Fuell electric bike

Fuell is a Franco-American brand of electric mobility, born from the association of three men who wanted to participate in building a less polluted future. 

Fuell electric bike

Fuell Flluid-1
Fuell Flluid-1
2021 1,60-1,85m 584km

€2.699,00 €4.895,00

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Used electric bikes Fuell

The Fuell brand is fully committed to reducing greenhouse gases, while offering high-performance and practical models for users. Its electric bikes have exceptional autonomy, a powerful custom motor and a total black look.

Refurbished Fuell bikes: high performance products

Find at Upway the reconditioned electric bikes Fuell. The Franco-American brand born in 2019 was not created by strangers. It is the result of the collaboration between three famous entrepreneurs: Erik Buell (creator of the brand of the same name, dedicated to two-wheelers for sports racing on tracks), François-Xavier Terny (at the origin of the Vanguard Roadster motorbike) and Frédéric Vasseur (ex-director of Renault Sport Racing, team manager at Alfa Romeo Formula 1). Their wish? To fully commit themselves to the path of electric mobility with the production of a bicycle, a bike-scooter and a motorbike. The Fuell brand is above all a story of passion.

The three founders want to offer vehicles that meet, among other things, the needs of "micro-mobility", i.e. those small daily journeys that we make every day. They have started by designing an electric bike, an electric scooter and an electric motorbike, and may in future also offer an electric scooter.

How to choose your Fuell used electric bike

Upway reconditions the Fuell electric bikes for you. The Fuell Flluid comes in two versions: the Fuell Flluid 1 and the Fuell Flluid 1S. The Fuell Flluid 1 is an electric bike that can go up to 25 km/h, while the Fuell Flluid 1S is a speed bike capable of going up to 45 km/h.

Both models have an all-black or all-white design and are technically very advanced. They are equipped with a Chinese Bofeili motor reworked by Fuell: its power is 500 W for 100 Nm of torque. The Fuell Flluid electric bike also has two detachable batteries with a total of 1008 Wh, which allow it to travel up to 200 km. It also has a Gates carbon belt and a Shimano Alfine 8 integrated gear hub.

Sold new for over €5,000, the Fuell Flluid 1 is an exceptional electric bike, available at a reduced price thanks to Upway's refurbishment. Like many EABs, it is made in Taiwan, which is reputed to be a specialist in bicycles. However, Fuell does not close the door to an assembly in Germany or Belgium in a few years.

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