Electric bikes reconditioned by experts

Second hand, first choice.

Less carbon, less waste, less traffic jams.
More air, more freedom, more recycling.
This is common sense.

However, today, buying an electric bike is expensive.
And we throw away products instead of giving them a new life. 
We want to change that. Let's remove the brakes on electric mobility.

Upway is the first platform for refurbished electric bikes in Europe, serving eco-mobility. 
More sustainable

Let's extend the life of e-bikes rather than creating disposables.This is the first objective ofUpway : to make mobility truly more virtuous.

More accessible

Second life means low price. Take advantage of prices up to 60% lower than new, for a condition as close as possible to new.

More confidence
Each electric bike is refurbished by a professional mechanic who checks 20 points of control and replaces everything that needs to be replaced. And your bike is guaranteed for 1 year.


Upway, is the guarantee of buying and selling your electric bike well.

Our goal: to make electric bikes accessible to as many people as possible by offering affordable bikes, delivered at home and guaranteed for 1 year.

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