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Upway offers you a wide choice of reconditioned VAEs to help you find the best electric bike brand for your needs. Whether you're looking for a French electric bike brand, a German electric bike brand or a folding electric bike brand, you'll find what you're looking for in our range of bikes.

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Why is the choice of your electric bike brand important?

The choice of an electric bike brand depends on many criteria such as the quality-price ratio, the performance, the power or the design of the bike. It is essential to choose a brand that offers a range of electric bikes that meet your expectations, whether you are looking for an electric VTC, electric city bike, MTB or an electric speed bike.

The electric bicycle brands offer various models, some of which are equipped with advanced technologies. Depending on the models and the brand's choices, you will find EABs offering a more or less important battery autonomy, a variable riding comfort and an ergonomics more or less adapted to your needs.

Why choose one brand of electric bike over another?

Some electric bike brands stand out for their innovation, design or price-quality ratio. Others are specialized in a particular segment. For example, the Liv brand is entirely dedicated to female cyclists, with electric bikes designed for women.

There are several French electric bike brands that offer high-end models with a high-performance motor and a dedicated mobile application, such as Moustache Bikes or Peugeot Cycles. German electric bike brands stand out for their robustness, such as Riese & Müller or Cube.

It is therefore important to choose a brand of electric bike according to your specific needs and expectations in terms of performance, design and comfort.

Criteria to consider when choosing an electric bicycle brand

Choosing the right brand of electric bike is crucial to ensure an optimal experience when riding. There are several criteria to consider, including the performance and power of the bike.

Indeed, a brand offering electric bikes with efficient motors will offer you pedaling assistance adapted to your needs and enough power to face climbs and long distances. Battery life is also a key factor, as it determines how far you can travel on your electric bike.

Other important aspects to consider are the comfort and ergonomics of the EAB. Each brand has its own approach to design and riding comfort, and it is essential to choose one that meets your expectations in terms of ergonomics and riding position.

Finally, value for money is of course a determining factor in choosing your electric bike brand. Some brands stand out for their excellent value for money, offering quality electric bikes at affordable prices. This is notably the case for Decathlon or Nakamura EABs. Be sure to compare the offers and features of the different brands to determine which one suits you best.

French electric bike brands

In addition to Moustache Bikes and Peugeot Cycles, several other French electric bike brands stand out. O2Feel, for example, offers innovative electric bikes, with urban models and MTB electric bikes with powerful motors and impressive autonomy.

Gitane is also an emblematic brand of cycling in France. It offers a varied and accessible range of electric bikes, adapted to different types of cyclists and uses.

German electric bike brands

Among the German electric bicycle brands, Kalkhoff stands out for the quality and reliability of its bicycles, which are suitable for everyday use in urban areas. Kalkhoff models are equipped with powerful motors and long-lasting batteries, offering an excellent range.

Bullsanother German brand, offers a diverse range of electric bikes, from MTB to city bikes and trekking bikes. Bulls bikes are renowned for their performance and durability, thanks to the use of quality components and advanced technologies.

The most popular electric bike brands on the market

There are many EV brands making a name for themselves in the market from various countries. For example, in the U.S., the Rad Power Bikes brand offers versatile and affordable electric bikes with excellent range and impressive performance for urban commuting and leisure. In China, Xiaomi, better known for its smartphones, has also entered the electric bike business, with a focus on technological innovation and modern design.

In the Netherlands, the VanMoof brand stands out for its electric bicycles with a unique and sleek design, incorporating innovative features such as geolocation and intelligent anti-theft. In Belgium, Ahooga offers light and compact folding electric bikes, ideal for urban commuters and cyclists who want to combine several modes of transportation.

Taiwan is home to the brand Giant one of the world's largest bicycle manufacturers, offering a wide range of electric bicycles for different uses, from road bikes to city bikes to MTB . Giant is known for the quality of its components and the performance of its electric bikes.

These international electric bike brands are a testament to the diversity and growth of the electric bike market, offering a variety of options for cyclists looking for the best electric bike for their needs.

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