Arcade electric bike

Arcade electric bikes are the result of a 100% French design and manufacturing! Designed to last, they are assembled with the best components on the market.

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Arcade electric bike

Our used electric bikes Arcade

By choosing a used electric bike Arcade refurbished by Upway, you make the choice of a VAE of quality, robust and reliable. Suitable for daily use, these bikes are easy to maintain! Very innovative, these electric bikes are made in France, made in Vendée.

Electric bike refurbished Arcade: the top of the range that guarantees you power and performance

Upway reconditions Arcade electric bikes for you. These EABs are designed and assembled for intensive use. In addition to being weatherproof, they are also well designed. Formerly specialised in the design of bicycles for demanding professionals, Arcade Cycles now offers reliable, low-maintenance electric bicycles to private individuals.

No detail is left to chance on Arcade electric bikes: the frames are made of aluminium for greater lightness, the tires are equipped with a very effective anti-puncture system, the air chambers are resistant to pinching and the screws and bolts are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel...

Another major advantage to be found on the Arcade electric bikes reconditioned by Upway: some of them are equipped with a dial transmission. A speciality that the brand has developed since 2005, becoming the reference player in Europe for this type of bike. The result: forget the grease on your trousers, but also the chain that derails. The Shimano Nexus transmission system is also very resistant in the event of a fall, requires little maintenance and allows a great fluidity in the change of speed. 

How to choose your Arcade used electric bike

Arcade has a strong position in the electrically assisted bicycle market. The brand has four ranges of EABs: Comfort, Performance, Simplicity and Utility. 

In the Utility range, for example, you'll find the electric city bike Upway's Arcade E-Cardan electric city bike, in condition as close to new as possible. This bike is the only chainless electric-assist bike on the market. It features 7 internal gears and maintenance-free, hub-integrated brakes. It offers great riding comfort and top-of-the-range features. It is available with 3 battery capacities: 10, 13 or 17 Ah.

Another star of the French electric bike brand Arcade: the Vitality, electric VTC in the Performance range. This is a quiet, stable and manoeuvrable model with a Bafang central motor. Thanks to its powerful 80 Nm torque, you can tackle any hill without any difficulty. In addition, its torque sensor adapts to your pedalling, so that it is always in tune with your rhythm.

Arcade electric bikes come at a high price, but they're becoming more affordable thanks to Upway's reconditioning process. Benefit from an Arcade VAE at a low price: 20 to 60% less than if you bought it from new !

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