a cheap electric road bike by applying for government aid. Our bikes are indeed eligible. This allows you to benefit from an appreciable help to facilitate your mobility. 

Finally, another solution: opt for an electric kit for road bike. It will allow you to transform your classic road bike into a real electric bike. The electric motor kits for road bikes often have small batteries, designed not to weigh down the bike too much, one of the main characteristics of which is lightness. 

How to choose a used electric road bike?

At Upway, we offer a wide range of products, including used electric road bikes from Sunn or Giant. Each bike is refurbished by a professional mechanic: an expert checks 20 points and replaces anything that needs replacing. Your used electric road bike is delivered to your home and comes with a 1-year warranty. You get a 14-day trial period, and if you're not satisfied, you can return your bike.

To choose the right electric road bike for you, it is important to look at the motor and the battery (especially its capacity, expressed in watt-hours). 

This type of bike offers an autonomy allowing beautiful outings of 50 to 100 kilometers or more. This is for example the case of the Cannondale electric road bikes. If your routes are uneven and your physical condition is not at its best, it is in your best interest to opt for a powerful used electric road bike.

When choosing your road bike, keep in mind that your ideal position should be reclined, or even lying down, to take the strain off your shoulders and back, especially when riding long distances. 

Of course, it is also important to choose an electric road bike that fits your height and to adjust the height of your saddle properly. To determine the ideal height, measure your inseam length and multiply it by 0.885 Example: 50 cm (inseam length) x 0.885 = 44.25 cm (saddle height) . For optimal comfort, the saddle should be as close to your hips as possible. This means that when you sit on it, the tips of your feet should always be able to touch the ground.

When to use your electric road bike?

Electrically-assisted road bikes allow you to ride in places that were perhaps previously inaccessible to you because of your physical condition. Designed for all types of road cycling (touring, cyclosportive, performance), they are bikes designed for speed and long distances. 

Therefore, to ensure the safety of your used electric road bike outings, in addition to wearing a helmet helmetgloves and goggles, it's also crucial to have equipment in excellent working order, such as high-performance brakes and electric headlights. For your safety, on all our reconditioned models, Upway replaces wearing parts that are not in equivalent condition to new.

How to maintain your electric road bike?

Like all bicycles, your electric bike requires regular maintenance. This starts with regular cleaning of your two-wheeler, especially after a dirty ride, lubrication of the transmission and regular inflation of your tires. It is also important to monitor the wear of the various transmission components (chain, sprockets, chainring...), brake pads and cables. 

As for the battery, remember to remove it when not in use for several days or when stored in a cold or hot place.