The 10 best electric folding bikes of 2023

The folding electric bike is very practical if you frequently use public transport while carrying your two-wheeler, but also if you need to store your VAE in cramped places (car boot, small apartment, landing...). Here's our selection of the 10 best folding electric bikesYou can get them at a discounted price in refurbished versions at Upway.

Ahooga folding electric bike: ultra light

With only 13 kg on the scale (for the 24 V model, motor and battery included), the folding electric bike from Ahooga is currently among the lightest on the market! 2 seconds are enough to fold it partially and thus to take it with you in the public transport. Only 10 seconds are needed for the complete folding. Available in 215 colors, this folding VAE will put some pep in your daily life! The 24 V model has a 168 Wh battery that allows up to 50 km and a torque of 35 Nm. This folding ebike is ideal for city trips.

Ahooga is a Belgian brand born in 2015 that designs lightweight hybrid electric bikes that can be used both with and without electric assistance. Its bikes are built by their engineers and assembled in the manufacturer's Brussels workshop. 

Brompton Electric C Line: designed by the pioneers of the folding bike

What could be better than Bromptonthe British bicycle brand that pioneered the manufacture of folding bikes, to buy your EAB? The Brompton Electric C Line is the most compact folding electric bike in the world! It benefits from the Brompton folding system, invented by the brand itself. It is an original 3-part folding system, allowing you to transform your folding EAB into a small compact unit in 20 seconds. Very robust, it offers 6 speeds. It is equipped with a hub motor and a 300 Wh battery (rechargeable in 4 hours, or 2 hours with the Brompton SuperFast charger) allowing you to ride up to 70 km. The Brompton Electric C Line offers 3 levels of assistance and includes a smart sensor that allows you to be helped at the right moments.

Brompton bicycles are handmade by the manufacturer's teams in London and Sheffield. They are meticulously designed and incorporate custom components. 

Eovolt Confort: folding EAB easy to carry

With its BMX-inspired look, the folding electric bike Eovolt Confort folding electric bike has an original style. It benefits from a folding system designed by the brand itself: the Fold & Go. Only 10 seconds are necessary to give it the format of a small suitcase on wheels, ultra convenient in public transport. The Eovolt Confort folding bike is hand assembled in France. It is equipped with large tires and 20 inches wheels, allowing to absorb the roughness of the road and offering an excellent stability. It is equipped with a Samsung battery that allows to travel up to 100 km. Its Brushless motor offers 5 levels of assistance. This VAE is as comfortable with or without the use of the electric assistance.

Eovolt is a French brand created in 2018. It specializes in the design of folding electric bikes for the city, known for their lightness and practicality. 

Tern Vektron: the ideal folding bike for urban travel

The Tern Vektron is a folding electric bike that has been constantly improved by the brand in recent years. Regularly named as the best folding bike on the market, some even call it "the Mercedes S-Class of the EAB". It only takes 10 seconds to fold it and take it everywhere with you. It is a very comfortable folding bike, equipped with a luggage rack on which you can even attach a child seatwithout the need for an adapter. It has a Bosch Performance Line motor and a Bosch PowerPack or Bafang M400 Drive System battery, and can travel up to 130 km. The Tern Vektron is suitable for people between 1m47 and 1m95, with equal comfort.

Often quoted in the trade press, Tern is a brand of folding electric bikes born in 2011. Of American origin, it is based in Taiwan. It is committed to a sustainable approach to its bikes. 

Venilu Urbana One: the lightweight folding electric bike

The Venilu Urbana One is a single-speed folding electric bike with a rear wheel drive motor that develops 45 Nm of torque. Weighing only 13.6 kg and with its ultra-compact size, it is easy to carry around and can be efficiently navigated in the city. Its battery recharges in only 3 hours and allows you to travel up to 60 km. Easy to handle and very maneuverable, the Venilu Urbana One is also equipped with a luggage rack and mudguards. It offers a choice of five levels of assistance. Braking is safe, thanks to its hydraulic disc brakes. 

Venilu is a Belgian electric bike brand born in 2017. It designs well-equipped EABs that are designed to make everyday travel easier. 

O2feel Ipeps Fold Up : perfect for the city

The folding electric bike O2feel Ipeps Fold Up is the ally of city dwellers. This EAB is equipped with the new IPowerFit battery integrated in the seat tube, whose autonomy goes up to 100 km and can be doubled with the purchase of a second battery, thanks to the iPowerFit Duo system. On the motor side, it has the Brushless Shimano E5000 developing a torque of 40 Nm and located at the front wheel. The O2feel Ipeps Fold Up offers a choice of 6 assistance modes. Its Nexus 3-speed derailleur allows you to shift gears even when stopped, without risk of derailing. Another asset: its worked look. It has very nice finishes and is easy to step over thanks to its low frame.

O2feel is a French brand created in 2009 that combines design and innovation in its electric bikes. It is the only brand on the European market to design and develop its own batteries. It also works with Shimano France to equip its VAE.

Cheap folding electric bike : Btwin TILT 500 E

Decathlon's folding electric bike, the Btwin Tilt 500 E, is a low-cost folding electric bike. Sold new at less than €1,000it allows you to cover up to 35 km with electric assistance and is ideal for short urban trips, for example as a velotaf. It folds in 15 seconds and offers a choice of 6 speeds. It is equipped with a Brushless rear wheel motor developing 26 Nm of torque. Electric assistance is controlled by a pedaling sensor. Its 187 Wh battery is located on the frame. The well-designed Btwin Tilt 500 E is compatible with a range of accessories, including a luggage rack, carrying bag, child trailers and baby carriers from the same brand.

Developed by Decathlon, the sports retailer, Btwin is one of the best-selling brands in France. Btwin bikes are all designed in France, in the heart of Flanders.

Moma Bikes E-20 Pro: the folding mixed bike with excellent autonomy

The Moma Bikes E-20 Pro is a stylish and reliable folding electric bike with an excellent range of 120 km, with a removable battery built into the frame and rechargeable in 4 hours. Ideal for your trips in town or in the countryside, it is powered by a Brushless motor with a torque of 55 Nm and benefits from a light aluminum frame. It is a very well equipped bike: LED lighting at the front and rear, rear rack integrated into the frame, mudguard, kickstand, bell, comfortable seat, ergonomic handles and adjustable stem.

Moma is a Spanish brand appreciated for its very good quality-price ratio. Its bikes are made in Europe. 

Folding electric bike for the mountain under 1 000€ : Hitway BK6

If you're a keen mountain biker with limited space to store and/or move your electric bike, and a small budget, the Hitway BK6 is for you! Sold at new for less than €600, this folding VAE features a powerful motor developing 55 Nm of torque. Its battery will give you a range of up to 40 km. With its 14-inch-wide tires , comfortable saddle and shock-absorbing fork, it's suitable for all types of road. Dual-disc brakes ensure safe braking. The Hitway BK6 features a 7-speed Shimano acceleration system. A real nugget for the price of this ebike!

RadMini 4 : folding electric fat bike

The RadMini 4 is a mid-range folding electric fat bike. It can be used on all types of terrain, thanks to its oversized and puncture-proof 20-inch tires . Slopes and climbs won't scare it! It offers a choice of 7 speeds, folds quickly and also has an integrated stop light that lights up when braking. This folding bike is equipped with a motor located in the rear wheel developing a torque of 80 Nm and a Bafang battery of 672 Wh, allowing to achieve up to 72 km. 

Rad Power Bikes is the largest brand of electric bikes in the United States. It specializes in the design of competitively priced electric fat bikes, allowing everyone to ride on all types of terrain.