Which electric bike to choose? Our 5 step guide

Find out what our experts have to say about choosing the right electric bike for your needs.

1. Determine the use of your electric bicycle

To start with, the most important thing is to define the type of activity you are going to do with your electric bike: 

The electric city bike

It is perfectly suited for regular use on short to medium distance road trips. We recommend it for your home-work commutes. They are particularly practical because you can attach a basket or a child seat.

The electric All Road bike

If you use it in the city but also want to ride for longer distances, even on dirt roads, then the electric hybrid bike is for you. 

The electric mountain bike (MTB)

The choice of MTB is recommended for sport practice off-road because all the equipment has been designed to give priority to performance over comfort.

The electric folding bike

Perfect for being transported or simply to be stored at home, it is very suitable for short or medium distance use on the road.

The electric cargo bike

If you wish to transport several children or larger volumes, the cargo bike allows you to carry heavy loads while maintaining your comfort and safety.

2. Check the size of your electric bicycle

For maximum comfort, it is important to buy an electric bike in your size.
For each reconditioned bike offered for sale on Upway, we specify the minimum and maximum recommended height in the description of each model. The seat height and handlebar adjustments will then allow you to adapt the bike precisely to your position.

3. Choose the battery life you need

The capacity of your battery determines the distance you can travel on a full charge. It is important to bear in mind that your battery life may vary depending on the weight of your load (luggage, children), the terrain of your route, the wind or the pressure of your tires. This is why manufacturers give you a range of expected autonomy in average conditions. Larger batteries are generally more expensive, so it is wise to choose a range that matches your needs.

4. Identify the location of the motor and battery

When your motor is located in the wheel, it may offer easier starting, but some find the ride less smooth.
For most non-sporting uses, the motor in the crankset tends to be more common as it is more progressive.
A battery on a carrier is perfectly suitable for a city bike, while a battery on the frame places the centre of gravity at a lower point and becomes essential for sporty mountain biking or road cycling.

5. Define your budget

Electric bike manufacturers offer a range of products from the low end at €500 to the very high end at over €3000. How to find your way around?

New electric bikes from €500 to €1200 

They correspond to the entry level of the manufacturers. Their equipment is basic, the battery life is reduced, the electronics are visible outside the frame and the design is simplistic. Suitable for light use over short distances, especially in the city, they will be less robust in the long term or when used over long distances.

New electric bikes from €1200 to €1800 

In the mid-range, the choice and quality of electric bikes increases. The equipment is more durable and the finishes more refined. You'll find a wider range of choices, from stylish city bikes to versatile mountain bikes.

New electric bikes from €1800 to €2500

You enter the higher quality ranges. You get access to the most reliable historical brands, the battery life is longer, the motor accompanies you in a more sensitive and comfortable way.

New electric bicycles over €2500

These bikes are particularly high-end, suitable for specific and technical sports use or for premium positioning due to their design, for example. 


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