Buying an electric bike in my size

Buying an electric bike online can be a source of anxiety when it comes to finding one that perfectly fits your size and position preferences. Don't worry, at Upway we've found a simple and effective way to make sure you get a bike that's just right for you. Just follow the guide!

How is your size recommendation calculated? Why does it sometimes differ from the data supplied by the manufacturer?

In the majority of cases, manufacturers do not directly indicate a minimum and maximum height (e.g. "from 1m70 to 1m85") on the bike frame. We then take a precise measurement of each bike's seat tube size in our workshop - to calculate the distance between the bottom bracket axle and the base of the saddle - and convert it into a minimum and maximum size, taking into account the fact that the saddle can be adjusted.

In other words, the minimum size indicated by Upway guarantees that you'll be able to put your foot on the ground when the saddle is adjusted to its lowest setting. This data has also been cross-referenced with thousands of measurements of bikes that have already passed through our workshops: so you can trust our recommendations to be sure that the bike will fit you.

Simplified sizes (S, M, L...) are sometimes used by manufacturers to make their catalogs easier to understand. We display them when they are written directly on the bike frame or on the manufacturer's website, and calculate them ourselves when the manufacturer doesn't supply them. In any case, this is often not a very reliable indicator, as the sizes covered vary widely between each manufacturer (a bit like for clothes).

💡 A t Upway, you have 14 days following receipt of your bike to return it to us. If you find that the electric bike doesn't fit or the position doesn't suit you, simply get in touch with our team to arrange for your bike to be returned to our workshops.

There are several sizes available: which one should I choose?

If two different-sized models are available, we recommend that our customers select the smaller of the two. It's always possible to raise the saddle, while it's impossible to lower it further.

If you are slightly under the minimum size (or over the maximum size) indicated on our site, it is very likely that the bike will not fit you. In this case, use the "Size" filter to view only those bikes whose size is right for you.

What is the saddle tube size indicated on your site?

The seat tube is the part of the frame running from the center of the bottom bracket to the saddle clamp. In part, it determines the bike's geometry. If you already know the size of your seat tube (for example, by measuring the size of your old bike), you can compare it with the one available on our product sheets. 

If not, simply follow our size recommendations, which are much easier to read.

Last update: August 30, 2023