Family bike

Do you have small children and are you looking for a bike that gives you extra support as a mother or father? Then choose an electric bike for mom.

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Electric bike for mothers: the ideal solution for families

An electric bike for mothers has many other names: mom bike, family bike or family bike. Originally, this bike was designed for mothers, but in our emancipated society, fathers also sometimes take their children to school or to sports activities. A mother's bike is simply an electric bike for anyone who wants to go for a ride with their children.

But what distinguishes an electric bike for mothers from other electric bikes?

The characteristics of an electric bike for moms

An electric bike for moms differs from normal electric bikes in the following areas:

  1. A low and spacious access
  2. A stronger frame to support a heavy load
  3. Wide handlebars
  4. A front and/or rear seat
  5. Extra space for accessories
  6. The possibility of carrying up to 2 children
  7. Wide tires and radii
  8. A double crutch
  9. Powerful brakes or dual hand brakes
  10. A steering lock

Used electric bike for moms

Upway renovates used electric bikes for moms. All electric bikes undergo a 20-point inspection by one of our mechanics. Opting for a used electric bike for moms is economical and long-lasting. At Upway, moms' bikes are up to 60% cheaper than new. What's more, you're helping the environment. Instead of taking the car, you take the bike, which reduces emissions of harmful substances.

The best electric bike for moms

You can often find the best electric moms bikes in theUpway product range. Here are our tips for choosing the perfect bike for moms:

  1. Choose a high quality motor system and determine the power of your motor.
  2. Choose an extra strong carrier and determine how many children you want to carry.
  3. Make sure your mommy bike is extra stable and safe: choose a steering lock, a double stand and powerful brakes. Preferably hydraulic or disc brakes.
  4. Determine how many miles you will drive daily and weekly. Do you commute often to take the kids to school or to sports activities? Then you'll need a bike with a longer range.

If you want to transport two or more children, an electric cargo bike may be a better choice.