Keola electric bike

Keola is one of the largest producers of electric bicycles in the Netherlands and offers models with a very good price-quality ratio.

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Used electric bikes Keola

Keola's used electric bicycles are made in the Netherlands and are designed with high quality components. The brand is particularly committed to testing every bike it produces, in order to deliver to its customers EABs that are free of defects and meet their requirements perfectly. 

The advantages of reconditioned Keola ECVs

Upway reconditions Keola electric-assist bicycles, two wheels that are both sporty and comfortable. We all know how passionate the Dutch are about cycling, so what better way to meet your electric bike needs than with a brand that comes directly from the Netherlands?

The brand offers EABs with a central motor or one located on the front wheel. The central motor has the advantage of distributing the weight evenly over the electric bike and offering a little more power. Thanks to force sensors, the assistance fully adapts to your pedalling rhythm and offers a natural ride. 

Models equipped with a motor in the front wheel enable you to benefit from electric assistance as soon as the pedals make a turn, and different levels of assistance are available. These electric bikes reconditioned by Upway are lighter and recommended if you suffer from minor aches and pains during effort, or if you need particular support during acceleration. 

At Upway, you'll find the Keola brand of reconditioned electric city bikeswith a resolutely urban look and equipped with luggage racks. As pleasant as they are easy to ride, they'll make all your journeys easier, whether long or short.

How to choose your used Keola electric bike

To choose your Keola used electric bike at Upway, you need to think about how you'll use it. 

Your choice of motor will allow you to be assisted throughout your journey, no matter how hard you pedal. 

You should also pay close attention to battery life. To do this, determine how many kilometers you want to cover on a daily basis with your EAB, and choose a battery with a range that matches your needs. For example, the Keola 717F Urban Nexus 3 and Keola 717F Urban Nexus 7 available from Upway give you a range of up to 80 km. 

If you are used to carrying things with you and the rear rack is not enough for you, Keola also offers a special "transport" model, the Keola 717F Nexus Transport, with two racks: one at the rear and one at the front. It is a perfect EV for carrying your shopping or luggage.