Essential accessories to equip and protect your electric bike

Protecting my bike from theft

Choosing the right lock

We can't stress this enough: at the very least, invest in a U-shaped lock. It's generally recommended to invest around 10% of the purchase price of your bike in its protection. A good lock pays for itself from the very first attempt at theft, even if you'll never know it because your bike is well protected!

U-shaped locks

This is the lock we prefer when it comes to serious investment in your bike's security. The difference between the different U-shaped locks is mainly due to :

1. Shackle dimensions: the shackle should encircle both the fixed point (street furniture) and the bike frame, and if possible the rear wheel as well. A wider/longer shackle will enable you to multiply the number of fixed points to which you can attach yourself (lampposts, barriers, etc.).

2. The desired level of protection: for example, thicker handles will be more resistant to attempted theft.

Bear in mind that the bigger and stronger the lock, the heavier it will be. Some locks can weigh over two kilograms.

If your electric bike is going to be parked outside in town for extended periods (especially at night), we strongly recommend using an additional lock to protect the front wheel on the frame. You can use a smaller U-shaped lock, a chain or a cable (in order of strength).

The priority: the U-shaped lock protects the frame and rear wheel at a fixed point

In urban environments and/or at night, protecting your front wheel is essential.

Our selection of U-shaped locks

125 €

Safety level: Kryptonite 9/10

149 €

Safety level: Kryptonite 10/10

The rear wheel lock for short stops

Also known as a frame lock, this is a horseshoe-shaped lock that locks the rear wheel to the frame. This type of lock is very sturdy and a useful complement to a U-shaped lock. It's best used for "minute" stops, although we recommend that you always secure the bike frame to a fixed point with a U-shaped lock, whatever the length of your stop.

The anti-theft chain

The Kryptonite chains we offer offer similar strength to a U-lock, and have the advantage of being longer than U-locks, which can be handy if your attachment point requires a total length of over 1 meter.
Their only drawback is their weight. They are about twice as heavy as a U-shaped lock, but can be transported simply by wrapping it around the seat tube, for example.

Our selection of rear wheel locks and anti-theft chains

129 €

Safety level: Kryptonite 9/10

The folding anti-theft device

Folding locks have long been less reliable than U-locks. The German brand Abus has developed a range offering high levels of protection. Their main advantage: they can be folded, making them less cumbersome to store and transport than U-locks or chains.

Securing my bike with a lock

Buying the right anti-theft device is only the first step: after that, you need to take a number of precautions to secure your bike properly. 

A few important rules:
1. The bike must be attached to a fixed point that is difficult to cut, if possible in a busy, well-lit area if it is to be parked there at night.
2. Protect the frame first, then the rear wheel, and finally the front wheel.
3. Hang your bike preferably high up (at least 50 cm from the ground), with the lock facing downwards.
4. Always lock your bike, even for short stops or if it's indoors. Half of all thefts take place at home (cellar, garage, building hall, etc.).

Last update: August 30, 2023