Cannondale electric bike

Cannondale is an American bicycle manufacturer with a worldwide reputation for innovation and quality.

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The Cannondale bicycle brand is known for its often surprising creations, which have been adopted by many other manufacturers. For its electric bikes, the brand has chosen to combine its know-how with that of equipment manufacturers such as Bosch. The aim: to create an EAB that combines design, reliability and durability.

Discover our range of Cannondale electric bikes and take advantage of the performance and battery life offered by this brand.

Cannondale reconditioned ECVs: a wide choice of models

Upway reconditions Cannondale electric bikes: a brand with products as innovative as they are iconic. The bicycle manufacturer has forged a reputation for reliability and durability: it's a figurehead of American know-how. It is best known for its design of carbon bicycle frames and MTB .

Cannondale has drawn on its expertise to develop a range of electric bikes suitable for different types of use, such as road bikes, mountain bikes, fitness bikes and city bikes. The manufacturer has succeeded in creating electric bikes that offer a pleasant riding experience and optimum performance. It also pays particular attention to battery autonomy and accessories that make life easier for cyclists, such as luggage racks, mudguards and integrated lighting.

The best Cannondale used electric bikes

Today, Cannondale electric bikes are appreciated for their quality, reliability and versatility, whether for commuting, sports outings or dedicated mountain getaways. Used Cannondale electric bikes are an excellent alternative for those wishing to acquire a quality EAB at an affordable price.

Among the best used Cannondale electric bikes to be found refurbished at Upway is the Cannondale Quick Neo EAB. This top-of-the-range electric VTC features a Bosch Active Line Plus motor and a 500 Wh battery integrated into the frame. It can cover up to 100 km in complete autonomy. Marketed at new from €3,800, it can be found for a small price in a reconditioned version.

Here are a few other popular models.

Cannondale Tesoro

The Cannondale Tesoro Neo SL EQ electric-assist bike is another VTC with more city accessories, including a luggage rack. Lightweight and versatile, it's perfect for all your daily commutes, in town or country. It's available with a low frame, for a Cannondale women's or mixed electric bike, but also with a high frame. Its Mahle motorization gives you a range of up to 75 km. The price of this Cannondale electric bike is €2,600 new. The bike's low weight (just 16.95 kg) means it can also be used without electric assistance.

Cannondale Mavaro

Last but not least, the Cannondale Mavaro Néo 5+ was the talk of the town when it was released in 2021. Described as a "revolution bike", it belongs to the e-urban range. This top-of-the-range VAE is at home on roads and trails. It features a very open aluminum frame, a Bosch Active Line Plus motor with 50 Nm torque and a 625 Wh battery, for an exceptional range of up to 120 km! Its HeadShok fork smoothes out bumps and offers the most pleasant ride possible. Its wheels are equipped with tires Schwalbe Big Ben.