How to choose your electric bike

Our guide tells you all about the best way to choose your ideal electric bike

Woman on her speed bike : a very fast electric bike.

1. Determine the use of your electric bicycle

The electric city bike

The electric city bike is perfectly suited for regular use on short to medium distance road trips.

This is the most suitable type of bike for daily commuting in the city : your position is upright for more comfort, and the frame is often open (called a gooseneck) for easier mounting and dismounting of your bike.

Most city bikes also allow you to easily fit a basket for carrying light items, as well as a rear rack for your panniers or a child seat.

The electric All Road bike

If you're also looking for longer-distance rides, including dirt roads for outings in the countryside and forests, the electric mountain bike is for you.

The VTC offers a perfect balance between daily urban use and regular rides on the road. Its slightly wider tires , frame and suspension offer more comfort on uneven terrain, while maintaining a comfortable position in town.

The electric mountain bike (MTB)

The choice of MTB is recommended for off-road sports.

Less versatile than the VTC, the electric MTB is essential if you want to make sporty outings in the mountains or on rough roads .

The geometry of the frame, the type of tire, the choice of engine and all the equipment have been designed for a practice that favours performance.

The electric folding bike

The electric folding bike is a city bike that folds very compactly in a few simple steps. 

This allows it to be transported by train and public transport or simply to be stored at home while saving space.

It is very suitable for short and medium distance road use.

2. Check the size of your electric bicycle

For every refurbished bike offered for sale on Upway, we specify the minimum and maximum recommended sizein the description of each model. The seat height and handlebar adjustments will then allow you to to adapt the bike precisely to your morphology.

For city bikes, mountain bikes, cargo bikes and folding bikes, these size ranges are wider, with some even offering a single size suitable for people between 1.60 and 1.90 metres tall. 

For the most technical and high end electric bikes, for example the road bikes for sports, it is recommended to check your inseam length as well to choose your frame size as finely as possible. For these products, we provide details of the recommended frame sizes.

Remember: with Upway, you have a 14-day trial period during which you can return your garment, for example if it doesn't fit.

3. Choose your battery life

The capacity of your battery determines how far you can travel on a full charge.

The autonomy of your battery can vary according to the weight of your load (luggage, child), the relief of your route, or the wind encountered. This is why the manufacturers inform you of a range of expected autonomy in average conditions.

For urban use, check the distance of your daily commute. In most cases, a range of 30 to 50 km is quite sufficient and you will only need to recharge your battery once to three times a week.

If you want to ride for several hours or in conditions that consume more energy (steep climb, loaded bike with child, strong wind), we recommend a range of 60 to 90 km.

Reminder: at Upway, the battery life of each bike is diagnosed. When necessary, the battery is reconditioned or replaced, to restore autonomy as close as possible to the original level. Each battery is guaranteed for 1 year.

4. Identify the location of the motor and battery

Your motor can be located in the front wheel, in the rear wheel or at the bottom bracket.

When the motor is located in the front or rear wheel, the accompaniment of effort tends to be relatively binary : the motor activates fully when you pedal, regardless of pedaling force. This can make starting easier, but some find the accompaniment less smooth.

When located in the pedal assembly, your motor often provides more progressive assistance: the level of assistance accompanies the force with which you press the pedals.

The battery can be located on the frame or on the rear rack of your bike.

A rack-mounted battery is perfectly suited for a city bike and a touring practice.

When located on the frame, the battery allows the centre of gravity to be lower and more centred on the bike, thus increasing riding comfort. This can be useful for VTC use, and becomes essential in the case of sporty MTB or road bike use.

With Upway, the position of the motor on each refurbished electric bike is specified in the product description, and the position of the battery is clearly visible in the photos.

5. Define your budget

Less than €1000
The reconditioned electric bikes under 1000€ correspond to theentry-level manufacturers' products, offered at reduced prices.

Their equipment is simple and efficient, the battery life is suitable for short journeys, the electronics are visible outside the frame and the design is often simplistic.

These bikes are suitable for light use over short distances, especially in the city.
€1000 to €2000
In the mid-range, the choice of electric bikes increases and their quality is higher.

The equipment is more durable and the finishes more refined.

You get access to the most reliable historical brands, the battery life is longer and the engine is more responsive.

The offer ranges from the elegant city bike to the versatile VTC and MTB.

More than €2000
Above 2000€, there are high-end reconditioned electric bikes.

They benefit from the most modern equipment, their reliability allows them to travel very long distances with complete peace of mind, and they offer the highest level of comfort and performance.

They are particularly suitable for frequent or intensive use. They are also popular with sportsmen looking for technical equipment, or cyclists looking for the best design.

Ready to make your choice?

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