Scott electric bikes: innovation and quality

Originally a sports equipment manufacturer, Scott quickly established itself in the world of cycling by teaming up with Bosch and launching its first range of VAE bikes.

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Used Scott electric bikes

Time and time again, the U.S.-based Swiss brand Scott has revolutionized the world of bicycles. The manufacturer repeats its exploits by offering electric bikes with quality equipment, but also renowned for their excellence, comfort and sturdiness. Visit Upway to find reconditioned Scott electric bikes.

Refurbished Scott ECVs: iconic models

In 1986, the Swiss sports equipment manufacturer Scott entered the world of cycling with the creation of its first MTB. The sale of bicycles, accessories and cycling clothing subsequently became the main activity of Scott Sports.

In 2011, the brand teamed up with Bosch and presented its very first electric bike. In 2017, it launches the E-Genius model, which marks a new stage in the world of VAE. This e-bike benefits from advanced technologies that give it a magnificent design as well as outstanding maneuverability. The Scott E-Genius electric bike can be found on Upway, among our refurbished models.

Scott doesn't stop there: 2021 sees the birth of the Scott Patron eRide model. A VTTAE with shock absorber integrated into the frame, featuring the largest internal battery and the latest technology, with 160 mm of front and rear travel. The MTB electric Scott Patron eRide is designed to take you from the easiest trails to the toughest.

The different types of Scott electric bikes

If you want to buy an electric bike, the first thing to do is to determine what you want to use it for. Here's an overview of what's available from Scott.

Scott electric bike for women

Among the electric bikes available, the brand has designed a special range of electric bikes for women: Contessa. These are designed to be perfectly adapted to women's morphology. On a Scott electric bike for women, you'll find a special geometry with an ergonomic saddle, crankset, handlebars and grips developed to offer female cyclists optimized comfort and performance. Suspension has also been adapted for maximum shock absorption, even with the lightest cyclists.

Speed Pedelec Scott

If you're looking for speed for road trips of over 20 kilometers, you may want to opt for a Scott 45 km/h electric bike. These are speed bikes that can reach speeds of up to 45 km/h, whereas conventional electric bikes can only reach 25 km/h.

The Scott Silence eRide Evo Speed is one of the speed bikes offered by the manufacturer. It contains a Bosch Perf motor and a 625 Wh PowerTube battery. This speed bike is very powerful and offers incomparable riding sensations. It could totally make you forget your car!

Don't forget: Speed Bikes are considered as mopeds by the legislation. Therefore, they must be registered and their insurance is mandatory.

MTB electric Scott

For sporty outings on all types of terrain, Scott's MTB electric bikes are your best allies. The Scott Aspect eRide 940 features a Bosch Performance motor in the crankset and a 625 Wh battery integrated into the frame. Battery life is up to 120 km, depending on the assistance mode chosen, as well as on the type of terrain, the weather and the rider's weight. This is a high-performance MTB , offering excellent stability and optimum safety.

How to choose your used Scott electric bike

Find the best used Scott electric bikes at Upway ! To choose the right model, determine how you want to use it and on what types of terrain. You'll want to choose a Scott VTC electric bike, a Scott MTB electric bike or a Scott speed bike with a powerful electric assistance system capable of speeds of up to 45 kph.

To make sure you buy the right model for you, you should also consider your body type. Depending on your height, the frame of your bike will need to be larger or smaller. The measurements to consider when choosing your new bike are your height, inseam height and arm span.